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She Collects Art and My Heart.

Posted by AdventVoice - April 22nd, 2018

I can not really travel as much as I like anymore. Those days are over but even as I sit here the advancements achievied from the computer have made it, to where I don't have to go anywhere, the art is brought to me and I am so pleased with what people are choosing to do with there talents. What people are willing to talk to me about, share and debate over, in terms of art.

There is an Art Collector that has materialized upon my radar that has found a way to steal my heart with the works she presents and finds a way to sell them for 320K.

I am the artist that was only able to branch the 60,000.00 mark as a kid and now as a grown man find myself entertaining collectors and visonaries who desire to showcase works you would only find in the highest of places or someone's shrine.

(I am humbled to say the least)

I have traveled far and wide and when I find myself allowed to speak to someone like Abby Gege‏ @AbbyGege_China who is apparently in Norway with a room filled with people viewing and bidding on art like

Chinese coloured ink brush painting. Good book is a good lover by He Jiaying Sold for £320k at auction in Dec, 2017. Abby Gege - make Chinese art collection simple and affordable. #art, #painting, #culture



I am floored! Feeling I have to share it and ask my fans and friends what they think.

Half the time I care very little for what people consider art or good art. I think what really gravitates me to the work and the people of this culture is the idea that they want to speak to me on a level we all can appreciate. As I have said before Art, prose, wrtitings, books, all if it has a universal language and true connoisseur's of this world will come to you and ask where you grade there material. Most of the time they don't ask you anything, they allow the art to speak for itself. As I look at this piece I am made to marvel and ask, "Who bought it?" "Where is the original artist? Where did they come from?" There is a story behind the artist and a lot of the time I want to know it.

 I would love to sit and have a cup of coffee with Abby Gege‏ @AbbyGege_China in Norway and viewing the world from her mountain top, (If she is on a mountain, in my mind she is sitting on a cloud teaching the world of the wonders presented in the medium I have grown to love.)  Something I long to do most desperatly. I am an anthologist in my own right but nothing near as wonderful as what the creators in China are dreaming of. I am ok with that as well you know. It is there culture. Their story.

 The true challenge is to present the American culture with the same verve.

She tells me that she has pieces the capture China in a lot of ways as it is today,

(That is still how it is today. To save cost, I think the fishermen only have the basic equipment. Normally I tell the full story on Linkedin. In case you are interested.)

I am so very interested and might take her up on her offer and send her money and support ss mcuh as possible, not that she asked or even needs it. I suppose my heart is into this venture because as a child I would read as many works from the orienant I could get my hands on and besides buying the product I was never sure if I was really helping to aid the project. Now that I am a bit wiser, I am sure the conversation will become more perosnal in the future and well, I won't have to worry about third party vendors cheating people out of their fair share.

To be a starving artist is not nice. I have not completed my anthology indevours and I am not sure if I ever will. Time has a way of catching up to us, but to be known as a person that aided others in their dreams of being seen is a concession worth buying into.

Now to fly her out to America and work on artistic studies and develop art with her would just be wonderful...to save the money and study under her in Norway or China would be even better. As I write this I wonder if she would take me up on my offer?

To travel like that and catalouge my traveles with an artistic pen would be a feat worth publishing.

At least to me.


This is a side note that has nothing to do with what I previously was discussing. The only relevance is the fact that they are on my list of artists I want to meet: Clamp (クランプ, Kuranpu) is an all-female Japanese manga artist group that formed in the mid-1980s. It consists of leader Nanase Ohkawa (大川 七瀬, Ōkawa Nanase), and three artists whose roles shift for each series: Mokona (もこな, Mokona), Tsubaki Nekoi (猫井 椿, Nekoi Tsubaki), and Satsuki Igarashi (いがらし 寒月, Igarashi Satsuki). Almost 100 million Clamp tankōbon copies have been sold worldwide as of October 2007. They created a master piece Tokyo Babylon and I have always wanted to ask them particular questions about the motivations behind the work. I have not found any write ups about it and I really want to hear it from the horses mouth anyway. So while I am thinking of hanging out in that area, I would have to pay them a visit, if they would have me.


The joys presented in Art.