Under the surface competition

2017-11-14 12:00:39 by AdventVoice

Dead men tell no tales, would be my first debue redention of art placed into NG competions this year.

I like entering my art when I can meet a dead line. It is tough sometimes with so much going on in our personal lives to meet the demands of fans and people around us.

It is nice though when we can accomplish small goals though. I really wished I had entered something for #Inktober but I am sure #Underthesurface will be just as much of a turn out.

I added a little bio to help the caption along, It really was not needed, the art tells the whole story. Honestly when I think of under the surface of anything I am led to the ocean and pirates and just the language that is developed from mercenary work. That is all a pirate really was. They were the mercenaries of the ocean. We have bounty hunters on land now-a-days too. Every time a salesman comes to your home to sell you insurance, think of a pirate and what he/she is selling #Underthesurface. I feel the same way about telemarketers. I hold no grudes though, we all have to get paid.

 We all search for the gold and have to dig real deep to find it. Sometimes when we find it, we get zapped by the troubles that occur after we have secured the riches of our hearts. Betrayel of family that feel you owe them for the years of feeding you, and giving you a home. We get zapped by the bill collecters. I think of the lottery winners that get zapped with the Lottery Tax.

 No gold or bounty is worth more than the journey it took to get there. That is the one consetelation I hold onto in my quest for what is #Underthesurface.



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