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I do see the depression but towards the end I see a way for the escape and it is awesome when you can find a way to reaffirm being happy with who you are!

Very smooth production and certainly worth the front page review and support!

I have been wanting to find a way to explain "Adult Meditations," of Art and you took the words right out of my mouth.
Stupendously Original & Entertaining!

Why is this rated for teen?! lmao! You will have to make another, "Thot's Revenge," https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/adventvoice/the-courtesan-and-the-dream-weaver

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This is a pretty intensive animation sequence.


Thank you AdventVoice! It did take a lot of work to make, glad you appreciate it.
And thanks for the great rating :)

You know I nearly forgot about how awesome that show was. Thanks for the reminder. Great game, from start to finish.

This was actually a lot of fun and you did well with the dialogue. I always did love RPG's and this was well done.

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Every time I read your reports and listen to you music, there is this sense of being on the same page. I guess what is so fascinating to me about your ideas and work is the fact that I have always felt I stood alone in my theories or thoughts on life.

"The Coming Insurrection is a communization book by The Invisible Committee about everything going on in France, and the world. It was written in 2007 based on the context for the ongoing insurrection in France. TCI, To Our Friends and Now are ones of the most revolutionary texts in modern radical's history."

This song is really pleasant though and I think it will serve well to help me get through the next year. I wish I could pass it on to my friends in Italy, that are having a time of it. There wallets are really getting hit and there is nothing I can do. Such a pain.


Congrats on being Front Paged!!!
Such a beautiful voice!!

Troisnyx responds:

Thank you šŸ’–šŸ˜­
I'm glad you were touched by it.

I don't know what to say...it is nice that you could dig the art work. That you thought it would be good enough for you and your crew. I hope this songs gets you where you want to be.

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Where have you been!! This is awesome and Katsuragi's pussy is looking good too.

Happy Easter to you as well..but you know, Anytime of the year is a good time to see Razzy in a bunny suit! She is so hot!

The two blonds are lovebirds to each other and the younger sister is the brunette getting her ears covered.

How do I know?
Well, the blond with the bunny ears seems to be wondering how her lover to the left is enjoying her lover with at that look of wanting to suck on her breasts or nibble on her ears while she is enjoying her turn with mystery dick 3. Bunny ears is all eyes on the middle blond and that made me think they had something going on before. The last woman, the third sister I presumed walked in on her sisters have a five way and was not trying to be nosy but the sounds from the other room where telling. As she tried to excuse herself, the guy covering her ears, suggested she could join and he would hold her attention so not as to be disturbed that the others are there and she could enjoy herself too...I just had this feeling the brunette really did not want to be there but since she was, she convinced herself to have fun too. She just has the look of having to put up with her sisters crazy ideas of fun. LOL

bmesias063 responds:

Wow, that's a great observation, friend. But before I blur out the answer, i just want to know why you got to that conclusion.

You are spot on with your reason here. Indeed the brunette girl is the sister with the character is exact as you said. The blonde girls are the lovers.

Say who do you think among these two lovers is more womanly and who is the more the husband-like?



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