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Posted by AdventVoice - 4 days ago

An interesting thought has just occured to me and I really feel I must share this with those that take the time to read my ramblings.

Here at NewGrounds there is saftey in the idea that not a lot of people know about the site and I use this saftey to broadcast things that normally would make most a little gun shy.

I mean my last few posts have been politcally charged and it seems I am talking to myself most of the time and that is fine with me, considering most of the world is Narcissistic and really needs to work on reingaging their empathy meters and so on. I like to be the hand that helps that.

  What I don't like is that well I have these little kids following me around now and it is because of what???

I mean there was nothing G rated in the disuccison had in "Freedom Pens," https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/adventvoice/freedom-pens

and now I begin to feel bad because there are these kids you know that think it is funny to tag along and agree with thoughts that have not been verified...I mean I have actively tested out theories but theories are nothing to base concreate decisions on.

The main reason I have trouble with Bitcoin and politicians that spout nonsense or people that tell me Time is an Illusion: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/adventvoice/time-is-forever-relevant

These are all great for basement, lock and key conversations that you have with your friends but nothing to lead the next generation of thinkers on.

I have not given anything to anyone yet. I am working on it. I like NewGrounds because it has always given me the freedom to experiement and discuss with others better choices and tweeks here and there. I am a little upset with myself because I have not really presented anything to compete with Toby Fox. (Creator of the UNDERVerse nor my little Jeyawue friend https://www.deviantart.com/adventvoice/art/Small-Jeyawue-Contest-747914163 ) these guys are great and are really packing in the production for those to come after them. Real trail blazers and I am kind of moseying along and taking up space....

I don't even like saying that...but I have these kids reading my stuff...interested in what I have to say...and wanting more....

What do I give them.

The Truth? Fantasy? Love? Romance? Music? Video Games?

I hold very heavy to the idea that our youth are not as bad as the prior generation claims. They can't be because the prior generation set the tempo.

Then again I listen to some of the kids of today and I laugh hard at some of their ideas of fun...try to tell them something a little more positive to get into...but if they want to have a little time to experiment...is that so bad?



Posted by AdventVoice - 8 days ago

It would seem I am the only one wlling to touch this issue.




1986 was considered the "Year of Peace," between Soviet Russia and America. According to Bret Baire; author of "Three Days in Moscow," after Reagan met with Gorbachev in Geneva, construction was set in place for the development of a Soviet-Amercan dialogue that would continue~ uninterrupted and to yield "tangible," results.

  Those results have yet to be determined. Honestly very few could mentally conceputlize a Soviet-America. Then again as I take the score over the years, I can't help but the believe I am living in one as we speak.



Posted by AdventVoice - 10 days ago

I was so surprised to find that out of all the people I know, and I know  a lot of people, that none of them have attempted to draw or even know who Anne Chapman is.

  Sometimes I wonder if it is good that I know so much. I mean what is the point of knowing what I know and sharing with a crowd of people that have to Fact Check you everytime you speak.

Then when they find that one of your facts is a little embellished or over exaggerated or you forgot to mention something, you are called a liar.

  Harsh words and it stings even more when it is placed in the same court of those that started the Infowars.

I mean where does Glenn Beck get off feeding in the liturature that speaks against a guy that has the same motivation as he does. So Glenn did not lose his show and was not banned from every known social media source. Glenn Beck also did not stick his neck out there to share ideas with people he felt really needed it. To this day he won't.

He is even afraid to hint at the idea that someone in charge of his media agency or that of CNN may have given him misleading information just to cost him his job.

Why won't people speak about what they see and hear anymore? The idea that they may be working with an Anne Chapman is a good start to begin to answer that question.




Posted by AdventVoice - 13 days ago

I open the newspaper and have for a few years been very disappointed with the idea that it is becoming harder and harder to find interesting satires and illustrations that poke fun at a lot of today’s “Hot Topic Stories.”

 I mention it in hopes that I am not the only one. Since I have not read a lot of discussion on her, I felt it was appropriate that I stretch my illustrating skills and proceed to discuss the current “Red Scare,” of 2018.

  To begin I must assert the fact that because I am aiming to be objective and seek to uphold the freedom that is allotted to every American with the aptitude to do so; those I speak of in the discourse should not be offended by what I say. It is the risk we take in a country where First Amendment and Second Amendments reigns supreme.

 Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck. The three leaders of the “conservative,” talk radio are all “feckless,” cowards, who hide behind the “race card,” to deal with the verbal attacks of those that oppose their views.

  I don’t think anyone has the right to present ethnic struggles as an issue when a woman is standing accused of being a “Russian spy.” A spy who was propagating the cause of the NRA. An organization the “Big Three,” have advocated for since the eighties. Thirty eights years and it must be when the Democratic party is seeking to correlate the hack of the DNC with Russian influence and money gathered to support our sitting President.

 Their clear refusal to talk about the issues and ignore them gives acquiesces to those like Special Agent Muller who is known for shooting from the hip and locking anyone up that poses as a “national security,” threat. I don’t know, I say it, in hopes of them hearing and knowing how disgraceful it is to know they have no defense for a woman I am sure they have smiled in front the camera with.

  Rush Limbaugh says, “The hatred of the white man stemmed from Jesse Jackson’s 1990’s campaign for president.” He ignored the fact that Al Sharpton ran for president as well. Hate towards the white and black conservative has been around a lot longer than the 90’s Rush! Its been around ever since the development of the “Red Scare,”   and by ignoring this information you leave room for the story to be written, that conservatives are no different than Dianne Feinstein, whom for the past 20 years have had a communist driving her car.

 We have GenXer’s in Congress, at Langley near the head of state, whispering in the ears of politicians and you, “loud mouths on the radio,” miss the biggest chance of your lives to earn a Pulitzer by proving the establishment  wrong and giving them fodder about Republican support of rouge Russian dictators, Chinese warmongers, North Korean button pushers and Muslim bomb squads.

 You have failed again, leaving me to pick up the pieces. No wonder Schnitt left the Republican party to hang out with Bill Maher. At least he will feel what he has to say will validate everything he believes in. A country that holds to it’s principals. Bill Maher is free to say what ever it is he wants, “Why aren’t you?!”

  Considering no one else is willing talk about her. I will. I find her to be a victim of a parties need to be liked and not found guilty be association. Even if their employees are found doing exactly what they are asked to.

 Her name is Maria Butina. This is her story.

She is said to be a Russian spy and held without bond. 29 year old gun rights  activists is accused of a Sex crime, soliciting an “unnamed,” American in exchange for a position with an “unnamed,” special interests group as part of an effort to infiltrate influential political organizations.

 Robert Driscoll denies all charges. (Like a good lawyer should.)

  Tanya Chutkan denied the request for motion of discovery. Stating the defense has no right to information if only to rebut media attention. (The media effects more than the outcome of elections. They effect of Department of Justice.)

 3 million files of evidence is being considered to be subjected to a protection order that would restrict access from the public.

 Thomas Sanders (Assistant to the Attorney General) believes Butina’s team wishes to share information with reporters; which is obvious considering Driscoll does not desire the speculation of a “misinformed,” media and public to have influence in a major crimes hearing, where his client can face brutal charges due to false accusations.

What do Republicans and other conservative voices have to say about a comrade under fire. Nothing. Why? The answer is simple, “They are feckless, spineless and have this childish need to say the very same thing their opponents say, as if what they have to say will have little to no validation if it met with real debate. Instead when they are called Russian supporters, they claim the DNC and the democrat voices to be communists and will dig deep to find any link to it. Like a five-year-old case of a driver for Dianne Feinstein.”

 When the papers call republican’s racists, they find as many stories of known black people that where around since the civil rights movement and have justification for denouncing a Caucasian influence in America considering the triple K’s tend to burn up black neighborhoods and get away with it.

 All I want to know is how anyone can claim racism when the woman is accused of a Sex Crime and espionage. Our second amendment rights are in jeopardy all throughout America, and Boykin is leading the charge from Chicago and all the conservative party can talk about is color.

Posted by AdventVoice - 2 weeks ago

So I asked my friend to show more images of her and some better angles...

I was amazed to find that she a news reporter...

Now I have to be careful with everything I say.


You know how the news media can be.

I know I should have no worries considering I am in America but after the fiasco with Maria Butina, who knows anymore, what is considered sacred.



