Have you made any impressions on anyone today?

2017-11-22 17:39:52 by AdventVoice

Sometimes I place a piece on twitter just to see what people think.

The moment I put my art on the web it is like an explosion of people crowd through the room. 95 people potentially could be viewing my work all at one time. That is amazing to me considering I am a one man show. LOL

A lot of people are mad because they have not figured out how to turn those impressions into real collotaeral. They don't know that you have to take what you have developed on paper, out into the world....Could I handle 95 people at a time is the real question?

I like to dream that I can. I have the perfect venue, but to russle all of those impressions into one place at one time would take a major bull horn.

I am just glad that in one tweet so many people get interested.

I wrote an article that as soon as I posted it received 14 viewers, The invisible world. was the name of the article, I was trying to highlight the achievements of the Occupy Movement and how much I miss that group.

I remember when we would play music in the street and our art would be seen, heard, appreciated and it was always more than 95 people at a time. you know, I never saw one celebrity along my trip, I never cared to see one either, I never thought there money was any better than what I earned, I never thought they could do more or less for me. I had always thought that if I did meet one, who was impressed with my work, maybe I would sell them a piece of work for $50 and tell them it was going to a good cause.



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