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Posted by AdventVoice - 12 days ago

I’ve recently been contemplating the overall definition of “The Mature Artist.”

When we hear these words we can find some security in the thought that to be a mature artist one has to:

 Have a strong sense of design in their work, props and characters aren’t just thrown about without thought. The artist can admire the work of other artists without doggedly reproducing another artist’s style. They have a unique style that viewers instantly recognize.

Notice, educational background or annual income are not considered factors in this definition.

I am personally transported in time, to 1975 when Henry Fantazos finally found his inspiration for a piece of art that I have come to enjoy. “Temptations Under Magnolia Tree.” By 1963 he had a hard time placing value to modern art. He considered it to be “dead-end barbarism, invented by dilettantes bent on obtaining the cheapest uniqueness.” He cursed television as the “Murderer of Literature,” and in his rage envisioned wonderful still-lives.

 Though, as unique and fantastical as his one-man-show was, due to his isolating nature, I can’t consider him a mature artist.

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, published in 1983, to mature is to have reached full growth or development, to ripen, Payable, worked out fully by the mind; perfected.

None of this is lost on artists such as 1857 Jean-Francois Millet who created “Des glaneuses,” or Polish artists Igor Morski, who opened his studio in 1995. Nearly two hundred years has passed and for those mature enough to be honest, have seen how pervasive the artists use of his mind has matured and in this essay I aim to encourage my partners of such a respectable guild to continue to spread wide the halls of imagination.

The mature artist is not one that sees potential for improvement and clings to their crutch of tradition. I find it painful enough that as a writer and artist I must contend with those twenty years my senior who propose, “Unless you are aiming to have your works showcased among Vincenzo Foppa or to be featured in the Economist with Kathryn Rose, a Canadian “jobbing composer,” you will not be successful.”

Success being defined by how much money you have and ones networth being the gauge of maturity.

The mature artist does not allow the ramblings of a philosopher published in 1935 to dissuade them from applying ink to canvas. Instead they realize that Walter Benjamin was speaking from a view point of limited validation for his own material. When holding no political opinions kept you in business and anything as innocent as the “zipper,” was denounced as an ‘alligator of ecstasy.’

I am an affirmed believer that the mature artist and his or her work, and no, maturity is not gender specific, will stand the test of time, despite the profusings of Samuel Johnson. The mature artist knows that their vision of the world, expressed through art will hold a place in the heart of exceptionally young art enthusiasts long after this digital revolution and intrinsically that should be the aim of every creator, at least those aiming to mature.

Sadly it is very difficult to equate the essence of art with a numerical value. The great “Traditionalists,” rave against the youth, instead of embracing the change and suggest everything presented in the past 20 years to be worthless, degenerate, perverted, carbon copies of thoughts born from The Renaissance.

Which when we strip the boisterous voice of it’s regalia, all we find are the echos of a time that refuses to understand the beauty behind contemporary thought.

  The mature artist not only knows how to take criticism but to include the voice that spoke out of a displaced world view of days gone by and bridge the gap that separates us culturally, economically, socially, and geographically. At least that is what the mature artist should aim to do.

When I think of the mature artist, I think of:

@Umbramark @banesias063 @AtalyaSuccubus @PorkyPiexxx @BrytlejuiceArt @cthulhuzann @sabtastic @Medra192 @celineorelse @Lewdua @Della-Kitt @OtherWorldSam @BunnyHarriet @Seanpphillips https://loveinart351.newgrounds.com/ and not necessarily because I like them personally but because in the midst of my transition between an average hobby artist they were voices of reason, willing to give advice, communicate and bridge the vast space of our highly complex world and just laugh and find joy in this guild I love.

For all the negative press that is dished out about NSFW material, sex, women, men, and any other thing a very cynical person can use to bring another down, these are the few visionaries I would ever claim to desire to have coffee with in real life and have mature conversations about the world of art.

I’ve mentioned Jenna Bryan in the past and I really should keep in touch with her.

I find we get so busy in our craft, that it becomes very easy to tune people out, forgetting that without their input, we’ve missed a chance to further ourselves.

In my youth I craved solitude. I enjoyed being alone with my pad and pen, never watching television, rarely played video games, had one or two friends. Believing that because I was a military brat, and I moved from place to place, having no roots, meant severing all ties and those I neglected were just not mature enough to stand alone.

As I’ve gotten older and desired to have a home for my assorted displays, I’ve been hankering to throw a celebration. To raise a toast to the loving nurturer that Art is.

