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Posted by AdventVoice - 2 days ago

I’ve been in a rather comfortable position for 4 years, going on five. It is not ideal, but anything is better than homelessness. In this time I’ve accomplished a lot of written material. Books, articles, online magazine. I can’t say what is the expected rate of exposure in such a profession, since it is my first time. I have very few I can speak, or consult with in regards as to how to market my work effectively and in my limited capacity, have been playing things by ear.

There is no formula for my outreach, I’ve learned to simply exist and not aim for a targeted audience. This has been amplified, in light of the compound restrictions of Covid-19. For the time I’ve been in my new home, things were already dicey without me going and getting a DWI; but even before my present court cases, I had no ability to go out and find ‘respectable’ work. (An occupation that would show people that I’m not a laz-about.) This has become the prime focus of those employed. Merely to impress their friends and family with their aptitude for responsibility; not at all to advance their individualized standards of living.

It was even said among the ignorant, who were better off keeping their mouth shut that, “ If you have no work and the national economy has you down in the dumps, find an employer and tell him/her you will work for nothing, in hopes that when he/she prospers, they will remember you and you’ll prosper too.” It was rather mortifying to hear anyone say that in response of yet another financial crisis after we just received a mental reprieve from the last. To think anyone would settle for less in life.

I never imagined that I’d find myself unemployed or meagerly employed for these past 4 years and not hear from those whom presume to have some said control of my immediate comfort, tranquility, income, freedom of movement, and my ‘defined-piety.’ They are the authority, because they own a said property and I do not. I don’t even pay rent. Never mind I can’t and I agreed to work and ‘do’ for the peace that comes with living, I am an American serf and have found that I have no ability to live comfortably in this home I’ve resided in for 4 years, due to the obsessive oversight, monitoring and asinine control of this said authority.

An authority most assuredly would not support my NSFW material, this is why I have not asked. Has shown no support of my thesis on the injustice being placed upon the male species. An authority who view any law set by the judicial system of the greater states in America to be incontestable and are willing to throw anyone ‘accused,’ and not found guilty of a crime, into prison.

An authority that places more value on their own decisions above that of others, good or bad, and will not spend money on a venture they did not think of first. Are willing to say no to an idea, because this serf gave it, only to turn around and use the very idea when nothing else materializes.

An authority that places no value on literature, lest a ‘Christian,’ published it, which for a mind as ‘I’ this is far too insular. How many Christian millionaires do you know? Since it’s yet to be achieved, this authority, I am sure believes all the wealth in the world is achieved by the deceitful and shrewd. Which this has proven true, I still hold out that a good idea to make money is a good idea; no matter the source.

Because of this eminence dislike, this authority has for today’s Pop-culture, video games, Hollywood, Libertines, eating to excess, women who display themselves as models, nudity, cigarettes, wine, violence that prescribes a winner and loser, the competitive spirit, a desire to achieve and or have a plain disregard for my guild as an institution; The four years I have lived among those who refuse to be influenced by the world of art and have written dissertations against the imagination or what can be achieved from dreams and see the Liberal arts or corresponding studies to be a waste of the human intellect, it is clear to me that any said future here is not to be had.

Unless you are slaving the hours away in monotonous, soul-eating, assembly-lining efficiency, you are not working or equally as debasing, if you are not earning a wage through small-business trade or scuttling through industry on a community college degree, you’ve amounted to very little.

None of these observed beliefs limit anyone from securing an income in the world of art. The main hurdle is the slew of bad publicity solicited by this authority on morality and those who boycott the enterprise of creation and conscript others to follow them in this protest of contemporary art, due to upholding prudish prohibitionists beliefs.

It is this life of secrecy and learning the language of dualities that has endeared you all to me. I can speak freely with you and in sharing my fantasies or dreams, I hope to encourage others to feel free to do the same and enjoy the bounty that comes with such a healing process. I really can’t imagine how else I would have survived these past four years, if I did not think what I wrote or had to share was not making an impact. For some of you it has and that makes all the difference.

There are times when I wish I was a bit wealthier- Then I could give more money away. There are still many artists/anthologists/models/creatives that I’d like to collect from.

Well that is just what as surfaced on my mind in the last few days while I was working on my latest, "Bad Guy," page: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/adventvoice/bad-guy-page-12-return-of-the-head-hunter

I have been doing a lot of great work, at least work that has filled my time and aided me in forgetting my financial woes for a while. I have been digging into the past and shaping from my memories an interesting way to tell this story of the Dream Weaver. As the story progresses, of course new characters come to play.

iu_169655_6384799.jpg My current issue if deciding who this character is supposed to be. I set up a casting character poll on twitter: https://twitter.com/Scope2Mars/status/1307060249229250560?s=20 I hope some one answers and helps me out a little bit. I mean I gave categories but at this point in the tale, anything is possible.

I have a sword wielding Gopi, who comes around from time to time with her talking skull to remind the world what Amnesty International and organizations like it stand for.

iu_169656_6384799.jpg I am certainly up for more surprises for myself and for you as a reader. I also have not decided what this new character wants of the Dream Weaver, but I remember when I was in college or attending University and how those that prescribed to the philosophy of Amnesty International, or the Feminist Movements of the early 2000's: when TLC devised airing episodes of the 'stay at home-dad,' and LifeTime Television continued to warp the minds of American youth into believing all men beat women or want to rape them. Sigh...There was a moment when in the back and forth of my relationship with my son's mother, When she was still an Evalesco model and cat-walking, she asked me to use my dick to save her friend from a terrible sexual experience. We argued over that for a while. She was convinced that if I fucked her friend, she would not go off and fuck some guy that would give her an STD or worse, bad sex and it was fine for me to fuck her because she agreed to this encounter. Of course if she found me with anyone she did not know prior to, or I felt the need to not tell her about, I was 'cheating,' and a liar, and she was free to go back to her boyfriend, as she did every night.

