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French Connection's Development

Posted by AdventVoice - March 28th, 2020

The work of an artist is strenuous! 3/28/2020

I have really tried to curb my ability to complain. I know I face a lot of financial issues, we all do in light of Covid-19. My overall collection is about fading away from the dramas of adulthood and finding the laughter and sensuous pleasure in it all. You’d think such a concept would receive more fanfare. But as the old adage goes, ‘Misery Loves Company.’ I wish just once I could escape it.

I did not feel comfortable advertising, “French Connection’s,” until BMesias063 https://bmesias063.newgrounds.com/ let me know he thought my present work would be up to publicizing standards. It is hard to gauge at times when I am mainly doing works to please myself. The input from the Philippines is always needed. They have an art market that is so different from the American model so when I do present works in that direction, I want them to be as show stopping as: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/adventvoice/vanessa-mae which took a lot of the awards for “Best of Art,” for 2019 on newgrounds.com, which was so odd to me because it only received 1,5 stars out of 5 and 562 views. There was only so many people that paid attention to the connection between Edward Snowden and Vanessa Mae and myself. Means many don’t read all I have to say. Which I aim to change after I finish “Bad Guy,” and “French Connection’s.”

There is a lot I can say about these two stories. One should have come before the other, but I was not sure I could pull off “French Connection’s,” since it is such a personal story and most people don’t care to know what escapades an artist has been involved in, in his rather adventurous life. Not even with a name like Advent, can I really claim to have expanded the minds of my readers. Time will tell.

iu_105108_6384799.jpg The displaying image is the original sketch of the Cover Art set for “French Connection’s” which features Cheryl Bennet, one of the main and original characters of the mini-comic that as a French teacher, finds herself fantasizing about a student. Which was a very common occurrence of my childhood and I always thought would make a good graphic short story.

Now the organized communities have seen fit to designate such occurrences as “Sexual Harassment.” Now no matter the arguments that can be generated from the terminology, this is the precedent and that is how we have to move forward in regards to the function of the tale.

How common is sexual harassment in schools?

Hostile Hallways, released in June 1993, was based on a survey conducted by Louis Harris and Associates, Inc., in partnership with Scholastic, Inc., with funding from the American Association of University Women Foundation. The national probability sample of schools and students is generalizable to all public school students in the 8th through 11th grade at the 95 percent confidence level, with a margin of error of � .04 (AAUW, 1993, p. 5). This rigorous survey firmly established that there was a universal culture of sexual harassment with no significant racial differences flourishing in America�s secondary schools.

Nor is it designated to generally the young. That is why I have set this tale at a University level of entertainment opposed to the adolescent, not that I’d ever gear my work in that direction. Merely that it would be nice if a bunch of middle scholastic students read my work and enjoyed it. I like to think of myself as a universal writer.

in 79 public schools; classes and grades were also randomly selected within the schools. A random sample of schools was selected from the database of public schools at the National Center for Education Statistics with a proportionally drawn sample by grade and regional location. African-American and Hispanic students were over-sampled. The sample was 15% African American, including 120 African-American females and 138 African-American males, and 9% Hispanic, including 70 Hispanic females and 78 Hispanic males.

This information is not really to scale because the date is so wide ranged, from 1993-2020. Honestly I wanted to set the time frame for 1997. https://www.al.com/spotnews/2014/03/hot_for_teacher_more_cases_or.html


Types of Sexual Harassment Experienced:



sexual comments, jokes, gestures, or looks



Touched, grabbed, or pinched in a sexual way



Intentionally brushed up against in a sexual way



flashed or mooned



had sexual rumors spread about them



had clothing pulled at in a sexual manner



The Connecticut survey results were similar:

Types of Sexual Harassment Experienced:



sexual comments about parts of your body; what type of sex you�d be good at; your clothing; or your looks



Unwanted touching, pinching or grabbing



Suggestive sexual gestures or looks, such as howling, whistling, or suggestive lip licking



leaned over; cornered, or blocked from moving; or followed too closely in a sexual way



been told unwanted offensive sexual jokes



been the victim of sexual rumors spread about (you)



had your bra snapped



This is a federal chart mind you.