As technology rages on to make all of us next door neighbors, beauty is captured, scanned, digitized, tweeted, archived and set to make us all remembered, worked out fully by the mind, perfected, matured. 


Posted by AdventVoice - 2 weeks ago

PetaGaye Edwards

https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/adventvoice/petagaye-edwards called me today after receiving her gifts.

I am thankful they made it in time for her birthday. She called to tell me how grateful she was to receive the cards, to tell me how nice it was to be able to see herself from my eyes.

I told her of the challenge to capture her beauty just right, that I would try again at a later date. She told me she understood, “Many have attempted to draw my face in the past and have failed is far worse attempts.” Telling me I should not waste my time with that and focus on my writing. “You should certainly aim to sell your own publications, you have such a way with words.”

I rather wish I could remember what it was I said to her to make her blush so. I remember pieces of it. The question is, would anyone pay for words that make them feel as beautiful, kind and endearing as they are? As she is?

There was a time in my life when I did not need the validation of others for most of anything. Of course, for me when I was young I was deemed self-efficient by those older and my peers. Many were willing to pay for my services and art.

To me validation, true validation, equated into the form of some cash and gave birth to the idea that anything was better than nothing. This independence on the accreditation from my esteem public was during a time when people felt comfortable spending $10-$20.00 on a publication. Now your lucky to find anything worth reading on the shelves in your local market and a lot of that is not due to the myth of internet market bubbles, rising and bursting. The success of online blogs or the individuals lack desire to read anything unless some form of sensuality is pronounced.

 I believe it has a lot to do with some mystic organization that has been teaching the general public, censorship is good and there are certain publications and works of art and social groups that should not be funded for some obscure reason.

 I was reading, “DieKittyDie,” Heaven and Hell #3: which is a comic that was published by Chapter House: Astroid Comics, written by Fernando Ruiz and Dan Parent.

This particular issue was going over the ‘70’s and everyone’s need, who was Christian, to send their daughters to convents because they dipped acid or smoked a cigarette. That was the idea (blame Christians for moral policing while everyone else gets away with policing our thoughts.) It sold like hot cakes and helped to further the push of anything with a moral or plot out of the public square. If you get people thinking about right and wrong, even from a humanitarian point of view you were stepping on toes of investors that sold stories based on superficial teenage baggage, not art.

 In “DieKittyDie,” she was asked to allow an evil publisher to die, his name is Skip Stone, in the story he is owner of KittyComix, who like many that lacked creativity would steal from others and threaten to sue them when they asked for their cut on the proceeds. That problem was not exclusive to the 70’s and occurs a lot, now-a-days.

I am always weary of thieves and try to be up front with people about my desires. I was asked recently, “What do you want of your art, what do you want it to do for you, what goals have you trekked out for your work?”

This of course coming from someone that believes my talents to be as irrelevant as Latin or the aspirations of a concert pianist. I wanted to tell her, my admirer, or at least the admirer of my talent.

“ I don’t want my work to do any more that it is already doing. I want those that view it to be able to map out my heart, to see line upon line- here a little- there a little- that as the lines connect, identification is developed, recognized and valued beyond Aadhaar or what the tech giants have placed value on the “reconciliation,” of our beautiful faces. 

Posted by AdventVoice - 2 weeks ago


I now know why so many don’t do it. I mean it was not all that bad at first. I sent out the add. Ok I did this to myself, but I sent out the add for desiring to role-play with a woman. Anything is fine. I just want to craft stories I can later turn into illustrated comics. It was a wonderful idea. I mean you can’t have a comic without content and if you can find someone to brain storm with you or build something together, well you are hard pressed to find someone to do that through linkedin or some other hiring website. Another reason why it is was awesome, and before I go into this rant of how bad it was. It was free. Free content that can be used at any time.

 Why is it bad?

Cause the story changes every three minutes, and you end up arguing over the most asinine of details. For instance: I met this girl and she is nice and she wanted to role-play RdR2 and she asked if I played the game and I ignored that question because with role-playing I was sure we were not going to use the plot of previous stories and the overall character had room to grow. NOPE! Arthur Morgan remained a guy that could not talk to a woman enough to get her pants down and get his dick wet, even if he is set up with a 16 year old virgin. Even though I started this little adventure, none of my ideas where applied because “I never played the damn game, I wouldn’t play the game, not with the reviews that it got.”

