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Jubilation: My dream of Heaven

Posted by AdventVoice - February 19th, 2018

  This is a letter to all performers; and artists of any race, creed, color, and back ground. 

  I am writing to you today a letter that will be accompanied with many letters because I endeavor to accomplish an event that will take the hands, energies, talents of everyone I know. Those I know and desire to know better. I want to host a show that will not only entertain; leaving us with a good moment; only to have us returning home looking for another source of entertainment. I desire not to take anything from those that will sing the songs and participate in the production. I desire only enough to pay the bills for the venue; the commission is based on the crowd and I desire to find enough to make us remembered, desired and needed.

  Everyone I know is waiting to go to heaven to feel achievement; not having seen or understood that heaven can be NOW!!! Right HERE!! Among us; for each and everyone of us, I live in the bible belt; this does not mean I live a boring, religious, abstinent life; it means everyday I dream of heaven and how to make it real for people like you.

  I desire one show. If we can pull a crowd with one show, with enough take home to erase the bruises of the pain associated with the Great Recession, maybe we can stave off the bitterness associated with the Great Depression, that will soon to be coming over the country. Those already associated with me are hero’s from other countries, who have picked up on the vision and support me with a burning whip imploring me to finish building their dreams no matter the cost to my mind, body, and spirit.

  I have written a song that I desire to perform the beginning of the project as an introduction to the motif of the production. Meaning as an example to the rest of you as to how you can build upon the message and renewal and an understanding that each and everyone of us are allowed to express how wonderful it feels to still be alive. To still believe in our dreams.

I listen to the radio and all I hear are millions upset about people or circumstance. I am upset because the church thinks platitudes are enough. They will rewrite Dorthies lyrics and dream upon rainbows way up high; the very same rainbow she flew over years ago.

  Many of you are still carrying Andy Warhol’s methods of entertainment and he was assassinated because one young woman was promised the moon but received shillings; while living in America; when her talents made Andy what he was.   I say all of that to say this; After this one show dedicated to the Performers of Heaven; Artists of Heaven; Models of Heaven; Dedicated believers who don’t mind the camera and being heard on every major radio station from here to Japan: That is what I am hunting for~ To take the bible belt of North Carolina and South Carolina up and down 1-95 in a year and send that sound from America to Europe to Asia to the Islands and back again three times with video and audio of some of the most talented performers I know. I want to go to the Ritz not just with Gospel but with sonic sounds that shows holiness is an energy that can heal the wounds of the past for those with worse stories of tribulation that I.

 Jubilation is the aim: I might even call the show that; if it takes a decade to pull it off~Then we could be in another jubilee and the title would speak for itself. My time table is a lot sooner than that. I don’t have a decade and neither do you. This is not a yearly block party, I am proposing, this is a directive to change the times I am made  to swallow as I travel the country; not just for myself but for everyone. If I have to I’ll take what is grossed and not only keep land rights intact  but we could start our own radio feed: set up an entertainment corporation to rival the very sounds Quincy Jones has come to denounce. Singing to God is easy; making others sing with you is the hard part.

  I have written blogs upon blogs for the reasoning behind such a venture here in America, only to unveil this proposal now because of all the hands I’ve organized into the same accord. Right now they are incorporeal; they exist through the computer and funding is the only obstacle that keeps us all separated; but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all be in one place; perform to our best abilities and take the world by storm before we leave this world for higher planes??

To those that have read my books and blogs, songs and viewed my art; I know I am not the only one who has had a need of emotional release. I am offering such and a way that we can shape the world around us.

 Come join me for one show stopper. When we pull this off more will follow and we could be the first Americans to retire from giving the world not Morales or judgements; or death to enter heaven but simple faith.

 Remember; Faith is the substance of things Hoped for; the Evidence of things Not Seen:

The very definition of faith can only be illustrated through the stage.

I showed you my few views of heaven in Open Heaven and the Banks of Heaven; share with me yours.

Prose, Poems, Art, if it can be scanned and transfered and is an idea of heaven share it: we would love to see.