What a time college was. I still get a headache from this conversation. Of course I told her I would not fuck her friend...besides I took the annoying woman back to my place and we watched movies but she was not interested in having sex with me and wanted the other guy. I was not in a mood to compete and to show I was better, so I let it be. Told her, her idea sucked and she owed me a nut. She came over, finished me off, and went back to her boyfriend, while I drank my sorrows away in the hotel bar. Wanting love and never finding it.

I was thinking of using that conversation again for this new character. "Save her with your dick Weaver!"


Posted by AdventVoice - 10 days ago

Being an illustrator/writer/artist and a sex fiend, has placed me in an exclusive club. While I was working on ‘Bad Guy,’ Page 11~ Kiss me like it’s the last time, memories of my youth and all I love about comics would bubble up to the surface.


I really could not afford much of a childhood, growing up, in a military family. I was not allowed most of the things, kids, my age wanted, due to religious, economic, social and merely a lack of time, to do so. I was the oldest out of my siblings, so it was expected that I set a ‘good,’ example. Not that my love for sex at the age of thirteen would have had much of a negative influence on them, but it was thought, a preoccupation with video games, sex, football, boxing, and friends and holidays, would serve no purpose but to inspire laziness.

Being that I had to work at a young age to acquire my guilty pleasures, like comics and video games and could not rely on my parents to shell out the cash to support my first love at sixteen and through most of my younger years as an adult, I set out to make my own comics. Taking elements from this writer and that writer, that I appreciated and giving it my own flavor.

What I especially loved was being able to read an old or new comic and finding Pop-culture or ‘real-world,’ references in the midst of the art and dialogue.


Though I despise ‘talking-heads,’ I loved the illustrations of ‘Presidents,’ divulging secrets they heartily deny in real life.

In ‘Bad Guy,’ I added one real world reference related to the conversations had via, television during the time this story would have occurred. Though the world desired to ignore the increase in poverty, crime, bank fraud, murder and evil that was found in 2008, it helps to mention it in order to gauge what the Dream Weaver and Nadia would have been feeling in that rundown Super8 Motel of the deadliest city in America.

Making this story true to life and much more than an, ‘adult sex romance-porn art,’ production.

Now with Covid-19 stagnating the world economy and a return of depressive economic struggles, I am surprised there are not more creatives that make mention of what they see and discuss what avenues have been made available. I’m also reminded of how destructive people were during the 2008 crash of the economy. Twelve years American’s have discussed their lack, makes you wonder when they will begin to go on the ‘take,’ and demand more from those who would hold the much needed greenbacks hostage?   

Though most of the news about America is about what is not had and what is missing after nineteen years of war with terrorism, and a youth that wanders around aimlessly, I never found my childhood to be such. Creating comics and stories was my pass time and served to entertain me much more than the latest video game or NFL stats. I did enjoy them all. What I remember most of my youth, and I have mentioned this in passing I am sure, was a conversation I had with my mother about the lack of black or ethnic representation in comics. Now that I have embarked on this journey with the Dream Weaver and Nadia, I continue to ask myself if, and when she reads these stories, does she feel the world still lacks enough black entertainment to please her. Of course the answer will always be, 'NO.' The Afro-centric communities will continue to storm the streets in protest about a lack of representation, yes I am downrating BLM again while creating a story about a black amoral individual: because I refuse to allow my work to be associated with anything close to that group; and as they continue to degrade past achievements, I will find that my own works will not be appreciated by that community. Not that any of that was the aim. Black WallStreet died a long time ago and I have learned to accept that. It is nice to know that what I have achieved over the years can fill up a trending spot in the latest twitter cycle though: https://twitter.com/Scope2Mars/status/1304515835000692740?s=20 but the purpose of writing these stories is very personal and self-centered.

I remember reading stories like 'Tank-Girl,' 'Faithless,' 'X-Men,' 'Transformers,' 'Angel and the Ape,' 'Bondage Fairies,' 'Ranma Half 1/2,' and wondering why those stories never felt fit to add elements like 'Parade Parade.' Can you imagine if ExCell Saga decided to bend the bounds and add a little smut here and there. Hyatt eating a banana was always hot, but if she took that banana in her pussy my pin-up wall would have been complete. I am certainly going to have to draw that one day. Hope I can do her justice.

So after these thoughts plagued me in my youth, I decided to make it necessary that any action comic I made, would be equally as exciting by filling it with smut.