Anyway in the middle of the role-play I slipped, I suggested that he was married to Eliza, but I forgot he wasn’t and it gave me a headache to remember exactly why he refuses to fuck the next available woman. Something about not wanting another Issac in the world. It sounds really gay to me, but this chick I am role-playing with thinks that kind of thing is sexy. I don’t know.

She wants details and sometimes does not think I am in character enough and decides to tell me what my character would say and how he would say it. WTF! Is that. I wanted to say and in character, I hope you are not this demanding in the bed room. Cause if so you are better off just using a vibrator.

After several days of game play I decided to change the characters nature a bit and because of what I know about the game this is acceptable:

  Arthur sneers as Adelia and spits back at her disdain and hatred. As of now he has been wanting to keep the playing field between her father and him on "High Honor," he does not owe the man anything but he would like to be remembered for having being good at his job. Even if the job is as small as bring back the girl. Seeing Adelia tied up and vulnerable, young and still filled with a spirit to match his own. Her red hair cupping her face flawlessly, blood finally coming back into her cheeks after her heart began to settle began to make his own heart move around in a way that is uncomfortable for him. The thought of the night being a place only where the predators win due to their 'low honor,' reminds me of how shitty it is that all this trouble is going to bring him $500.00, she is well worth 3x as much, honestly as he continues to look at her, her desire to live out here among the wilds and moonlight is priceless. He is not too proud to make the offer. "Listen it is clear you don't want to go back to your father. I want to make it clear that I am not any man's hired hand but I do have this idea of being reputable, a flaw I know that gets in the way of a lot of good things for me, but I really can't stand the idea of anyone losing lives behind money, disgusting. So if you can make it my while not to take you back, then I won't. You have to have something worth more than your father's $500.00. Anyway if you don't have anything of value, I know of another way to get you off the hook. There is this killer in town, supposed to be some hot shit cause the sheriff won't do his job. I planned on going back and rustling up the money that comes with his hide, dead or alive, and maybe I can use that money to sweeten the value of your father giving you room to grow out side of his care." He cuts a smirk under his eyes wondering if she will take the bait of coming home with him peacefully believing he would be willing to buy her from her father, no matter the price. "I have not been with any woman since my wife and son died, I have had my share of pickin's but I have never met anyone with lips as tasty as yours, nor eyes bold enough to repeat what they have noticed of my beastly disposition and actually attract me, makes me wonder what you are hiding beneath those oversized clothes."

My role-playing partner was fine with everything but the last part obviously or I would not be writing this paper. She did not like the last part because he would not have talked about his problems with someone he just met. That is granted, but I also feel he would not have had this problem at all if he would stop being a little bitch and get over something that happened nearly, by the date of this role-play, after the Van Der Linde gangs comes to New Hannover, that would be years later, for those that have played the damn game right?

 Anyway, I really felt role-playing would give people a chance to stretch their imaginations not become trapped in a world of days on end of text and no real motivation to continue. I have a hard time finding how Adelia could be attracted to a man like Arthur Morgan who is confused about everything and does not know what he wants out of life. Supposedly this little girl is going to want to ride off with Arthur and all that. He was 15 when he left home and survived well. He is an ace shot. That is what makes a video game work right, the hero does not die of TB and act like he is afraid of women or his shadow. Anyway I have not grasped how to reconcile with a character who is a virgin and naive but smart enough to keep a grown man from having his way with her. She would not be able to stop him. It is his own conscience that does that, and in the 1800’s wouldn’t she be curious, wouldn’t he need to tell her, “I won’t hurt you because of such and such reason.” Naw he is a bad ass that does not talk much and likes to rope little girls.

Yeah I could not take it and I like all sorts of stories, but this one was driving me bonkers.


Posted by AdventVoice - 2 weeks ago



Well the Dream Weaver and I have been through a lot. We have self-published a book: www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ad… 
We have encouraged artists to continue at there own pace to create what is beautiful to them and not to be discouraged by the NEH-sayers: www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ad… 

We have touched on the issues of being a "Rolling Stone," or an absentee father and the struggle to forgive oneself for past mistakes: www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ad… + www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ad… 

He has made his way through the maze of Creative Relevancy and can be considered a household name if some regards: www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ad… Making us question the benefit derived in giving ammunition to head-hunters to continue trampling on the ideals of manhood:  www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ad… 

We have learned through him what is means to be a Freedom Fighter: www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ad… + avproductionsblog.wordpress.co…  what he would teach his son that he has only met when he was 6 months old: www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ad… We learned the things he would love to say but dares not say to the witch of a mother that gave him his child:  www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ad

www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ad… + www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ad… 

