New Art Coming SOON!

2017-12-07 10:28:40 by AdventVoice

Ain't no rest for wicked:

Will be the new theme for up coming piece.

Digging deep in the canvas of my mind and I am going to show you all what I can do!

So far what you've seen has been bogey for bogey, Under par,  nice attempts, fun experiance. Nothing professionally graded but I feel it from deep inside, something special to arise. No I will not be denied.

If I was a betting man, and I am, I would say what is creeping in my mind

Will change my life for the better.

Keeping my eyes on the prize!


The crowd looks at my pocker hand on the table.

I am sitting on tripple kings.

What could be better.

Go all in, is the cheering from the stands, but there is a check in my gut.


I know of something so much better.

Head bowed low, meditating in the solice of my red room, lights are casting shades and shadows.

Depths are wishpering inspiration from a place I've only been once. A mirror sits in the corner. The image asks me what do I see.

Mr. Muse I see a world that has been untouched, pure and free.

Are you willing to give it to me?


Aint no rest for wicked:


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