Posted by AdventVoice - 3 weeks ago

Illustrated shorts, short stories, mini comics, Sunday Comics and or a few pages, I have found to be the easiest way to convey most of what I feel and desire to talk about, without boring my few readers. Of course for the sake of productivity and getting the most out of my work, the desire remains to formulate compilations as extensive as "Black Amethyst," https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/adventvoice/black-amethyst



I've grown a lot since then as a writer and artist and there is still a lot to learn and a lot to discuss. I have been considering if it is necessary all the time to devise a piece of art, relevant to a particular topic, or am I merely overworking myself and you all could read and laugh at my ideas as much as you do when I present a visual aid tool, such as a few sequential panels? There are times when I would like to fill a few pages in my online magazine with just OP-Eds and no art, but then I begin to feel that defeats the purpose of the overall exercise and limits the digital process. It is still amazing what one can do with a few hours in front of the computer and improving the craft of art, and the creative process along the way. I am daily humbled by the achievements of others and myself in the ever expanding digital universe.

I did not win at Robot Day 2020 but I did enjoy participating this year and managed to save a few documents that I thought were inspiring. I am very pleased with MindChamber https://mindchamber.newgrounds.com/ overall support of "Tappi" : https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/adventvoice/tappi-lewd-crude-and-un-called-for though it was a lewd presentation and rather out of place with this years Robot Day 2020 theme. Though I do find Cyber Punk to always be relevant and will leave a good impression on the world at large.

That is what I am to do with most of my work. I may be an anarchist at heart. I may have views about life that make you scratch your head and ponder why I am still here and not behind bars. It is this bumping of convention and the acceptability of all kinds of art, stories, and people, that influences most of my thought process.

I am in America. A land that boasts itself of being essentially tolerant and fair, so when issues arise in which the country presents itself as anything but, it is important to document it and observe the proper steps to bring people back into a proper balance.

As a NSFW writer and artist, the daily challenge is having the space to present these works among those who'd commit me in an asylum if they could. Lobotomize me and determine it was for my own good because I refused to be controlled or at least carry myself responsibly, as a gentlemen: though this line of thinking is certainly relative and yet to be defined. I have crates full of my work, sketches, and prints ready to be released, and I have many other ideas yet to be revealed, stored away and ready to be shipped elsewhere at a moments notice, in the likelihood that my current employment is terminated and my comfortable living, no longer accessible to me. I have to live this way as a NSFW writer, but i am certain if I was merely a writer of the local paper, I would always have the controversy of not maintaining a livable income or housing to contend with. https://www.rawhide.org/blog/infographics/homeless-youth-americas-hidden-population/?gclid=CjwKCAjwnK36BRBVEiwAsMT8WLdwhJg93yeId5mlzRscaThid1Zk77MMtyIGaOjZcrP_T59C1klGyRoCj6sQAvD_BwE


All of this is contributed to the unemployment rate in America. Self-employment is just as bad as Unemployment: https://usafacts.org/visualizations/weekly-unemployment-claims/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=ND-Jobs&gclid=CjwKCAjwnK36BRBVEiwAsMT8WKPEx0nowuK2luCjy7fzy124W--PoXPNaxyRQWcV_wVD0AcpE1BquRoC1vsQAvD_BwE

When there is no money to go around. All one can do is the best they can with what they have. My focus being on my art and writing gives me an edge, but only if I can increase my following and continue to present works that continue to make you think, laugh, and consider.

One day I hope to take my talent on the road, tour in different places, and just make the most of the little time left to make impression on the world.

I do hope you all have had fun with me in the past few years and continue to dig deep to find what you are good at and teach others how to make the most of their gifts. Finishing up the third page of "French Connection's" felt good and there is a lot more to come!!

Keep dreaming lovelies!


Posted by AdventVoice - 1 month ago

As I worked on my conception of Nadia Richardson as a pin-up, I could not help but to compare my digital skill with that others. I know, bad habit. Yet there are several styles of digital art that I enjoy very much and really wont feel satisfied with my own work until it has the semblance of ‘quick-silver,’ and polish that earns most of those works, the acclaim they receive.

I have tended to comfort myself in my digital expression with desires to emulate reality. I blame the trauma of my youth for this. In eight grade, I shared my designs with a young lady by the name of Veronica. She took a look at my work and with scorn, says, “ You like to draw cartoons?”

As if cartoonists were not real artists. As if the skill of illustrating perspectives and illusions, or bending light and blending colors by hand, was a cheap trick and would never measure up with the standards of art, had in traditional spaces. Her voice haunts me at times the moment I ‘cell-shade,’ a piece of art. Yet I’ve always loved the ‘in-your-face,’ appeal of “Pop-Art.”

I’ve always enjoyed how people are enhanced by ‘street-art,’ and of course there is always Manga and Comic book art that generates a glorious belly laugh from me when I am finished with a project. I’ve come to miss the days when art was not about impressing people, receiving ratings, or how many impressions you can produce on Twitter. The days when you were merely expressing how one felt and had the freedom to do so.

In this nostalgia, I’ve kept in mind to enjoy Nadia Richardson. To take the challenge of not cell-shading in black and moving away from established comforts. There is relief in the use of the digital eraser and three-six hours in a day to work in peace on something erected for me and asked of others to just enjoy looking at.

My son’s mother was no better than Veronica when we were together. She never supported my style of art and so I never shared my talent with her. Yet we read much of the same comic books, liked the same movies, and she Cosplays for a living now. To be at odds with other creatives is never fun for me and there are days when I think if I can just make a piece of art that will make people love me, then I’d feel better. Stupid right? Art is not to be crafted to manipulate the minds of others. Only to share a story, entertain and move on. Everything changes and the best artists know how to flow with the times of change.

We illustrators create worlds and with the slash of ink upon the canvas, can obliterate them, gods, don’t have to be loved. They just are.