We also learned of all the many ways he decided to get over the past and never allow failure to define him: www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ad… 

Taking the good from the bad and making a difference in the world is all that can be asked of him now: www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ad… + www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ad… 

In the midst of his confrontations we learn of his smoothness and wisdom: www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ad… We learn what makes him different from the average hero and we began to love him more for his weaknesses: www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ad… He became real to us because he refused to wear a mask to hide his motivations. He reason for being: avproductionsblog.wordpress.co… +  [COMM: AdventVoice - Dream Weaver by knilzy95]   he came to candidly and decided to share his truths lest anyone decided to speak for him and call him a liar. He gave you the Voice of liberation: avproductionsblog.wordpress.co… and encouraged you to dream beyond internationalization   www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ad… that the unrepentant whore is a woman too: who deserves respect: www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ad… 

He continues to teach on the dangers of censorship and the encroachments of the "Thought Police." www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ad…. He has carried you into the worlds of the unknown and proven the paths to immortality www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ad… to ascendance and is convinced that it is not an idea to remain in the realm of fiction of fantasy.  www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ad… but is as real as the deamons of mans creation that would seek to stifle your ability to dream: www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ad… There is a dimension in which man can be more than what life has determined they are to be and in his tales he has weaved the path to accessibility of the third eye:   www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ad… 

All in hopes you will never allow anyone to censor your love: www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ad

It has been one explosive ride. Nearly 9 years in the making and I am beginning to wonder to myself if it is time retire the old man. 
Who knows he might return, but for now I will ask you all to keep on Dreaming.


Posted by AdventVoice - 1 month ago

I am currently in a heated debate with moderators of Deviant Art and similar servers over a rendtion of https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/adventvoice/siren-s-allure-siren-s-lair-page-2 I submitted to them, in which most of the image is covered with sea-weed to block the view of what might be considered obscene to some, in hopes of fullfilling there censorship clauses for publication and making the art a little safer for underage viewers, who happen to ignore the fact that image is located in "Mature," "Adult," and clearly forums intended for those older than 18. 

 Aside from the arguements raised by artists such as @OtherworldSam who to my estimations diagnoised the issues facing NSFW artists perfectly: 

Lets take for example the passive aggressive poop nugget that reported me to DA today. (Let me save you the trouble of looking, everything sexual is pixellated to hell)


I make fictional material about controlling others.


Someone who wants to feel right and is so ruled by their own insecurity that they seek to control my actions in real life because they feel threatened. Kind of like people who get reported for their Patreons and peoples need to control others literally takes money away from them that is supporting them and their families. Really classy lol

I stand by own position: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1438669  that in light of what we deem to be pornographic and not art or just obscene, if an artist goes out his or her way to censor there own work and are still kicked off of a server, or there art is deleted, art, in the midst of https://www.deviantart.com/cyberkitten01/art/Kate-Five-781367441 <<<Which thought is a wonderful piece of art, none the less is a nude woman >> Then we can not say we are censoring NSFW material but we are censoring the context and ideas surrouding the image. We are willing to curtail a thought and storyline because it does not fit with a culture or social code, that at the moment I have yet to devise a definition for.  Maybe the truth is I know exactly what offends the said oversears of Deviant Art and Tumblr and the like and it has nothing to do with images of babies or rape victims. It is simply heterosexual interactions and the male entity as a whole. 

As I have said before, it is perfectly fine to draw a bare-naked lady, in a room, by herself or with other women. Just don't draw her being satisfied by a male partner.

I have taken upon myself to dispute there claim to my violation of there terms, by using my forum post as a foundation.I will begin to write more rebuttals on this issue and there is a part of me that feels I should let it go. 

I mean why argue over something everyone else seems fine to allow to happen. Why put my work and future development on the line for a guild that has no real defense for itself and is not considered "Art," by the majority of influencers in the world. 

The short answer, I hate to lose.

In light of fairness and the belief in the freedom of speech, expression, and artistic vision, I don't think it is fair to those that come after me who as they learn their craft will begin to desire to stretch into this field of study and will be denied because no one said, "You are pushing too far against a brick wall of determination." Few have really taken into account that if we are asked to sacrafice our skills and development for the sake of a few, works like https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/724073 or https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/cthulhuzann/attack-it-happy-thanksgiving will not recieve the credit they deserve as being pieces of art worth adding to our video games or hanging in our galleries, sold, traded, and garnering a profit that elevates each of us out of the past that has limited us to being starving artists.

