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Dedications are in order

Posted by AdventVoice - January 13th, 2018

We really can do nothing in this life, worth while, without the input of others. After a project is developed and polished, after a song is created, after a book is written, it behooves the creator to take time to tell those that helped them, THANKS!

Most of the people that I interact with, I really wish I had there mailing addresses so I could send them post cards or christmas gifts for there kinds words. That is half the problem with the internet, people are so subject to believe that everyone on it is set out to swindle, abuse, harm, disturbe them in some way and well I guess it is because I am a Millennial> I have never felt put down by those I interact with on the internet. Instead I like to take everything that is around me and use it to express vibrance in some way. I don't know the woman's name from Slovakia but it is not important. What is important is that she knows, she has helped to create something wonderful.

One day I will have to ask her why she likes men in capes?

Why the color sky blue?

Why a white scarf?

She really did have fun telling me what to do and I can only hope it brought a smile to her face.

The next best thing about creating a character no one has heard of...You can recreate it over and over until it really speaks to you.

I am a very critical artist and in order to get over myself, Good, Bad, Ugly...I feel the art must be seen and I will not hold onto a piece I've created. That only sets to put holes in the paper.

I really need to make sure this is clear because she was very dissapiointed by the remark: Croatia is not Slovenian. I was disappointed that I could not put her Tatras in this is piece, but as I have been developing illustrations I have found less is more and this is a foundation that I dread leaving. I find it a shame that our attentions spans can not handle more than an 8x11 showcase. Suppose I had bigger paper then the mountains could have been seen and all the green that Slovikia has to offer....I have come to terms with this and hope my audience does as well.

I can never say thank you enough @HornyTogether for all that you have inspired in me.

This really is a piece of art that a believer in hunting can appreciate.

Comments (1)

Man in a cape as a superhero is still better than a man with underwear over pants. Sky blue to me is the color that represents no limits. White scarf goes with sky blue cape.

There were no disappointments. Just simple remark. People always confuse Slovakia with Slovenia. And Slovenia is a neighbor with Croatia (both countries from former Yugoslavia). Slovakia is a young country from former Czechoslovakia.

And you are welcome. I really like the picture ♥♥