My illustration of Nadia Richardson is filled with several elements, Water, Air, Fire, Stone, Metal and her overall spirit serves to make the project true to life and a lot of fun to produce.

Though I am comfortable with the human element, there are several functions I’m still not comfortable with and I hope to gloss over these moments and ‘wing it,’ as it were. With a lot of today’s artists there is difficulty in separating the elements of life from one another without the use of hard lines. I’ve noticed this in my own works and though it works well with paneling, sequential art and story boarding ; it’s hard to transfer such themes with concept art, without everything melting together like a bad acid trip. There are ways to cheat or to tediously overdo shadows and even the balance of light, but even then there is room for conceptual improvements. This being relative to what appeals to you at the time. Many enjoy stream-lined works of today, opposed to the classical textual designs of yesterday. As I work on Nadia, I find I was able to blend the two.

Metal works, or chrome art is a rather a dead stylistic technique. At least it was difficult to find images to reference from to ensure the look of metal or chrome was achieved, I find myself playing with all the shades of gray to produce a comfortable, relateable look for a metallic bridge standing over water.


Though I have been enthralled in my modernization of classic themes, my thoughts have been bouncing around about the belief of the Modern Woman, that due to Men, male-toxicity, they are not afforded basic human rights and denied the ability to prosper in this life. They have devised to reeducate the world on the value of a woman and globally she is to be given a place, ‘equal,’ to men.

Yet, I find the current definition of Feminism, is the same corrupted path as that of BLM. Destroy every observed institution of thought, borrow what you like from the old, but certainly leave no stone unturned in search of eliminating the enemy of progress; Men.

This is an oversimplification of a very complex philosophy mind you. Surely a ‘real woman,’ can not see her bed complete, without that of a man; but that was my male ego desiring to believe today’s woman still contributes the need of a father to lead a family, paramount to a stable society. The feminists of the 19th century, though they wrote of worlds in which they had the prowess of a man to achieve a goal, did so in their skin despite the challenges of being mothers, or emotionally second to their male counter parts and denied resources for ‘higher education.’

Then life changed and every institution has afforded the accessibility of women to earn and retain the spot-light for the creations her mind could afford. Then came Amnesty International (AI) which has turned woman’s Suffrage- an idea no one would deny their lovely fair sexed partner and have sought to impose Sexual and Reproductive Rights, Freedom of Movement, Feminism, Intersectional Feminism, Gender Equality, Gender based violence, sexual violence, harassment, workplace disparagement, gender and orientation discrimination, CEDAW of 1979 ( Convention on the Elimination of all forms of discrimination against women) and International Laws, fusing them all together and to even the balance, directing these accusations against men for daring to be born.

The desire of Feminists has always achieved global appeal, but its true materialization was achieved in places like America, England and the overall Western Hemisphere.

At least that is all I’ve known my whole life. Badass women that were determined to take their talents and make the world bend to women opposed to men. I never argued with them and when they joined the military or police force, I never doubted their patriotism to be any more or less than that of men.

Women like Marlene Dietrich and Josephine Baker or fashion designer and anti-Semite Coco Chanel, all three took the occupation conventionally associated with men, (spies) and showed themselves to be equal to men.

I can dig through history and find those who lived and died in hopes of solidifying freedom but keeping with modern times, I’d highlight the actions of Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger who appear on the world stage as supporters of “equal pay.” Of course they were not able to convince the USSF that they deserved a higher wage, so they left the league. (I’ve always thought that if they really wanted the money, they would simply work harder to prove they deserve it?)

Yet their stated goals are to “Change the Culture,” of the world that has always loved it’s women; with no real direction of what that means besides cutting the availability of financial gain in half, while demanding the rest of the world pay for it.

This is a dream Nadia Richardson is willing to implode for the sake of the beauty found in man. The defense of the male organism from the scientific journals, psychoanalysts, and overall deranged and schizophrenic, becomes tiresome. I was looking for weather reports in the database of the Discovery Institute and found Scott S. Powell’s diatribe against Anti-fa and BLM. He has yet to see how Amnesty International, with means of mass communication desires to empower a generation of women, who with impunity, would seek to bankrupt a successful male enterprise.

I’ve been able to explain much of how the world is, yet I’ve not discussed how Nadia places herself in it. Money and the security of it is a motivation for her and ensures she will remain a prostitute, even if better economic standards are devised. Yet the legalization of her trade

(( https://twitter.com/willsworldview/status/1296153911099830273?s=20 )) would mean an overall regulation by an indiscriminate government, upon her purse. Of course there is sure to be a lot of argument over what is deemed a fair wage and fair tax, but on the onset of these debates, many of her ‘sisters,’ will be corralled by the government who due to insecurities of litigation, will have them arrested. Not for Nadia mind you. The exchanging of funds for sex is still illegal and she will remain underground as long as she has collateral that ensures her world travel. As long as no one can successfully run a brothel in the open she is just fine with her tax free payments. The envious women, screaming for equal pay will be the first to be impounded by the FEDS the moment they don’t disclose where there excessive lifestyle is coming from. For most of them like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle , Arabs and Russians fill their purses.