I don't know about you, but after I sell a product or recieve accreditation for anything I write or project I submit,  I am hitting the drawing board looking for ways to increase my own popularity and place in the halls of creative innovation.

Kind of hard to do that, if at every turn someone is willing to censor what is said or delivered because it might be construed as offensive.

Posted by AdventVoice - 1 month ago


Jenna Bryan has kept in touch with me, and it is nice to acquainted with someone as sweet and talented as her. In the midst of our conversations about art, comics, and writting in general she expressed how she is paving down a new road with her talent. I hope she has the favor in the world, with those around her. 

  I bumped into Jamie Sunyak, a few days ago, who is an interesting Pop-artist in the local area. She was not having much luck finding a gallery to showcase her work, so I told her to check out Frank Gallery in the city, when I should have told her to invest some time in the gallery in Siler City, I might email her later on that lead. Depends on how she feels about the area, and if there is enough traffic. I wish her just as much favor, she has a talent that should not be denied. 

 Right after these encounters, I met the artist that captivated me a few months back and her story inspires me to the very moment. When I think about it, even now, I hold on the idea that in the future I will be able to master the same gift she posses. Her name is Iskandar12 ~ I never knew who she was, their is no picture in the paper to suggest this wonderful digital artist also known as "Raptor_Haysus," on instagram, was a gorgeous young woman with a wonderful imagination. A very quite person, soft as the digital touch of the brush she uses to devise her art. I was amazed that as I was looking for information about the town, and I looked at her, I knew, innately, she was the creator of a piece of art that I keep in my collection ~ close to my heart. 

 The moment I saw her and could connect her physical person with the spirit that devised the work, it made me wonder if, when people see me in person, do I reflect who I am internally, onto the canvas enough to the point that without saying a word, they would know, I created that piece of art that captivated their attention?

 If not ~ I hope I can one day.

Well as I was about town and contemplating these things I presented Stormy Daniels to the director of NC Arts Incubator ~ an April Weaver and she immediately fell in love with the idea. After this weekend I'll see what she has to say about my showcase and how it will work in her gallery ~ if they will work at all ~ I am sure my portraits will entice viewers. It is the rest of my works that I want to deliver from the screen into someone's home. Along with the stories that energize the productions. Overall it feels good to be desired, especially after all the verbal abuse I've had to deal with from other artists and non-artists that find some pleasure in being considered inept or mentally ill, socially awkward and unable to function in society. 

It was suggested a few days ago, that I should feel, "shame," for expressing a desire to have sex with a mermaid or siren and for actually drawing it. 

 I was confused, asking myself, "Why should I feel shame for the very notions that have historically been used to describe the habits of other men and merpeople before me?" 

 "Why should I feel any more shame than the artists willing to illustrate a woman having sex with her dog, or favorite horse?" 

"Why should I feel anymore shame than the artist who illustrates a she-male dark elf having sex with an orc or ogre?" 

Why should these ideas not be presented in an art gallery outside of the virtual world any more than the art of Peter Filene and Barbara Tyroler?

No as I travel from gallery to gallery, venue to venue, I feel no shame for my ideas, only pleased I have the ability to share a little piece of myself with the world before, I to fade with time.

Posted by AdventVoice - 1 month ago

I realized why I could not find it...because I had the name wrong. 

Her name was Spunky...not Smutty...that is an honest mistake right? 


I loved the bitch. I am not into fan-art a lot of the time, but she I would draw, just so I never forget her again. 

Kozo Yohei developed her in 1996, I did not get a hold of her until 1998, and she made it on the "Should not Admit to Shelf," collection: 

Another great piece of work was 

Princess Of Darkness

Yuichiro Tanuma. 


Posted by AdventVoice - January 19th, 2019

I really don't tend to get emotional about things, but I am really disturbed, sad, forgetfull. I have put it off for so long that now I can't remember, neither can I find hide nor hair of her. 

Has anyone seen Smutty Knight? 

She was  a manga that came out mid-90's and I bumped into her 1998 around the same time I started reading Bondage Fairies. I should give you a brief summary so you don't confuse her for all the other Lusty, Slutty, Hot Sword wielding bitches that have come after her. 

For me she was the first and the original, making her the best. 

She had an amazing way to bump into a menator, a vampire, a double dicked girl and fucking her way out of a situation and securing the money needed to keep on living in her very violent and high sexed universe. 

