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HAHAH The end is priceless. That is how I feel every time I play games like this. LMAO!! Awesome!

A massive piece of work.

I so want a slice!!

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This is really one of your better games and I love the sound track..who sings the song?


Thank you advent!
The song is: Why we lose
You can find it on YouTube. Check the NoCopyrightSounds channel, there you can also find a free download link ;)

the game was pretty good..needs more double jumping so the player is not stuck in the corner of the screen trying to figure out how to scale walls in the midst of lava pits. lol

This is a pretty intensive animation sequence.


Thank you AdventVoice! It did take a lot of work to make, glad you appreciate it.
And thanks for the great rating :)

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Every time you make a track I get hype!

Your tracks and themes are always relevant. It would be so cool to hear your tracks played at a concert.

Mooke responds:

:3 Thank you for your kind words, AdventVoice! :) take care and stay safe! I hope we all make it through this pandemic!

This is right up my alley for sure. I can really relate to this song...it is almost spiritual.
Just beautiful!!

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So considering how consecutive this segment is with the last one, I take it you have had David on your mind since your vacation. I love his new look and his crush on Natasha is rather sweet. Sigh, we all have a crush on Natasha's goods, ass-tits-and dick, but really though, ooo I so want to see David swallowing Alice's cock so bad.

This is such a good build up. Sigh, I really wish David would pound Alice as they clearly desire the same thing. Alice, just tooted her ass up for David, lucky dude. Leave it to Natasha to slam in, instead. Natasha is so funny. lol I think she can handle Alison and Alice at the same time, but knowing Alison, she will certainly know Natasha has been naughty, lol.

That video game is so massive!!

I am an artists who always seeks to give you a piece of material that makes your heart beat like a speaker!


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