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Posted by AdventVoice - December 12th, 2019

 In my latest project Sayuri Tee, https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/adventvoice/sayuri-tee I mentioned a website called SuperChatLive.com and how I advise all of you to stay away from it. In no way am I advocating the site or desiring you to fall into the pit, I have found myself in for the past 3 months.

Back in October I found this site that allows those who use it to masturbate on live cam. The idea was wonderful. Pay a bunch of women with online tokens to do things sexually and watch you do things, or just talk. That is what me and Sayuri Tee would do. She loved to look at my ass and dick and I loved to watch her moan and cum.

Anyway, the site was cool, until the moderators began to do some strange things with my account. It began around November. Right when I published the article and art of Valeri Wow Boobs https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/adventvoice/valeri-wow-boobs . The Russian, who I met on the site, with the 80 H breasts. I tried to cancel my account and it worked and I felt since we were all paid up and I owed no more money I could walk away with my little 300.00 in the bank and call things even. Until I go to the bank and they tell me 1,053.00 was siphoned from my account and I owed the bank 1,000.00+ USD I don’t have. Did not have and still don’t have.

I can’t even apply for a loan from the various online vultures out there, just waiting for an idiot like myself to come along and ask to go into debt to pay some bills. It is amazing to me that no lender will touch me right now. My credit is not the best, sitting at a 645, but that is good enough for most people I hear about that use the loan companies like a charity vault. How is it, others can put up there homes, cars, apartments, and livestock for lease, and I come around with a salary of 6,000 a year and can’t get a loan.

It has been driving me crazy for the past month and a half and that is why I have been rather reclusive and quite lately. Not that I don’t want to talk to you all. I am sharing this with you now because I have always valued your input and love the wise-cracks you come up with at my expense.

I know it is the Holiday season and I should be focusing on putting out work that represents Santa, presents under the tree, or people walking around the city in the blizzard cold, looking for loan sharks to get them over the holiday hump, that comes with undue expenses.

I just can’t get over how I was cyber-hacked by a British company by the name of EPOCH, have to pay rates of UK, conversion rates and my bank associates sit around looking to me to pay this horrendous bill, taking no blame upon themselves for allowing payments to be overcharged on a DEBIT account beyond my spending limit, as if I was using a CREDIT card. I have not used a CREDIT CARD since I was 18. I know better.

Another reason why I am mad. I know better, than to allow companies like EPOCH to get the better of me and in trying to be clever and hide money away, I got hit regardless.

My site is not supposed to be about doom and gloom. I don’t write this to bore you or to scare you away from NSFW producers. I love sex workers and what they have to go through to produce material that will make you jack and fap. I just don’t like the people that take advantage of others in the name of a dollar, lie about transactions being fair and viable and continue to pound people in the sand for another grand after collecting nearly 3,000.00. Insane to spend that much in two months and nothing to show for it.

Well that is not true either. I have a whole collection of prints to develop in the coming month or so and I am happy about the new poses and images of naked women, like Sayuri Tee, and Valeri Wow Boobs, but not having the money to pay bills bites ass hard.

I would much rather spend my time reading the cynical rantings of https://sharpnova.newgrounds.com/ (Who likes to go around newgrounds.com trash talking about the talents of the numerous creators and has a way of depressing me about my own work.) Then paying endless bills to a site that produces F-grade amateur sexual content. I have to say that I loved the girls and that is why my Discord server is filled with selfies and shots of prospective images I will set to art. I have nothing against the women that use the site and the customers that pay out...it is management that has set me on fire!

I really don’t want to bore you with the details. I have written letters to the company and to my bank and all in all come January 3 my bank account should be square...I will have to fight hard to pay my taxes this year...and I have a traffic ticket that if I don’t pay soon might have my license flagged, revoked, or whatever other penalty comes from not paying a ticket on time. What I can do for your pleasure and my own sanity is share a little letter I scribed about EPOCH and SUPERCHATLIVE.com. You can call it a consumer review:

 It might be strange to some to find I keep a journal and tabs on everything I do in life. Especially those pertaining to where my money goes. I don’t like surprises or things I can’t account for. That is why I don’t use a credit card or buy anything on credit. Either debit or cash, or no business. It is how I like to buy art, or settle debts. Money orders are still in fashion for me.

 So you can understand my surprise and anger at the idea that when I went to the bank on November 27 2019 after canceling my subscription to “SuperChatLive.com” to find an outstanding statement of some 1000+ dollars that needed to be paid to the bank.

 What is an impossibility and unexplainable by their Billing Support department has become an uncomfortable reality for me. What was supposed to be a simple transaction of what I have into their accounts from my accounts upon the moment of exchanging CVC information has turned into a mystery of how an entity that supplies sex to it’s consumers and models can run away with 1,000.00 or more dollars without my bank citing fraud. I did not approve any transactions after cancellation and infact I left 305 tokens on my dashboard, an amount of 40.00 that I feel I am due, after this confusion.


When dealing with a sex franchise, it can be embarrassing for the subscriber, when in the midst of a transaction dispute, to admit that they might have been defrauded out of so much money, because of the product they were paying for. Because NSFW material is given such a bad wrap in society, because strip clubs are homes of degenerates, because the entire practice is akin to prostitution and the subscriber would have to admit he/she paid for sexual gratification, many do not raise a stink if the company dips into their accounts and takes more than the subscriber is willing to give.


I am a NSFW artist, and I tell the whole world all the time. I love women and the gratification that comes from paying them for a service and seeing that they are well fed. I have no qualms in raising a stink about being defrauded by an entity that not only took 40.00 and what was contracted for them to have, but had the ill advised gaul to overcharge my debit account and have me explain to my bank, why and where my money went, with no concern for my privacy or desire to uphold the anonymity, due to sex purchasers. I am writing this article as an awareness board for others that might have had this issue, or are unaware of the pitfalls that may arise when dealing with dealers of sex.


 It is not so much the sex, breasts, hips and presentation of women climaxing on camera that causes embarrassment, or the fact that most video’s are recorded and men can masturbate to a live partner in the safety of the platform. It is the idea that in order for this franchise to continue without scandal and the women can continue incurring an income from the numerous footage taken of their private parts, I would have to remain silent and fit more than 1,000.00 to a company that has already achieved 2,000.00+ from my person alone. There are over 2,000 users of the platform at any given time and to be honest the company is doing their client base the disservice, not me alone.


Will they give me my money back? Will they reimburse me for the embarrassment and the uncomfortable feeling associated with cyber-theft? Will they hold themselves accountable for confusing the banking institution and the subscriber who held an ill-advised trust in the arithmetic aptitude and allowed the transactions of digitized currency to transfer from their bank to their greedy coffers? All of this seems unlikely if the level of concern is not measured to the board of representatives whom concern themselves so diligently to the safety of the consumer and the ‘models,’ who interact with their online platform.


 It would suffice me heartily if this company never received another dime from patreons and passing consumers of the sex-trade. They make a mockery of the enterprise.


SINCE I AM SO PISSED OFF I WILL BE SURE TO GIVE THE ENTIRE STORY A FEATURE ON https://avproductionsblog.wordpress.com/ AFTER COMPLETING THE ASSOCIATED ART WORK!! You can all look forward to that. More titties and pretty faces.