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This is really off topic and has nothing to do with what we were talking about previously, but I thought I should share this...well I really want to share it cause it is so cool.

So a lot of people have been bashing social media. Mainly conservative right wing voices that feel they are being characterized as evil people by their opponents and there is a lot of talk about how Twitter, and Facebook and Tumblr are unfair. Or the Main Stream Media sucks. I say a lot of talk, but really it is coming from the Conservatives and at this point in my life I am really tired of hearing about it. I mean I have grown up in an age where I can not envision a world without the access and response time the internet provides.

I have a prime example of the awesomeness of twitter, and social media as a whole. For a little background information. I went on vacation and in the midst of my time down at the beach, my party and most of SC coastline was asked to leave. So we did. No point in arguing with government mandates. We don't control the weather and the party was over before it began.

Anyway. The staff of the Crown Reef left. They left signs and some phone calls but there was no way for us to receive a refund or complain about it until today and there were a lot of people there, all of the rooms where full none the less. So we are all thinking how fast can we be repaid and how long will it take, and the staff did not even stay to receive their keys. They all wanted away from a storm that never showed up.

Well I get home after traveling and post this: https://twitter.com/Scope2Mars/status/1169966659504955392?s=20 and https://twitter.com/Scope2Mars/status/1169966662956830725?s=20

I really did not expect to hear from anyone and I was so happy when I did. I was doing the Jason Dance: https://media.tenor.com/images/22006db8f402a7415aa40b41c4b3a88e/tenor.gif when Crown Reef messaged me back and took my concern seriously. Considering no one was answering the phones for a week, and I had not heard from anyone and they could have easily said F-YOU, all worked out well, and I have Twitter to thank for that.

Twitter and the internet. https://twitter.com/CrownReefResort/status/1170004206335533056?s=20

I have shared all of this to suggest, that if anyone tells you, "No one cares about what you think."

That they don't listen to little people with no money. That it takes someone with a celebrity caliber of appeal to receive fairness and what is there's in the world, clearly has not exercised every avenue known to man through the power of words. Dig a little deeper my friends and you will find there is a group out there that is paying attention and waiting to respond to you and give you money for your ideas. Even if they are small ideas, or just refunding you for the time you should have spent with them, enjoying the last of your summer.

Keep smiling folks.

Now back to your regularly broadcasting program. This service announcement is over. I promise.


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