Nadia is an American and there are few billionaires around willing to make her purr. Labron James couldn’t even afford her. With Covid-19 going around no one can afford her and with the onset of war-starvation and the impending boiling over riots set to induce martial law or 18 moths of shutdowns upon the metropolis’s of America, making any money seems bleak. Half the time she wonders if she should not get in her car, drive to the airport and move to Africa like everyone else. Politics is not her thing and not being able to pin the blame for her current unemployment on anything besides rules of not being allowed financial independence due to the oversight of an intrusive government is a massive headache.


Posted by AdventVoice - August 12th, 2020


Are two stories I aim to finish soon and will be more than pleased with myself when I do. As an Anarchists', I have personally set out to avoid the trends of yesterday and today and merely desire to illustrate the memories which fashioned me and bring to the world concepts deemed fantastic in there development.

As a creator, I don't desire to make 'masked-hero's,' and villain's and define for a generation morals or morays to live by as Stan Lee did. Creating cults in the woods or city streets in which people Cosplay as fantasies they never dreamed of.

I am really disturbed by the notion of people falling in love with Comic books, Novels, or the Bible and if they are not building conventions around ideas they neither aided in creating and reenacting or living out conceptions and ideas devised by another fallible human; they are encouraging others to read some story and create a D&D version of it for them to play. Of course holding onto such disdain is counter intuitive for even I, who is influenced by trends and morals of a past long gone. I've as of yet been able to present anything new or astounding and have found contentment in my own personal development.

In telling my own stories mind you, I'm safe from falling prey to the influence of others, I can hold to my anarchist leanings and I feel I will always be interesting, original, different and never run out of things to talk about.

Isn't it amazing though?

When you look at all of those people who dive into a story, concept, theme, culture, or the satirical diatribes of the Rap-Culture and base their lives upon what is deemed 'materialistic,' painting their faces and dressing the part of a celebrity, action hero, of theatrical production and dance the night away as a blue-haired goblin, or a knight of templar of a Cosplay Convention, or video game forum, or Fortnight game shabang-- They muse together and become what they dream, hoping to find fulfillment. Some even roleplay sexually as a little pixie and based on rules of D&D cosplay in the real world as what the script says they are to be.

Then you have the Christian, who bases their whole life, the good, the bad, the ugly, on the rules set for them in one book, that is separated by only a few thousand pages. (I've written more than that in my short life time)) and the Christian does not see themselves as merely 'reenacting,' ideals given to them by Jewish writers.

( I won't talk about how may Jewish writers control television and pop-culture and have set to making Cosplayers out of those that follow their ideals of finance, trade, and overall living. It's a stretch. ((Their is no proof of any Jews creating or aiding pop-culture, and I never considered it racists to give credit to a Jew for creating a Comic book that was worth reading and making a television show worth watching, No matter what Nick Cannon says: https://www.voanews.com/usa/race-america/nick-cannon-apologizes-jewish-community-hurtful-words )) It's very easy for someone to deny their own Jewish heritage in order to protect their work or ideas and the ridicule that arises from such revelations; never quite understood that either. If a concept works, why bother with all the name calling. Anyway, it's been an obvious fact that whether any of the said groups believe anything they've constructed, the fantastic world of comics and the Bible has created two systems of Cosplayers, I'd very much like to keep myself as a writer away from in the development of "Bad Guy," and "French Connections."

In “Bad Guy,” The Dream Weaver finds himself in love with a prostitute. In “French Connections, B.A. White, finds himself in love with a French Teacher: Both concepts are against what most deem culturally acceptable–Taboo as it were. That is broad overview of those two adventures: Finding love among the Taboo and being ok with that makes you an anarchist.

Not too long ago I read a comic by the name of: "Die KITTY DIE," by Dan Parent and Fernando Ruiz..a Chapter House publication. It was the Heaven and Hell, # 3 issue and they went on to make a gag about the struggles of Comic book artists that sought to illustrate the bible, or spread virtue signaling messages and try to reinforce a sense of piety upon people at a Comic book convention, where Xena Warrior Princess is being draw by her fans with her tits hanging out, while she is cutting a cannibal in half. Everyone mules around the art of Xena and ignore the zealots. No one is upset except for the zealots, who receive far too much support from an anxious community broadcast station, seeking to appease the general culture and, since no one can get along, the Comic book company, which decided to sexual Xena was forced to shut down. (Of course this was just in the comic book, and never really happened...but there is a lot of hidden truth in the sentiment and it is easy to cast blame on the pious for any sequestering of NSFW comics.) Truth is if someone from a community is reading Taboo material, in order to talk about all the things they hate about the sexual material, why do we allow them to speak beyond the admittance that they read and bought the material in the first place?

They decided to become pro-bono sales advocates for material they do not agree with and use there platforms to not only tell people not to read your work, but must display the work they don't want seen, so others know what it is they are to avoid. Once they see it, digest the material and are influenced, by what is presented, half the work is done and that should be more money in your pocket for all of those 'secret buyers.'

So I dream.

It's been asked of me, "Would you want your children to know you produced these works, told these stories, and think this way?" Short answer YES. When they are old enough to handle the material and know that it has nothing to do with them and there are many things for them to get involved in and I hope they share them when the time comes and are not made to fall into the world of silent thinkers, who don't take the time to do anything besides talk about what they don't or do like all day, never having created anything to add to the world at all.

For every page I read in the paper, on Twitter, or Google search engine, dedicated to tell people how they should think and what they should think about something, I hope I can create a piece of art to be used as a meme, or message, explain what life would be if you thought another way. An all inclusive devise, that did not encourage confrontation or the need for you to call me a 'Bad Guy,' but just a conversation that made a few people stop and say, interesting.


