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Sex Scares People??

Posted by AdventVoice - February 25th, 2020

Sex Scares People?? 2/25/2020

My mother called me today after reading a few of my online articles https://avproductionsblog.wordpress.com/ of course I can’t tell you what she read since she did not feel comfortable leaving comments on any of the pages. I do know over the years, we have not always seen eye to eye, so when she began the conversation with, “Don’t be upset with what I have to say,” all I could do was listen.

I was looking at your website,” she says, “and I found that the works have changed a lot since we have last conversed or I have taken the time read and look at your art work. I remember when you were a boy and wanted your art to make a difference in the world and I see that you have not lost that zeal, you have a nice following now and people read your work and like it, but I feel the art has become too provocative, deviant, demented, dark, and evil. There is a force surrounding your work that I don’t agree with and I feel you should cut it out.”

In my most gracious manner, I suggested that I understood her viewpoint and I hold her opinion in the highest of esteem, It was nice that she remembered how I used to illustrate as a boy and some of the childish stories I would tell in my youth. Of course I could not expect a mother to appreciate the thoughts of a man.

She went on to suggest.

If you ever had a desire to get a real job after this one and the time you have spent operating online, your new employers would get wind of what you have done in the past and try to use it against you. You could never get a job or provide for yourself, if you keep operating and producing this kind of work.”

How I dread the notion of truth behind such archaic ideas. Monolithic only in the presentation. I mean I have felt that the world was moving away from using social media tweets, tattoos, piercings, and your porn viewing history against you to bar you out of an employment. I honestly have no intention of working with any corporate setting that would seek to connect my hobbies with what I would do under their employment. Finding her advice a bit premature, considering I am working for myself and I alone determine the quality and range of sales I can achieve in such a vast market, all I could think to say was, “If it pleases you mother, I’ll tone down the language a bit.”

Of course by no means do I desire to do such a thing. Not upon the request of my mother. I do have a hunch that she might try to spoil my fun by telling those that would have a problem with the art and topics of discussion, my real name, my date of birth, my social security number and anything else that would be a horrible invasion of my privacy and pull the plug on the access of delivering any new material to you all.

Why would she do such a thing? Jealousy, Sex-envy, having read my ideas of love, women, people, the news, history, and life, and pieces of my own life just for flavor and concrete evidence of being aware of what is relevant to me, and never being able to reach an audience of confident consumers as yourselves, as I have. Is all I can imagine. There is really little to no cause for people to threaten the security and privacy of another when they dabble into the field I have been pursuing unless they are prohibitionists, against the sex-trade, determined to hold free-market enterprises in check by censoring content and language through threats of extorting millions from them, for the damage, or cancer, eroding their eye sockets, due to the content they are forced to view, read, internalize because anthologists like myself, soil the world with our filthy art.

My mother claimed that I have strayed away from the original purpose of my writings, blogs, and art. She believes I was supposed to bring something good to the world and to fight the forces of evil with words that uplift and encourage happiness. She has found in my art, only something to hate and the very thing she hates, gave life to me. What a conundrum to find yourself in. I can not probe her mind and find the root of this vile and destructive behavior, but it is not a sickness isolated to her. There are a lot of people online in their own pocketed groups hoping to squelch the NSFW artist, merely because they dared to draw a pretty face.

Yet in the visible surface of this conversation I have found that the original purpose of my writings has not been lost, I have not strayed but illustrating what some may fear. For these fears where directed upon us from my youth. There were things since my youth that would find a person corralled into a prison, locked into a dungeon, estranged from families and reduce a man to bankruptcy, and all of it is based on what is written or illustrated. Now if what I have written in times passed, and illustrated in the past four years would be held in contempt and discriminated against, then it fits well into the purpose of my writings. For I have only spoken against conventions that would see a man shot and killed for the thoughts he held. I have spoken against the idea of locking a woman away because she was a prostitute . Until I finish “Bad Guy,” https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/adventvoice/dw-nadia-cover-page-bad-guy


This thought will remain incomplete but the overall illustration should be understood. Sex is not to be feared. It should not have a criminal code and if the truth were known, then every person daring enough to have a child, would have to be considered a Sex-Offender and spend some time digging up turnips for an incarcerated population.

My work may tend to bend reality at times. I will draw a mythical dragon and a witch riding on top of it, but the control prohibitionists seek to curb sexual relations between men and women is much like that of a dragon rider. The flame and furry pouring from the mouths of those that see the figure of a man or woman dancing or involved is fanciful in nature and I always felt fantastic art was a good way to make mock at their ridicule. That of course goes over the heads of most and all they see is that I did not illustrate her camel toe.

To be denied the right by anyone to say, to dream , and to express the most beautiful feelings men and women can achieve on this earth, was my aim and remains so. Even if a few buildings explode in the process, or cars are tumbled over, that is just the climax of a good story, right?

This issue of fearing sex is not merely a heterosexual issue either. Homosexuals are just as marginalized socially as those that hold to more conservative ideals of sex. They are equally told they are not allowed to discuss why they like anal so much, or enjoy slurping on a clitoris. They are censored as much as any breeder and this control signal that is clogging the air waves and making it so people can’t talk publicly about what turns them on, what they think about life, and deep seeded desires, without the fear of judgment or imprisonment, is the very reason I have begun to write and if it has taken you this long to get message, I apologize for not making myself clear. Allow me to correct this lack of candor, by continuing to fill your lives with smut.

After all, I am the bad guy.