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How would you apply this information to the present French riots?

NightSpaceOwl responds:

That is a very good question I will probably do a future vid trying to explain the situation. Will keep you posted.

7:20 mins of sheer pleasure!

Parodies never get old. Awesome work!

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This is a pretty intensive animation sequence.


Thank you AdventVoice! It did take a lot of work to make, glad you appreciate it.
And thanks for the great rating :)

You know I nearly forgot about how awesome that show was. Thanks for the reminder. Great game, from start to finish.

This was actually a lot of fun and you did well with the dialogue. I always did love RPG's and this was well done.

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With only 2:04 min of usable sound I am forced to skip introductions, tell you how I feel through a reproduction of the chill you have created and demanded I sit in no matter how soaked my bum reel feels.
I don't believe anyone is going to die by the time that :59 sec line breaks in. Then they begin to fly by 1:35. If I must die let it be to a music that makes me smile and remind of a time when Rhythm & Blues used to move you....
Thank you for these 2-31 moments of nostalgia.

Karsys responds:

I appreciate ya man!
Thank you~ I'm very glad you felt moved

I am really feeling the vibe with this one. I caught myself rocking to the looped beat that by the time 2:03 in the song I am thinking to myself, "Has 1OTA ever presented his work to the public, He could probably get an entire gymnasium rocking to his vibe?" I would hope you had ambitions for more, I don't want to put no limits on you man, this was fire! Very addictive like candy.

I0TA responds:

Thank you for your kind words. :) Happy holiday!

I love westerns, especially in the farwest.

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You know, I don't think anyone really have room to complain about this one. Rain has always fascinated me to the point that I am not sure what is really the "proper," method. I remember when I was younger they would say, "color the piece of art all the way through and then use a razor blade to depict falling rain." I would never do it. I have always liked the approach you have taken or I have been partial to outlining the droplets in black and coloring them in. It seems you took the approach of coloring the whole piece and casting lines where they aught to be. Great job though. I love the way you emphasized the hair as well. It took some time but it paid off in the end.

I am going back some day to a blue bayou. Love it!

SteveChopz responds:

Thank you ^^

I thought I was the only one who wanted to play with the Starbucks Logo. OMG this is wonderful!


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