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Making the mark!

2017-06-13 14:24:34 by AdventVoice

It really feels good, after completing a piece of art, posting it online or in a forum or in a showcase; present the motivations behind the work and only after 10 viewings, the stars fly and the crowds applaud.

The artist looks at his/her piece of work and has to ask themselves, am I really on to something. Am I really worth the stars or the accolades? Certainly not. The story maybe. "Holding the Line!" is an important piece, because it is the last one of its kind. I wont be doing art like that anymore. At least I will try not to. Sure it is my style and I am really wondering as to who inspired my style.

I am a world traveler. So it seems like anyone and everyone can take a piece of my art and relate to it. There is a verve in the piece that reminds me of Jazz, Blues, Rock and Roll, Rap, Country, Folk, Celtic, eh maybe not so much celtic. At least not in any symbology. Certainly there is an air of Frech history in it.

Yet I can see our present state of things in it. I can remember my time with the Occupy Movement through it. I can hear the cry of the 60's and 70's through it. At time my parents went through and they seem to be all right. I can see a lot of the past and I am happy to have shared it.

I would like my next peices to reflect our present and much of what tomarrow can bring. Always looking for tomarrow.

This week:!

2017-06-06 11:45:03 by AdventVoice

I challenge those that interact with my feed, to think of all the things that make them artists. What is it that makes their work unique and when people look at their work know who and what they are.

Can it be determined from our art where we stand in the world?

Or are we children posting up the dreams of our childhood for our mothers to see, on the refigorator wall and commend us with a smile for our acolades.

Half the time I produce works just to say, "I DiD it!" never want it to be said I allowed the gift God gave me to go to waste or to be buried for another to come and say he/she had the idea first. I am a venture capitalist when it comes to ideas. I find that there is life in living the dream, even if the dream has to come on canvas first.

They call  someone like me an architect: Only I don't plan on making towers and sky scrapers. What I want to build is a new direction for the artist, I am going to stamp my name on it too. I can not belive that everything done in America comes from some overseas ideal. That the American story is not told and when we do hear the American story, it starts with the drum beats of Politics and who to hate. Our cartoons are filled with hate. (The Americans ones); filled with devicive guidlines and the last time you ever saw an American illustration of Love and Unity, it was Captain Planet from DiC and Michel Jacksons little telvision show and PBS (BoB Ross ---teaching our children how make (Happy Clouds)) Sorry folks I don't believe Looney Toones are how I want to remember or have my children remember art. I am sorry folks; But my skills and your skills deserve more than a SCHOLASTIC ACHEIVEMENT REWARD for best attempt!

Shock and Awe

2017-06-04 09:13:05 by AdventVoice

A man goes to give a presentation on his work. Pulls out 35 pieces of art. All of them different but it can be understood that he was the creator. He gave a discourse on each one. Which was his favorite, which took him an hour, where his mind was when he began and where his mind was when he finished.

Most art is created from the mind and the ones that are duplicated from visual support are mostly overlooked. The ones created from the mind are given 6 to 35 once overs and not a word is said.

The man goes on speaking hoping to get a rise out of someone, hoping they will be intregued by his frame of referance and still no one says a word.

At this point he is confused, short of doing anything profane he begins to wonder what is that willl hold the attention of the people? He is just shy of coming off as the little man behind the iron curtain. That thought begins to set in (Little man behind the iron curtain).

We must always keep away from such an image (remain humble) One day someone will come and have an opinion of the work you do. No need to shock and awe. Never is there a need for the shock and awe.

Real or not this is cool

2017-06-03 15:58:50 by AdventVoice


We used to talk about this when I was a kid in middle school. What would our world be like if we could step out of video games and in real life move the world with bots.

Oh yes we are nearer than most believe!

Hmm this is interesting

2017-06-03 11:16:53 by AdventVoice

Check out my new article

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Read and live!

A lot of my work was done with idea that I wanted it all to be original in designe and attitude. I wanted to give the world something they had never seen before and to give them something to talk about.

I wanted to take the same old stories and present a different persepective. Not so much change what we call art, but to let it be known that we don't have to look at the world in the same 2D lens nor do we have to lean on the same three modes of logic to sell an idea. For example I know SEX sells, so I should focus on selling sex? Not really, at some point the image gets old and so does what we precieve to be sexy. Sure it is fun to present the world through those lenses of violence, sex, drugs, money; ego.

But what if our art could just be art. No intentions behind it and if we are to give a statement, what if that statement could change from Girls With Guns>>>Girls With Purpose.

Men speak with there fists>>Men speak!

How would you invision a Person of Purpose? How can we set the stage so that the woman no longer leads with the same 70's verve but with the 2017 dedication to a rightous life. Is that woman or man still wielding a sword or gun

I have a peice called, "No Fear of Falling." What does it say to you?

I would hope it says, "No matter what you desire, go for it, prepared or not, Do what you know is right and have faith all will be well." I would hope a postive message is broght across in a way you have not seen either in a long time or ever.

Story of a Stock broker was my dictation of what used to be and how things should be different and the only way that will happen is if we give the world something new.

Things that interest me.

2017-05-20 21:43:58 by AdventVoice

So I am always reading things. Sometimes I read into things.

This is going to be a face value post.

In my search of the days gone by, I ran across  Serial Experiaments of LANE: clearly with a title like that, it was a japanese production. The point of this post is to say, typically when good things vanish from the world it is because there was not enough clout, ratings, viewers, or people lots interest.. So there were thousands of japense shorts that captured the minds of Americans and the sold and failed and no one cared because well, Time is money.

Here is where my post comes in, Pioneer was the set off company for these programs. Off shore company making big American dollar. Now who in American can compete against off shore gaints of anime. Disney and they do and they buy everything. only they don't tell the American story, They tell the Japense stories and use off shore directors, sooo...why is Disney still known for Popye when they bought Cartton Network and the like who did what....sold out to off shore companies and never told the American story....Now all of our kids walk around with Pokemon when they should be celebrating Rambo/Marvel/TankGirl...ooops more off shore programming my bad.

I wonder who else gets my pont. I have not seen an American cartoon since, "Where in the World is Carmen!?!"

They used to say watching tv was bad, when we were kids. They said it was filled with demons. What they should have said is, "We don't know how to make money off of it" then I could have helped them....

Now to sell these stories.

All the work we do and the payment comes from all that say Hello!

2017-05-15 12:31:25 by AdventVoice

I love to read and Create! Ever since I was small the world was a place to tell stories and share in the laughs of the world.

NEW Grounds always did that for me and well I guess the best thing to do is Just GO POSTAL!

CHECK  out can be found on this site. Black Amethyst is a great read for All.