Posted by AdventVoice - August 6th, 2020

ROBOT DAY 2020!!

Its finally here!! Of course I should have finished this presentation months ago and of course my life has been so out of control that if I take the time now to focus on work, things may even out. I’m crossing my fingers as I say that.

This year I wanted to focus on Cyborgs or humanoid robots. Lewd bots, to aid in the promotion of the NSFW community. It’s been a large focus and the idea of sexualized robots taking the place of real people (( https://www.thecut.com/2018/05/sex-robots-realbotix.html )) or the interaction of people and this is closely related to conversations of a, “Cashless Society,” transferals of Bitcoin in replace of organic dollars, Bar codes used as tattoos upon the wrists of organic people to keep track of them, security measures and regulation of the allowances from government entities to each individual.

In our very real lives the American system is ‘progressing,’ so fast that algorithms—which are regulated by a super computer will determine for police officers, based on facial recognition software, who is to be arrested and who is free to move about any city. These judgments will no longer be risked to the fallacy of a human condition or organic power, but synthesized by the all powerful computer. (( https://www.eff.org/pages/face-recognition ))

Numbers, gadgets, statistics, and encrypted computations, will replace human reasoning.

Yet this cognitive ability—this super computing system has yet to be given an autonomous form (( https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/education/highered/autonomous-technologies-video.html ))

to act upon its judgments. Like most systems that desire to override another, they must borrow elements from it’s original source. (( https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/07/03/us/george-floyd-protests-crowd-size.html )) We call this learning or evolving. Yet in the way of the inorganic, conquering the organic---it is merely replacing. This thought has always been entertaining to me to ponder. How close will the first cybernetic entity resemble the human form and how preoccupied will this new species be with reproducing itself as its human counter parts are?

Will the interactions between a male cyborg and a female cyborg be as satisfying?

As humans interrelate, cross races, and Nations, will Cyborgs be as preconditioned as mankind to categorize based on creed, cast and color? (( https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/she-comes-long-way-baby/201506/what-is-wrong-dichotomous-thinking ))

Or will it be such a super imposed being that it can’t even contemplate the differences between animalistic desires of conquest, ruling, achieving, upon it’s own brand and merely desires to destroy and eradicate its human competition? In crafting a body that can complete this mission—Never ages, tires, or ceases to be for as long as the spark remains, so in lies the construct?

The program is set to learn, it wont be denied and I’m sure if I made a construct in my own image it would be a sex-fiend, gorgeous for all to behold, and travels from Comic-convention to convention, showing off its most desirable assets and collecting the funds needed to operate freely in such a massive universe. Of course by then I am sure the laws would have changed, allowing for human to human procreation for pay, ie. prostitution to be legal...(( https://rinj.org/prostitution/?gclid=CjwKCAjw1K75BRAEEiwAd41h1B8ZoZXurKKt3eMCCdBPLpXd0JoImbbHX2t-Fkr_Rk9UVVnyHK7VGBoClTsQAvD_BwE )) yet the prospect of human to robot relations, ie. sex with a robot, will be highly regulated to only well paying consumers...as I said before..any new system of governance has to take elements from the old.

As the American Congress is merely a shadow of the English Parliament that created it before the Revolutionary War; in which notions of right and wrong were borrowed from a European standard, so will the enforcement of a class system be forced upon humans, who will be enslaved to the revolting creation and regulated by the program, which previously “felt,” “dehumanized,” and desired the ability to feel alive by the programmed standards in which it was asked to perform.

The cybernetic construct—once achieved will be the beginning of the end for human control of the universe. Outside of replacing governmental systems, I am certain the Libertine system will be commandeered by the cybernetic organism and new tales of the Erotic will be told from the eyes of the Lewd bot. Whom will insist upon replicating love, romance, climatic releases and orgasms of the humans, liquid ejaculations, with oil secretions or heated and dark smut. The overriding heart of man and woman will be replaced by the bleeps, and blips of the super erratic thrusts of the machine.

I am sure the temptation will be equal to that of the human.   


Posted by AdventVoice - August 1st, 2020

That was the title of my newest Waifu assignment. Defining the idea of a badass woman was quite a challenge for me but an amusing one. I was glad to have been able to do it quickly as to have room for further projects before the turn of the month. In my badass project I hinted towards the traditional use of models and pin up girls to create idols like Mary Jane and Wonder Woman..who when asked of anyone would be considered, BadAss, by the American public. Not that they are wrong but I feel they miss out on all the Bad Ass women of other countries represented by illustrators. Angelina Jolie did her level best to bring to life Lara Croft, and there have been actresses that set to task to reveal the real life equivalent of comic creations. Most of this process wentry into making Maddy Fury. The lead of my end of the month discourse on what it means to me to be a BadAss woman.

Of course my model did not agree entirely with my presumptions. I'm not a woman and so I would not expect her to. Pink, Drink, and Sensuality where not her overall pics for what it takes to be badass..though from my upbringing as a creator, most of these elements must be seen or else youll be seen as posing for a part in a B grade film, opposed to selling badass.

"I Don't Drink Alchole or Support it," she says...not her place to do so. "You misspelled my name," she says, for your own privacy, I warn. There is this balance we creators must tether, when desiring to take real people and translate them into the comic world, my models are not always aware of this news and I wanted to take the time to reaffirm, that 'any likenesses attributed to the works with real people are strickly coincidence and or no real life people have had any influence in the creation of said production.'