There is nothing extraordinary about the date of 1997, I just remembered in my youth, how many news stories were coming out about a teacher that had a thing for young boys and was going to prison behind it, only to get out to marry that same boy that fucked her brains out. It was simply amazing to think about that as a young man and imagine myself married to my general studies teacher. Never happened mind you, but it was always a good jizzer.

Could be what gravitated me to https://lewdua.newgrounds.com/ because so many of their original stories where about high-school romances. https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/715570

Makes for very fun reads.

I have prided myself in being able to appreciate a plot and not steal material from it: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/theshadling/hela-restrained <<Notice my comments in the comment section>> Holding onto this ideal, I hope you will all understand that I have no intention of making anything like Lewdua’s work, it is a very heterosexual story and ends wonderfully well.

I would not be able to share it if it did not. Lol.

Never could become that lawyer I set out to be to defend people from the regulatory charge of Sex Offender’s, so as a featured hobby I merely keep up with relevant stories. Desiring to write the stories as they were intended to be interpreted, giving a softer light to such a dramatic telling.

Browsing twitter not too long ago, I ran across a thread of people I don’t know but wanted to make it very clear, that they were not into relationships where one person is 10 or more years older than another. Leaving no room for Sugar Daddies and Mamma’s to feel loved and appreciated. Making 20 year olds pedophiles because their first girlfriend is 17. Making my birth and all the births a few years before the aftermath of continuous rebellious behavior from Baby Boomers. Isn’t that funny. The joys found in being a Generation Y’er. I have argued about the dates of generational categorization, not wanting to be seen as a Millennial, since I was born before 00’s and observant enough to define the differences between the sexual encounters of “Deep Throat,” verses the more modern POV visuals of today. Supposing, because I have yet to really express my contempt for the judicial system in regards to how it treats potential clients and fans of my stories and art work, not having been able to bring home to you all the importance of making sure you have all of the facts before seeking to charge a person with a Sex Crime, I like visiting this subject from time to time to keep the pressure up on the prudes who would seek to do away with the idea of “Patient/Client,” privileges, “Boss/Assistant” relationships, or “Teacher/Student” fetishes. As long as I am around I will try to keep this conversation going. When we were kids we never heard what happened to people who were sent to prison behind the imbalance of power expressed in relationships of a mature lover getting lost in a younger lover. For this story 23 and 19 is not that bad. The male eye-candy in this story is a freshman in college and in order to pass his class and continue his studies he is given a choice. According to today’s standards it was the wrong one, but back in 1997 it seemed no one cared. With impunity women and men were taking advantage of the lower aptitude students, or those nearest in need of a reformed education and promising them “A’s” based on there sexual performance. One particular experience that comes to mind was my own senior year in high school when my English professor gave me a D, and passed a well endowed female student who not only gave in the same level of work, but riddled the page with useless information merely to make it longer. I could have done that but instead answered the question, concisely and was called stupid for it. I asked the teacher, “what did the girl give you, that I clearly can’t to pass that exam?” He thought I was joking but never answered the question, not until I threatened to have him fired if he crossed me again. I was going to out his escapades with the female students if he did not pass my next paper. Needless to say, he did. That was 2005-2006 and now it is 2020 and across most news channels, you can’t help but to glean the number of female teachers compared to males, that find the 6 inch penis’s of young males to be as satisfying if not more so, than their older partners. Begging the question, “If they are marrying this prepubescent students when they turn of age, does the pussy of that female teacher, remain as delicious as she gets older, or does her young lover, find another?”

Always wondered how that part of the story played out.


For Cheryl Bennet, marriage was not on the table and for her male eye-candy, as the years pass on her memory is still as enthralling. Yet there story ends after the year of school is over and he is passed on to another grade level. Nonetheless, all of the dynamics make for a wonderful sexual exploration.