Posted by AdventVoice - 2 weeks ago

The ABC's of SCP

A is for Anomaly, something weird and strange.
B is for Booooterflies, of whom Kondraki is king.
C is for Contain, the second part of our creed.
D is for D-class, the ones whom we test.
E is for Euclid, the harder to handle scips.
F is for Foundation, those who protect our world.
G is for GOIs, those who may not be on our side.
H is for Hub, where everything is held.
I is for Insurgency, a ploy gone all wrong.
J is for -J, jokes of the goofiest kind.
K is for Keter, the scips that are the hardest to contain.
L is for ?
M is for MTF, our loyal soldiers.
N is for Neutralized, now no longer a threat.
O is for 05, the highest place to be.
P is for Protect, the final part of our mission.
Q is for ?
R is for Reasearcher, those who look for awnsers.
S is for Secure, the first third of our motto.
T is for Thaumiel, a scip to hold a scip.
U is for ?
V is for ?
W is for Wiki, the site we know so well.
X is for ?
Y is for ?
Z is for ?

yeah that's a song

I did not see the relevance of Gorey Demise and this song that was posted above, but I wanted to complete the lyrics.

We all have a hunger.

The only thing that is similar between this song and Gorey demise is the letter arrangement. Other than that this song is telling a whole different story.

L is for LaughingManB who calls out Glenn Beck every chance he gets.  https://old.reddit.com/user/LaughingMANB/comments/73ln21/i_wrote_to_glenn_beck_the_other_day/

Q is for Questions that remain unanswered for if they where solutions would be sure to follow. https://old.reddit.com/user/LaughingMANB/comments/8e6r9h/od_woody/

U is for Undertow; the occurrence after one "Makes Waves,"  www.linkedin.com/pulse/making-…

V is for Victory, a realization only when one's opponent loses https://avproductionsblog.wordpress.com/2018/04/20/history-of-violence/

X is for that vision used to see through you, believing the truth to be one article away from encouraging change https://avproductionsblog.wordpress.com/2018/03/03/cats-paw/

Y is for the Yell that won't escape from my chest, as I am made to recount the emptiness. https://avproductionsblog.wordpress.com/2017/05/07/voice-of-liberation/




Z is for the Ziggurat that refuses to fall no matter the messages that are passed along.   https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/adventvoice/hold-the-line




Posted by AdventVoice - 2 weeks ago




So, we travel far and wide just to find "Truth." We have learned over the years, to never taken at face value the things we have been told and to believe everything we see on the news.

 That is why we travel and take vacations. Just to see the world from behind the lens we create ourselves. After all I have seen from Canada down to my home, All I can say is I-95 and the Jersey Turnpike are still an awesome ride and a lot has changed over time.

  I just never thought they would up-root statues, and monuments just to build a road. I cannot understand why anyone would want to change the greatest skyline the world has ever known.




Posted by AdventVoice - 1 month ago

A few more hours until my Birthday! July 25 1988 was a special day! To all those that watch and just happen to pass by, continue to enjoy my gallery but I will not be around for a week. Vacation Time! I am going to New Hampshire CT with the crew, Ill be sure to take pics and have lots to write about in my journal to catch you all up with. Until we meet again, Keep smiling folks!

Posted by AdventVoice - 1 month ago


The barbershop is a very important place for a man like me.

One who cares about making an impression upon the people he interacts with that will last longer than the average television special. I have come to believe that a person has five minutes to earn the attention of a room before they have become so bored with you they've already decided by the end of the week, how many times they can avoid cooking a meal by eatting out.

It takes a good barber an hour an a half to have a person ready to meet the world and their public for his daily life of "Five minute," snap shots of impressions. On twitter, with my monolouges and eclectic converstaion, which has not motivated any "real," constructive value, I am able to gainfully pull in 1000+ "impressions," in a day. " I would like to give credit to the art mainly; because no one on twitter knows of the man and how much he spends on his hair-cut."

All they know is his art and his words. Keeping this in mind, I am sure it is nice for many to know his haircut is as smooth as the words that are used to grab your attention for five minutes.

Very little can take me away from the need of the places that help men like me maintaine the character of "Man," we've created. I did change a particular tradition to the story of one of the mainstays to manhood. "I allowed a woman from a hair salon to cut my hair, spent the best 20.00 I ever thought I'd spend in  a longtime."