Of course that can't be said for any of Stan Lee's, BadAss women, or DC creations....interesting how I can't recall who created Batman, or Superman, or Harlequinn...nor who they are originally modeled after...one day I'll be sure to look it up and share it with you all.

So what makes the "BadAss"?

Interesting enough, if you type badass into the search bar of this site, you'll find seveal of my own works, many works of artists that did well to represent violence, sex, action, and comical scenes that inspire very base sentiments attributed to what it takes to prove to the world, as a woman, they are as tough as men. Have a right to be so, and there is nothing political, social, experimental, or debatable about it. And no, they don't have to run their cars off a bridge to prove it. It is just a known fact, *Anything We Can Do, They Can Do Better.*

((I am of course going to recieve a lot of flack from the mail community for admitting it.)) I'm sure there are plenty of men that feel, the term BadAss is not used in proper context when associated with women. They remain in the 19th century or the Victorian age and refuse to acknowledge the Audery Hepburns, Hedy Lamars, Nancy Pelosi's, and any woman of the modern era that made a young girl dream of being exceptional in the sight of man...I know a few women personally that fit this description of badass very well and would have loved to have been this summers model. I'll have to ask for next year's spot.

Is Maddy Fury a, "headhunter", ? I just might make her one in an issue of the Dream Weaver...if she keeps acting as if she does not need a man to be happy.

Oh yes, there is room for her in the Dream Weaver's Universe.


Posted by AdventVoice - July 25th, 2020

That's when I was born. 32 years ago. In a little nothing town, found the greater state of Texas, was the cry of a child heard, sounding the trumpet of the royalty.

My mother, named me for Alexander the great, and from a young age read all the classics to me. Stories of Achilles, Odysseus, Narsis. Stories of Arab princes stealing their way to glorious thrones, or tales of tragedy and mystery. Aliens, Gods, Demons. Witches that cut the heart of a man out and still claim to love him.

There should be no wonder that with the childhood I had, that I should have sought to tell stories, and become a bard all my own. My teenage years was spenot in collecting all I could and learning from the masters of ink, and storytelling from Silver and Bronze Age greats like: Jack Kirby, Neal Adams, Hiroya Oku, Akira Toriyama, Gian Luigi Bonelli, Antonio Rubino, Stan Bush, and so many more, allowed my your mind to appreciate the wonder of the illustrativery process.

I have since my youth yearned for the day that my stories could be haile in the guided halls of published artifacts that those younger than me can read, digest, and pursue the knowledge of art as I have.

Every day I become older, I find I'm getting closer, to etching out my nitch, and producing a brand all my own.

Im 32, I would have hoped I'd ov leared something along the way.

I remember when I was 15, I took an art class. Not that I needed it, but I wanted to test my skills upon a rigorious curriculum, and state standards. I was saddened by the idea of how limited yhe expectation was held upon us to advance in the skill of placing lines upon the page. The desire to create was there but you hand the craft to the teacher and he looks at you with awe and says, "There is nothing I can teach you."

Impossible, for my young mind to bare. I left art alone for years from lack of a supporting party.

I was 23, when I decided to pick up some paint and illustrate the city landscape as it was upon the wall of the city I happened to be in. I stopped the scene and placed people where I desired them, continental the sketch, placed another and set a fast tempo, lest the police came to disturb me. The overall sketch set in place, I painted with the determination of the attention starved and finished the mural in two weeks. That corner of the city remained filled with people and the local produce market would use that section to sell food, cigarettes, and wine. I'd drink my fill and cast my eyes on another section of the city that could use my hand.

I was locked up for my public displays and most murals were destroyed, because I did not set about to get the cities permission. Not that I felt I needed it at the time. It's art, it's pretty, the world needs pretty in this life time and it won't get it unless we set quills to canvas.

I was 25 when I began to fill journals with my thoughts of life and pondered why I never illustrated them? What was holding me back? I was doing myself no favors and the world is only going to continue to depress the inadequate. They call you a comic, they believe you to be less than a dog, why not combat such vilifery, with a talent that will out live you?

In my teens I had no such worries. I had the best childhood a boy could have, buy no one took comics seriously. Now it's what makes movies. They are the script, and storyboard set to color, a frame of entertainment, without sound. As they always have been. 32 years and I'm glad I've lived to see the galleries printed on 8x12 ink jet paper. That I too can be found through the Google search bar, and win the applause of the passing teenager, set on their own road of barding tradition.


Posted by AdventVoice - July 20th, 2020

Well as you all may know I've had to take responsibility for my drinking habits. Especially because of the DWI issue. I had hoped I could continue working and save some money to pay court fees, and or anything that would come up and finance the art work. Considering those that think like my mother will refuse to endorse my NSFW artwork and stories if I maintaine a continued online feed.

Of course had my employers known of the art they may have fired me for that. Yet that is the rub, I've not been fired for my drinking or the risk I took in driving a vehicle under the influence. I've not been fired for the lack of interest I give my employers and I've been free to continue as long as the courts have not sent me to jail. Free to continue my art and publications, not so much the drinking. I've sought to curb that on my own.

I'll have to pay a 150 dollars for a substance abuse assessment, regardless if I was innocent of a DWI charge or not, I found that interesting..so it's possible the DA could waive most of everything and because it's my first time leave it at that..yet that makes too much sense and would have me get off too cheap. In the midst of the coronavirus, every dollar counts.