As I describe it you, other sub-titles come to mind- but for now I am going to continue calling her Smutty Knight, because when I type anything else in my searching browser, I am taken all over the universe of the mind of man and can't find a single Fan-art of her to bring to the right artist that created her, and still no one fits the discription. 

If anyone else read this comic and remember how she chopped off the Menators dick in the first published addition of her series, please hit me up and tell me who the author and illustrators of that story was. 

Thank you! 

Posted by AdventVoice - January 16th, 2019

Jenna Bryan is a concept artist and illustrator https://jennbry.wordpress.com/ who at the moment works at Ultimate Comics. I passed by the shop from taking care of errands in Raleigh, on the way to Crosswoods Plaza (it could be CrossStreet Plaza) I’ll find the exact address later. Anyway I walked into the comic book store looking for works and publications that had a similar flavor to my own and I really could not find it.

 I ended up collecting the first few comics that struck my fancy or that I want to get into.

~Gillen Hans Cowles: D.I.E. #2 ~

~Mirka Andolfo’s: Unnatural #6 ~

~Fernando Ruiz & Dan Parent: DieKittyDie - Heaven and Hell #3 ~

I don’t normally do comic reviews of other’s works, thinking their work ought to speak for itself and does not have to be oversold by the likes of me; but I like the art and the uniqueness of the pieces.

While I am browsing at these works, I still can’t find the comic or illustrator that reminds me of myself, so I ask Jenna Bryan, who at the time I was not aware of her credentials or expertise. She has this shyness that would suggest, working in a comic book shop, was not always where she wanted to be and the fact that she has to sit in an archive of art material and look at characters or creators who get published for material that is beneath her talent, well I was  almost afraid to ask her anything, from fear of boring her. When I mustard up the courage I asked, “Which illustrator would you compare to my personal online illustrative showcase?”

She took my card and I thought she’d wait until she got home and was able to relax. Not having to think about work, or the boyfriend who lives ten hours away in New York and the distance that separates them. Instead, right there on the job, she pops up my website, www.avproductionsblog.wordpress.com and right off the top of her head she says, “Criminal.”

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, who work for Image Comics, (where have I heard of that company before?) they created Criminal with the help of Jacob Philips with the coloring. I know exactly who she was referring to because Sean Phillips has been popping up all over my twitter feed. I could not understand why for the longest time. I told her as much, “ You know, for some reason as the years have gone by, no matter how many companies come and go, or stories produced by Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Tokyo Pop, and a lot of the heavy hitters, my hands tend to always gravitate to Image Comics.”

 I was flattered and pleased that she took the time and I was able to learn so much from her, that she was wanting to talk shop and when she saw my work, was not completely mortified.

She compared me to Sean Phillips of “Criminal,” and that was just from looking at a portrait of Stormy Daniels. Which if I am honest with myself is not bad at all and why he is all over my twitter feed.

I was not going to read “Criminal,” at first, believing it to be like every other story produced by Image Comics, but I wanted to know what she saw, so I bought it.

After the first ten pages, I was hooked and can’t wait to finish the rest but I understand her vision and I respect her input.

Thank you Jenna Bryan for introducing me to such an interesting story. I also hope as you continue on your path, we crossways again.


Posted by AdventVoice - January 15th, 2019

I can think of better emails to recieve that would have made this year grand. 

 "Hello Mr. Advent Voice, we are graciously delivering you 60,000.00 for your last comic submission." 

That would be nice, but this is even better.

CCCC Red Clay Review (rcr@cccc.edu)To:you Details
Dear Advent Voice,
Happy New Year! I hope this email finds you well. I am happy to tell you that your poems "The Gift," "Mountain Radio," and "Wind Instruments" have been selected for Red Clay Review's music issue. Please send a one-to-three sentence bio to include. If you need ideas, our writers typically include something about their connection to the Lee/Harnett/Chatham area and/or writing community. I would like to collect the bios by February 15.
We expect the publication to be completed in early spring; an update will be sent out in February. 
Thanks for being part of our publication! 
Summerlin Page Webb
CFC, Office 11, Lee Main Campus

As of March 15, 2018 I submitted poetry for a contest in the local North Carolina area: https://adventvoice.newgrounds.com/news/post/1009048 



https://adventvoice.newgrounds.com/news/post/1009392 Well the wait is over and by Febuary I will have devised a bio that helps to illustrate a little of who and what I am. 

To begin, I will claim, I Am An Artist!!

This is going to one smash-up of a  New Year!!