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I went to my favorite little bar in town. Noon is when they open and they are closed on Monday, and when I can, I like to spend an hour there. That means two beers and lots of conversation with the bar-tress or if her husband is there, both. Both are artists and have worked for years as Freelance writers, scriptwriters, digital artists and magazines few would read. But it worked for them and they are industrious, hence being artists.

They craft and market from the bar/shop and I give them money in show of support.

After sharing my online work, the bar-tress asked if I had work that was less sex?

I do, but the prospect of producing less sex, just to be seen and appreciated as an artist is deflating. Especially since I have nearly 4 years invested in the community and anything outside of the community is just not marketable. Granted I am not making money now, but if I am going to be a broke artist, shouldn’t I do things that make me happy?

Small samples that I can compile into a book and sell as an anthology after I have one hundred pages completed.

The woman of ODD CO. (That is the name of the bar) is mature and pleasant though. She did not berate me or call me a pedophile or other names because I like to draw nude figures. We talked about weed. And out past experiences with getting high and how expensive CBD oil is. We discussed the fact that she likes the art, and I am too critical of my work and to know she approves besides public regulations on NSFW material, she merely thought the work pleasant and even joked, after I said ‘My latest article is kind of rough,’ “That’s What She Said.” (( https://avproductionsblog.wordpress.com/2020/01/02/i-ended-the-year-nut-tastically/ https://avproductionsblog.wordpress.com/2019/12/18/the-year-in-review/ ))

Came out of her mouth and I could not stop laughing.

That is what my work does. It brings out the perv in all who see it. Now what is wrong with that?

January 4, 2020 I decided to share some dick pictures with a woman by the name of Abby Grace: https://twitter.com/OnlyfansAbby of Bristol, England. A city in London that is clearly hiding sex fiends in plain sight. It is nice to talk with her. She has followed me on twitter for some time and rarely spoke with me. I followed her in return because she has such a nice ass. She is witty and has a dirty mouth. Which surprised me because I don’t have much dealings with Brits, to really know how open they are in matters of sex. I’ve asked her many questions about what turns her on, on twitter with little in the way of interaction but when I subscribed to her OnlyFans page, I found a woman desiring to know something about me and wanting to see my cock, wanting to know how big I am. Happy to oblige, I sent the images. Took two hours to find a place in my wooded sanctuary, secluded enough to take the pictures and can you believe, in the middle of my hard on, which was not nearly as hard as I like to be, a friend, if I can call him that, drove up while I was 15 minutes away from cumming. Sigh, there is never a safe place to masturbate anymore. My home gives me no peace. My 85 year old client never leave me alone long enough to finish my highly sexual or critically violent art so I never attempt to jack off in the house or bathroom. Besides I am sure women are tired of receiving dick pictures that are scrubbed with bad lighting, dark shadows, and back dropped by bathroom tiles. I took some of me in the car and since car-sex is a real fetish for me, I was happy to share that fantasy with Abby Grace. Finding a woman that is turned on by dick pics is rather rare you know. I’ve mentioned this before, my belief that the figure of a man is wanting in the ability to arouse women as a general rule. (( https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/adventvoice/dream-weaver-pin-up-bad-guy )) Could be the kind of women I find myself around, but handsome, looking nice, easy-to-look-at, cute, and comfortable are generally how women respond to me. Being called HOT!! I can’t remember when that ever happened.

Well sure I can, when I was 13. They were all Jersey Goth-Girls and they liked me because I was skinny, not cause I was uniquely attractive. Abby Grace, mind you, spoke kindly enough about me to aid in raising myself esteem enough to feel with pictures of my cock alone, I can arouse a woman, even if she is from Bristol, England.

Now an attractive face is a real mark for achieving the heart of a woman, I would like to believe. The size and posture of my cock, though secondary in generalized usage of seduction in time passed, did little to hold the attention of a woman, outside of being in use. It was always my face that pulled women into my orbit. Thinking back on my son’s mother, Nadia, Courtney Williams, Nina Valentine, Camel Parkson, Victoria Norris, Raven, Brandi, Stephanie Sweeney, Kerrie Durocellet, oh yeah that teachers assistant, with the fine ass, set up for me by Paige Eggerheart, a sexy friend of mine back in college. Brittany...there are a few more that as the years go by they fade. I really should add more to my list or one more that will love me endlessly and talk about it non-stop, to give me more juicy details to add to my monthly articles. There is one woman in particular whom I met some time back that struck my fancy-she does not acknowledge that I think of her and that fact that she is so deliciously memorable would make a nice ‘in’ into undressing her and sucking on her delicious nipples. “I remember the first time I saw you, and wanted to make you mine.”

My younger years were devoted to the honing of the art of seduction and having an attractive face aided in my cause. As I age I am made to ask, “ Was it ever so attractive or was it more the size of my cock that did the trick?”

Truth is, the number of women I was able to seduce or the quality I used to flirt with online and Facebook, did little to prove my prowess in the affairs of seduction. My memories assure me I am skilled in the process and like a beautiful portrait of a still-life, or a majestic landscape, maybe a turbulent sea or the dark hooded forests, the secrets of the pleasure found in the depths of a woman, come from the inner searching of what makes the image before you desirable or at least being willing to ask the question, “ Will you let me be the man that heightens and completes you?” Because of my excessive hornyness if has been suggested that I find a girlfriend. It has been more than ten years since I’ve had a woman outside of the random sexual encounters that occur in a public restroom but my real misgivings of settling down with one woman is the affect she will take upon my general appeal to other women. When one no longer has to hunt for their pray, and it is brought to you on a silver platter, a degenerative lazyness sets in and typically what ever skills I developed over the years to win the favor of most women will have been put out of vogue. Rendering me useless. In my boredom I’d have to redirect my libido to one woman who the moment she is angry will seek to destroy my esteem, crush my verve, and use demoralizing language to win a position above me in the moment.

Which if I kept tabs with numerous women; would clearly render her words useless by assuring me I am as attractive as I ever was to them, and they’d take on my cock in a hot second, if I was ever inclined to call upon them.

So in my desire to be faithful I would be constantly fighting back my natural inclination and would I ever be true to myself?

How can a NSFW Artist have one girl-friend or wife, when he goes to the bar for two beers at lunch time and sends dick pictures to England to a woman that barely notices him, would any other woman ever stand for a man such as I? Would she not demand too much of me, as the woman of ODD Co, asking me to end my sexual trite and focus on other forms of art? Would she not kill my dreams and replace them with visions of her alone and how would they compete with the scores of other memories?

The thing is...I won’t know unless I take the dive!  


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Anything and everything is allowable. If you have an idea, a story, a face, a moment. If you want it recorded, remembered, and flying acorss the universe back and forth and making memories as it travels, well it will cost you a little to keep the lithium batteries charged. 

  150.00 USD per request for projects that last longer than 72 hrs.

   50.00 USD per request for projects that are traditional and last longer than 72hrs. 

   25.00 USD per consultation fee for graphic productions that take a year to produce. 

PM for transfer information, or if you have any questions and would like to haggle over price(s). Mark downs avaliable for those that have the best sales pitch. 

These are my accomplishments in the past two years. 



More is to come!