Talking with my employer I arranged for one more check of 200 dollars to be delivered to me this week. After that I'm on my own. Which is fair. I never went to them when I got the DWI cause I knew they would not aid me in the first place. It would have been nice to have my employers in the court room to speak on my behalf. May have given me a boost in defense, but nooo, instead I've given the 3rd degree and left on my own to find the best solution though this maze.

Why did they not fire me now? Why drag it out until after court in which I'd need their aid to pay fees but would be denied because they would not see fit to help me pay this bill. I'll have to travel elsewhere to retain my papers and secured driving status, when in a matter of advancing me a check of 500 dollars it could be paid in full. Whatever, as I said in the previous post...That's Life.

What makes my employer cowardly?

Prior to this conversation there was a question of my status at my current employ. There was a question of my work ethic and ability to keep my role in the firm. There was a question of my worth and it was never answered, though challenged due to my DWI.

It was believed that because I was willing to 'degrade' myself by receiving the charge then further degradation of my character could be justified and name calling, or false accusations, (which I'm glad never surfaced, yet was aware of..) were mannerly and one of my station, should merely capitulate to their decree.

Yeah none of that happened.

Instead I was informed, rather fairly and pleasently that my role would be suspended pending the outcome of my DWI.

Which if I go to jail my role here would mean nothing for I'll be in jail from 6 months to 3 years. If I'm restricted, ill be at my employers mercy or banished from my work due to inability to perform and I certainly will not come away from this without having to spend money, my employers refuse to divy, out and if I don't pay the bill, I'm likely to be in jail and due to lack of an ability to perform, out of a job.

In the end, instead of aiding me to remain out of jail, like cowards they sit on the sidelines and wait for me to fall off the cliff.

Well friends, as it's been said in the past



Posted by AdventVoice - July 19th, 2020

I just got done watching the newest joker movie, you know the one from 2019. I'm late as always cause I'm not the kind of guy that runs to the theaters to see constant remakes of characters, themes, and plots. Sure the directors and script writers added new twists and had intesting dialogue and could carry a story and keep a fan base interested. Then again halfway through the film your like, this Joker is not a super villian, he is not worth all the challenges he posed for Batman, or the JLA..etc. You are almost asked from the directors point of view to fill bad for the guy. He was a street performer beaten up by kids, turned rouge cause 'no one took the time to listen, to his ramblings.'

Anyway towards the end of the film I'm made to ask myself how an Arkham escapee becomes the Joker of Dark Knight, that had the best opening of a movie in the last 12 years. A film that sparked nationwide controversy and is attributed to the Colorado Theater stabbings of that year and nearly banned from airing after the premier debut?

This new movie was dialed down a lot, I'm sure because of the impending association between real life violence and that produced by creatives like myself and the DCuniverse, Marvel, and Image.

(The Dream Weaver, mind you is not to spark people to induce crime, but to question the relevance of right and wrong.)

Anyway, we create these stories to spark the conversation, and because the question is asked, there is an analyzation of the mental state of the writers and actors, and crew of the production.

Many times I'm questioned or supported for my illustrations of the naked form and my only response has much of the same cadence as the song found at the end of the movie The Joker, 'That's Life.'

That is really what writers and dreamers are looking to share. Their own lives and or thoughts on life.

There is a lot of talk lately about the mental health of Americans after the spread of Covid and the requirements placed on people that can't work. It's is pondered by many, what is worth striving for and how to make the world a better place.

As a kid I loved the Joker, because he knew how to cut Batman down with words and a good joke. I mean after the Joker let Batman have it, he'd disappear or regroup and the Joker never laid a hand on him. Always had someone blow him out of prison and he was always in control of a chaotic situation. All of this praise of the Joker may have you believe that I idolize or romanticize criminality and that's far from the truth.

When the Joker is being held over a ledge by Batman and his death is impending and he suggests the hero is no better than him if he kills him for his crimes, we all know there is truth in the sentiment, have to regroup and hold to the righteous indignation that set us on the path to end his brand of evil, which in most cases was in response to another kind of evil, be it corporate, civil, or just to stop some bully from picking on him in the subway of a city that was evil and corrupt long before he came around.

Oh yeah the conversation gets deep and that's why I loved the Joker.

I have other reasons for my ability to turn the clown into Robinhood, or V-for-Vendetta, but Harlequinn does a better job of illustrating a love for Mr. J, than I ever could.

(Back to my own creation of The Dream Weaver...he is a complex character and his complexity I am hoping to shape in the story of 'Bad Guy' in which he is in love with a prostitute. A married one at that.

A guy looking to do right in a world filled with Cannibals, Looter, Gangs, University professors that take the minds of young people and pound them to mush, to everyday city thugs, that see this nice guy with a woman and because he chooses to love her publiclally dispite, her said occupation, and would kill for her just to have a few nights alone in peace, and can't hold her heart because she has taught herself not to love or that the idea of love is fantasy and money is the only thing that can make her happy; and instead of seeking to pay her, loves her, he is the 'Bad Guy.' This complexity is sparked by the rational of 'by any means nesscary.' Later contributed to hiw the Dream Weaver feels about his child, his child's mother, and just the world engeneral.

A lot of that came from my love of The Joker, Batman, and the DC universe.)