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I am an artists who always seeks to give you a piece of material that makes your heart beat like a speaker!


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I am hanging out with Hollywood Undead though.

It has been a very drastic transition for me, this move and trying to establish myself into my writing and creating; after the disaster in Texas.

I still refuse to give out my location or communicate with family because I don't want them tracked or attacked by people that mean me ill will.

Yet I have been able to make money and I am coming closer to being able to continue wowing the world with my art and ideas.

I even have new friends in the city that are more interested in helping the movement if it means we all get to make more money, live our dreams, remain satisfied and just have fun laughing at all the amusing things that pass by.

Can't take pictures though until I find a way to make the scenery not give me away.

I think If I did share images or photography, it would be of generic Google crops that really express a feeling opposed to where I live. Or what I am doing.

Art is my motivation and should be the same of the rest of the world.

They all will soon come to see the world as I do and want to be in it. Like working for Warner Bros. Or Disney theme parks for the rest of your life but without a need of a pension because there is more inclusion. You are not fending for yourself when you feed the whole!!

In life there are no mistakes only lessons.

I do appoligize for the short windedness I am just cramming in a lot of work at the moment.

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Anything and everything is allowable. If you have an idea, a story, a face, a moment. If you want it recorded, remembered, and flying acorss the universe back and forth and making memories as it travels, well it will cost you a little to keep the lithium batteries charged. 

  150.00 USD per request for projects that last longer than 72 hrs.

   50.00 USD per request for projects that are traditional and last longer than 72hrs. 

   25.00 USD per consultation fee for graphic productions that take a year to produce. 

PM for transfer information, or if you have any questions and would like to haggle over price(s). Mark downs avaliable for those that have the best sales pitch. 

These are my accomplishments in the past two years. 



More is to come!