Twitter please

2017-11-21 08:48:23 by AdventVoice

I have some of the strangest people following my associates on twitter. I really can not explain what it means or why the entities that are following me are following. There are two followers and one is a Soccer promoter the other is a Promoter of beautiful women. I really can't say I have spoken of any thing in that nature and certainly can not be taken out of context to those degrees. I look at them and I wonder, what does soccer and beautiful women have to do with Art?

Can I make somthing out of this? Is that supposed to be my newest direction for an art campaigne, Finding relevence in the lives of beautiful soccer playing women? Or am I asked to find the beauty in soccer? Hard line says the monkey as he scratches his head trying to figure it all out.

On linkedin I have people following me from Airline departments, I wonder to myself what would Korean Airlines want with my art? If I go plane watching and see my art on someones rudder I am going to have ask for my cut!


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