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Bellows of Bellinger

Posted by AdventVoice - May 16th, 2018

I wanted to take a minute and ask those that read my posts and blogs and view my art work, What do you know about a man by the name of Lee Bellinger: Auther of Independant Living and a believer is the dangers of Sharia Law and probably would not mind my opions on the 2nd Amendment: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/adventvoice/controversial-gifts.

He believers the Survival of West will depend on Eastern Europe: Investors and travlers alike can find great value propositions in the "New West," and he considers the fastest growing countries in Europe to be Poland, Hungrary, and Baltic countries. He thinks London is on it's way of getting rid of free speech all together and any talks about Hitler can cause a person to be imprisoned. He sites a  Scotish comodian by the name of "Count Dankula," who was convicted of a hate crime for teaching his dog to do a Hitler salute on video.

(He has never me @TheShadling). <<I have not either but I want to>>I feel like If I mention her enough times she will pop up on my radar and demand my worship...which I would gladly do without question.

He also made a wonderfully insightful point in his dialouges. Can you imagine that if you speak to a 25 year old today, they were 10 when NYC was hit. That means what ever they know about Jimmy Carter, Regan, or the Cold War comes from history books that are filled with propaganda based upon who's side of the political spectrum a person is on. If you wanted to believe your own government staged a devestating attack against there own people. There was a book for you. If you wanted to believe that we needed to go to war over it, there was a history book for you too. History proved to be relative.

   Anyone that was for elimating the draft back then was a problem child from most common sense thinking people. End the draft while in the middle of a confrontation was the worst idea ever and will forever be a bad idea. Lieing to the people about ending a war, while in the middle of one in which you destroyed everything and have not plan of fixing what you messed up, was a bad idea.

The old man Bellinger also gives advice as to which Bitcoin to avoid investing in; in hopes of finding the right one.

(I find it ironic that he named nearly all of them, then says order his book to find out where to invest....is that code for stay away from Bitcoin?)

!!Headline of the year: Profit from Bitcoin Without Owning Any!!

Right after tempting you with bitcoing magic dust, he starts talking about Social Credit Scores...The Chinese government envisions a system that will allow the trustworthy to roam everywhere under heaven while making it hard for the discredited to take a single step.


My bank teller laughed at me the other day because I suggested that I don't like the idea of our tech knowing so much about us, She asked me, "If I thought cell-phones were bad?" I told her the ones that are wired by police and used to incriminate people through an invasion of privacy, that is only proven after those investigating have all of your information.  After all of this data dropping old man Bellinger wants to know what is important to people, Privacy? Health? Leisure? Personal finacne investing? Disaster prepping? Threats? Retirement? Political threats? Geopolitical  threats? I personally think it makes for good science fiction, I just can not put a lot of stock in what he suggests because well a lot of it is speculation:

The one truth he does give is the Idea of Anibiotics v.s. Silver and he pulls for  Colloidal Silver Generators and because I personally use one and have been healthy a long time I agree that doctors now-a-days think everyone is sick and they need their help...They are soo important that if you don't go to them, you will die. Better not go to the hospital without health care insurance or something, those in charge of the hospitals will put you on a list of DOA so fast, you'll get whip lash and swear up and down that is not why you came to see him...

Anyway I was just wondering if anyone else has read his works?