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Razzy & Bitterbloom: Sunset in the Deep Forest

Posted by AdventVoice - March 20th, 2019

I have a new artistic commission/request, that I kind of imposed myself upon. Tina-Raze https://tina-raze.newgrounds.com/ also known as Tina_Raze 🔞 @RazeTina on twitter is a 18+ nsfw artist with a touch of social anxiety trying to figure out how to do the online thing, and really is no need of my input at all. She teamed up with @panflutesexual (Better known as Bitterbloom) and they have devised an amazing furry segment of comics.

 My favorite line of jokes at the moment are: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/tina-raze/always-ready and https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/tina-raze/yes-yes-yes

 Tina_Raze says, “I made Bitterbloom for @panflutesexual He's a beastand I love drawing him.”

I agree with her sentiments. I felt it would be nice to aid a married couple in their sexual marital fantasies, this really takes ‘comic construction,’ and national publication to another level. At least for me. It is nice to think some of the art I’ve devised could arouse NSFW furry enthusiasts from around the country.

Tina_Raze is new to the field of illustration but she is holding her own well and she feels she is too slow at presenting work for her viewers. I have always felt I was too fast and it takes time to present tasteful presentations. The more time you spend on a project, the better it turns out.

https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/tina-raze/yes-yes-yes Clip Studio Art, has really worked out well for her and has inspired me to take the field a lot more seriously, in hopes of keeping artists like them coming back for more. I personally hope this group submit there works to viz.com/originals for the 2020 collaboration expo. It was always my dream when I was younger to entice VIZ Comics into accepting my American flavor to comics.

 I am hoping that these requests and commissions I have been engaging in and those that accept the work feel I gave my heart in return for a moment of their time. To continue with my current admiration of Razzy and Bitterbloom, I’d like to commend the love they illustrate.

To imagine furries of completely different species having each other so completely, brings to mind all I tried to achieve or failed to achieve with my past lovers and son’s mother. Makes me wonder what I’d illustrate myself as, if I was a furry and what kind of furry would take me into her “Deep Forest,” and love me so completely and animalistically. Passionately would be the word for human interaction and I imagine any deep passions between furies would be fur-tingling good.

Those close to me claim devoutly to ‘love,’ me and desire my good, but I know for a fact that if they were aware of my furry obsession, and NSFW art devotion, illustrative habits and ambition to not only grow my fan base but to assist in raging a movement that once and for all ends the prohibition of healthy Freudian sexual intercourse or demonization of the consumerization that aids in the sell of information and art relative to prospective buyers; encouraging the distribution of deviant behavior that retains a range of beauty seen by it’s beholder. Those close to me would deny me love as seen between Razzy and Bitterbloom. Instead, asking me to burn my art, feel shame for my thoughts and die quickly from a deficiency of fulfillment.

Recently I was asked, “What will you do if you lose the job you have now, that allows you the freedom to share your stories in hopes of gathering dreamers to your cause?”  

 I dred to dream of returning to the life of a starving bum, fiddling or playing harmonicas on roof tops for my daily bread. To have no wife or children, a home, an occupation to allow me to gain the dividends needed to continue to spill my soul from my Scope2Mars. There is nothing else.

Just as Razzy and Bitterbloom lose themselves in their moments of bliss, I lose myself in the peace generated in the distribution of my talent. A talent unappreciated by family friends, or my county. A county set to become a lot more popular soon with the present racial unrest behind a civil war statue that has stood proudly in the center of our interracial town for as long as anyone can remember. As the city rages over statues set to crumble, I rage over ambitions unrealized and dependent on me never being a ‘traveling kid,’ or pikey again. I spit at the thought. To be denied peace found in secured shelter, food, and companionship because of yokes that refuse to release me to be free, to forgive and bask in a love found in the sunsets of the deep forests of Razzy and Bitterbloom.

~ “Oh how vicariously I dream weave of a day when I too can love as they do.” ~