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Sarah and The Narcissist: Sex Education

Posted by AdventVoice - 1 month ago

Wanting more than what the airport bathroom had to offer, Sarah decides to take her new toy home.

After a while of recapturing what was started in the bathroom it began to dawn on Sarah that as willing as the narcissist was to have sex with her public she was rather naïve to some of the more exotic methods of sex. When she asked her, “Can you give me a 69 that will send me to Pluto?” She only looked at her.

 Sarah was sure she was simply playing coy, surely everyone knows what a “69,” is and maybe she just did not have a real grasp of English, so she proposed to say it in Japanese. Still no sign of understanding.

 Sarah was very surprised and pleased to find that there was something she could teach her new friend before her trek to Poland.

Surely as adept as she was and willing to have sex in a public bathroom, she would have already been well indoctrinated in the ways of oral sex.

She has lips as sweet as black berries and a tongue to curl for. How dare she not know that she can use that pleasant mouth for more than declaring in her narcissistic manner, how needed she is in the studio in a few hours.

 Sarah laughs sweetly to herself, she can miss a weeks’ worth of work in Poland for this; The chance to teach the innocent of swallowing and snowballing only comes once in a life time, after that well the cherry is popped and her nose is wide open, she will love it so much, she will begin to expect it, every time they get together.

 There may be a work of art depicting “Cold War Lingerie,” by Henryk Fantazos, sitting and waiting for her to feast her eyes and give a written discourse of her thoughts on the showcase to the Dream Weaver, who sits in his loft tower, contemplating his next socialite pitch, but very little can turn her away from this moment of ecstasy.

To feel the back of her little black bird’s throat is enough to a make her whine and bite her lip. To hear the moans of her partner as she slurps and sucks on her pulsating clit, filled with heat and smut, is music to Sarah’s ears and have made her trip to Japan to view Ilyaev’s  https://www.deviantart.com/ilyaev  exposes worth the effort.