 Keeping with most traditions the "Master Hair stylist," and I began to build the "relationship," she asked me how I wanted my cut, "Even fade, sharp line." With a new barber, always start off easy.

 I told her, I want to feel clean again. She laughs and allows me to sit.

The allure of the hair-salon and barbership is the idea that anyone can go there and recieve advice and direction, just open up and talk about what is important to you, while they lose half the "character," which set upon the world a bad "impression."

 I asked my new barber about Bitcoin. She has as much hope in it as I.

After some thought, I imagined these same conversations were had during the Gold Rush years when the West was being developed and everyone asked their barber or hair stylists if they thought all of the digging in the quarries was worth leaving the security of the Common Wealth for what oneside of the population calld a "Fools Venture," or "Fool's Gold."

 I told her breifly how I acquired the indention found at the top of my scalp and appologized for the dry scalp. She did not care about the dry scalp, she had ointment for that, she wanted to know about the scar. I told her about the, Man with a wild jealous streak and known for going to pop his trunk not to retrieve a rifle but a hammer. The man carried "Premeditated thoughts," of murder in his left pocket and had the ability to weasel out of any court case, with the asinine defense delivered to the judge in the form of, "Your Honor, I only had a hammer. A hammer has never been known to kill anyone."

 I was not bleeding enough for the judge to file anything more than a misdemnor assualt charge; I was thankful to have gotten a few good licks in to save my pride.

"Why were you fighting," my hair stylist asks.

"Over a woamn," I tell her, "One I has not intentions with besides hello and good by mind you, but like I said, the man with a hammer felt he had cause becauise I danced to long with, "His woamn."

 The hair stylist asked if I learned my lesson and stay away from clubs or pubs and loose women.

I had to tell her, None of what happened above, was the reason for the attack of my skull. If men could keep their personal feelings away from the dance floor in a place where no woman carries a sign on her back suggesting she is untouchable or "owned," by anyone carrying a hammer, in the trunk of his car. Then again I've not been back to such a place since then and don't miss the drama.

After busting a gut she tells me how she has a thing for gambling and it is a problem for her. She can't stand to lose and does not know when to stop. I wanted to help her so I told her to stick with cards and stop playing bingo. Cards are all about reading the bluff and only playing sure hands and avodiing the hammer when you win.

Posted by AdventVoice - July 13th, 2018




This project was devised because it seemed for a long time as I turned on the radio I could not avoid hearing songs of love that depicted a very short beginning of development only to end as quickly as it began.

  There was very little emphasis on a kind of forever love that a lot of people are seeking. At least I know that is something I always wanted.

 Flings are nice, one night-stands are an art all their own, booty calls have there place, but when I am in the mood for love, I don't want to have to think about where my lover is going to be with the night ends and the day begins. I was never the jealous type anyway. Always felt if I was not enough for my lover, there would be others. Never looked for it either and certainly would not sing a song that spoke of replacing them.




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nt005WD3rKA  <<<These three songs, when listened to in order as I have them listed tell a nice story, it is open-ended so anyone can add their own conclusion or just continue the theme. I like to think continuation of a motif and a push for more is where real lyrics come from.>>>

I remember jamming Tokyo Hotel when I was growing up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HEvF8QLoYY and I can say they have had a good influence on my artistic developement. At least with love songs and Dream Machines.

 Loved me some T.A.T.U. "There not going to get us," and  Paramore: Decode, the guitar rifts would take me to places I could always only dream of. When I think of love I really  can forget about FlyLeaf "All Around Me."

 I wanted to develope a song that could challange Regina Spektor's idea of "Fedelity," I might have failed but it was worth a try. Does anyone remember  Alanis Morissette - Ironic, man that song was hard to combat when trying to keep a girl-friend. Can you imagine having to beat the radio up when you come home because Natalie Imbruglia is blaring all over the house and she is stuffing her face with ice-cream after comparing you to all of her last relationships.

You have to pack all the bags while she cries, carry her to the car, drive far to the woods, pull out the hermonica and sings songs you've worked on for a year to show you remembered what it was like to finally fall in love and what the first kiss was like.