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This will stay secured in my animation's hall of fame and cheer me every time I think of the name Captain Falcon.

Real HERO's never get old.

Bowser gave him a run for his money lol.

Very nice speed paint presentation. I would have added a few big bubbles around the window of the cabin just so people did not confuse the atmosphere with that of the bayous, like where I grew up and the ocean, where it is you placed the house.

Great work btw. I really hope you have been doing well. It's been a while since you have posted. Nice to know you are back at in action.

Shye responds:

I usually have pretty long breaks between when I post stuff, thanks :)

Nothing at all wrong with having a good time.

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This was actually a lot of fun and you did well with the dialogue. I always did love RPG's and this was well done.

I love puzzle games that have stories worth their salt. But you are hard to satisfy you know.
Nothing ever makes you happy and when I try to make myself happy I am shot. Not Cool. LOL

NiobiuMmm responds:

Thanks for comment. I just try to create a really hard text based game and its my second try. Some of people like others not. Even little part of them hate. But in the end im glad reach almost 15k people and still have 3 stars. Who knows maybe in future after fix some problems in private life more cool games and better games might come.

pretty bad ass!

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Hey this is awesome. It reminds me of a Bruce Lee film, you know one of his original films. With the death match sequence. Two guys one fist.

I really love this track. I feel like it would make a great background beat for an illustrated short. A video game. Just about anything. It is short but placed on an endless loop and this can be the sound of September.

I love that build up 2:00 mins into the session.

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Take more liberties. This is was so cool!

This was pretty awesome!
I know of a lot of guys like that. All chest and no legs, makes for poor wrestling.

I have always enjoyed the attention you place on detailing. It is just the little things, like the arch in Karen's back and that slow gravitational movement of the mesmerized woman that desires to touch those pink finger nails first, before all the others. It is classic. lol


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