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Art Is My Therapy!

Posted by AdventVoice - November 8th, 2019

I am sure I have discussed this many times in the past and have been sure to explain to my readers why art is so important.

"Armageddon," https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/adventvoice/armageddon was a way to illustrate what the world would feel like to me if there was no avenue to present some of the interesting things I keep locked away in my mind.

Now, I broach the subject because I am still unsure of how to verbalize to my family, how there will always be a market for the illustrator and creative writer, coupled together, there will always be a desire in my heart to sell and make comics.

I hear the ghost stories of censored regimes making footholds in other countries and I remain thankful I live in a country that allows me the freedom to write and draw what I want public. But how do I explain to my mother, who for fifteen years and counting has not had a steady stream of income and has always demanded that I find the funds to keep her fed, that things are tough right now for the artist? How do I explain that outside of art, comics, writing and the hope of procuring money to stay afloat at the next financial downturn, where there is no avenue of employment for a dreamer like myself?

I have yet to really explain my anger against federal regulations held against me, that prevents access to a normal 9-5 at a retail outlet mall, corporate setting, government work of any kind, a bank, a doctors office, minimal labor, entry level positions, the global market, period.

I do aim to do so.

For the sake of the thousands in the same position, who like me, would love to care for their families with something more than empty promises and excuses about not being able to manipulate enough hearts to buy into a crowd-funding scheme. (Interesting how the crowd-funding plan is little different from the pyramid schemes of the 70's-90's. Both occurred, after a financial screw-up.)

Illustrating/writing is the most honest form of work a man like myself can hope to have in the midst of so much National insecurities. It is my therapy.

You know my financial handicap has nothing to do with being an ex-con, black, or not knowing who my father was or is. Even if any of that occurred in my life, I would never have had allowed that to stop me from achieving the dream.

I've worked some of the worst jobs with a smile and all of my employers knew I'd been to other darker places before hiring me. There are many that have been to prison, have tattoos, are considered the scum of society and have access to work. My mother has no record and fled America to live in South America because of the GFC of 2008 hit so hard. There was nothing to go around. I can't work and for the next 30 years have no hope for an occupation of worth because of the black mark that has marred many a man and nearly captured a very affluent President.

I can't even discuss that moment in time with you all with any candidness, lest I lose the opportunity to produce more writings, more art and speak to you all in general.

So you can see, Art is my therapy.

Of course I wish I've not had a marred past. Then I could publish works without fear and produce lewd material with an endless ease of a man with nothing to lose. Then again, we all have something to lose or can erupt the ire of someone and fall pray to slander, liable, or falsehoods. I just happened to have the experience sooner than most.

Art is my therapy.