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I've asked about the History of Violence.

Posted by AdventVoice - April 20th, 2018



Pulitzer Prize
2018 Pulitzer Prize
Awarded for Excellence in newspaper journalism, literary achievements, musical composition
Country United States
Presented by Columbia University
First awarded 1917
Website pulitzer.org

The Pulitzer Prize /ˈpʊlɪtsər/[1] is an award for achievements in newspaper, magazine and online journalism, literature, and musical composition in the United States

They gave the Pulitzer Prize to a rapper, why? Because his writings have more influence then everything the prize entailed, for a group willing to buy into what he was selling. He was denoted an economist, yet his words did not encourage Free World Politics. Repeating phrases sounds too much like a mantra, so to free my mind, I allow my art to remain in Free verse. Violence is repressed but encouraged by the music, ripped out of their chests. Heathens preserving the spirit of strife.

I was asked about the History of Violence, why cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers, Thugs and Pulpits, Blood and Worship are interconnected in the daily discussion. Ask the rapper what he thinks about violence, he'd say, "Whatever wins me the prize of the moment of silence." 

While the world shmoozes at the feet of Darwin believing it all sprang from a planet that aped in: choosing to ignore righteous indignation, while the bullets fly and swords clang, only after watching the red wine staine can they feel the pangs. Mouths of barbarians on every station, drumming anthems of an aged old language. In the name of peace they ask men to surrender their arms, begin to wave plams, no need to be alarmed.

Haven't I heard this before? Are we still singing the same songs?

We are about to give birth to a new demoractic method; Arm wrestiling under Greek processions. Asking why men are made to pull swords, encouraged to make tanks for war, preserving doctirines built upon folk lore? Are we just bored?

I did not begin to speak to bring peace, but to bring a sword.

My family always believed I was too ready for violence to solve my problems, ever since I was 8, when I memorized the Japanese text of the Art of War. (Enemy of my Enemy is my friend,; living a life feudalistically, believing the strong survive and the weak bend.) That's why the military would not take me, refusing to give charge to a loose cannon. Now I work in the garden contemplating the History of Violence; Where is the line between the games we play and tactics that inspire them. Music we sing and the lives that buy them.The money spent and where it went.