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Getting Paid Per Click

Posted by AdventVoice - April 19th, 2019

The past few days have been massive for me when I consider the level of interaction I’ve gained in the past three years online. There are a lot of talented artists out there. So talented that if I happened to vanish, no one would miss me. Their lives would continue and very few would skip a beat if they happened to realize my presence was not there.

Which is really a good thing. I enjoy my anonymity and doubt a lot of accolades and demands upon my time would appeal to me after a while.

Mind you, as talented as they are, I still find people surprised or virgins, in regard to an artist taking the time to immortalize them, peculiar. Thousands of artists and a good chunk of them can’t stand producing a portrait. Making room for little old me to illustrate those that appeal to me and use their image to aid in my discussion of what it takes to make the journey of an artist memorable.

I suppose a lot of my decisions about what I want to draw stem from this sense of failure in not creating and filling my personal journals with art that would have reflected my pilgrimage all over America during the 2008 global financial crisis, Great Recession/Depression, financial meltdown; whatever you want to call what happened from 2007 until 20---

(You know I can’t say the economy has gotten better for me. I mean it might be good for someone, somewhere, but I don’t have a steady job. I am not in college and won’t put myself in debt to go back. I am not the lawyer I had desired to be and through the defense not the prosecution of people was how I desired to build my first home.

The money I have spent on my hobby to support other artists has made me happy. I’d rather die as a charitable philanthropist, aiding my artistic brothers and sisters than give it away to deluded politicians, lying churches: The kind that refuse to acknowledge government dependency to be a sin.

I have not sold a single book, though I have the time to work on another, without the ability to travel to the cities and university towns or organize a community forum because I am a live-in care giver by trade, the book will continue to gather dust. Without the mobility to spread my message, there is no money to be made. Pretty sad actually. No the economy to me is the same as nearly fourteen years ago. I am surprised I have not lost my mind actually.)

What is the silver-lining to my present situation, that has been haunting me since 2006?

I am in a position to tell you about it.

I can dig in my pocket and use every dollar I earn with the time I have to do it and express my inner disgust with the notion that the leading publications like the Economist Magazine, boldly publishes a lie and charges nearly $20.00 for it.

(I pay it because I like to read, I can read the tabloids and laugh about Space Herpes, which I am going to draw a story on that soon, if no one else does.)

Anyway, if I went around lying to people about my life, or legal issues or how to become a millionaire in this botched economy, would people pay me twenty dollars per publication?

That’s one of those questions you ask to insinuate, “If you can’t beat them join them and hope to survive off the crumbs their financial theories provide.”

I told you all a while ago, Bitcoin would burst, and what happened, 0% rate of return for crypto-currencies has been reported.

I am in such a bind financially I am considering, it is just a thought, never said I would do it, but I am considering, if I ever marry, to find a woman willing to start her own Pornhub account, so we can both earn money based on our good looks.

Doing something like that would make me no better than a gigolo, but at least the bills could get paid per click.