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French Connection's: Getting To Know The Characters

Posted by AdventVoice - April 4th, 2020


B.A. White was a blast to make and I really enjoyed how he turned out. I hope you did as well. For those that know me, meaning family and close friends, stories like these are not too far from normal social occurrences between real people, though they will try to deny it, most of us have dreamed of fucking our higher authorities or teachers.

For me it began in the 4th grade. Ms. B. Smith was her name. She provided me, general education in a Christian School for gifted youngsters. Beaulah Elementary was the name of the school. Where I first read, "Where the sidewalk ends," and had wet dreams about what Ms. B. Smith's mouth would feel like on my penis.

This fantasy later progressed as I aged and by the time I entered High School, I had a French teacher that had breasts that did not know how to end, and golden hair as soft and vibrant as honey wheat. This is whom I based Cheryl Bennet on.

Now, B.A. White is a fictional character and any resemblance to myself or other person's is entirely coincidental and in no regards suggests that I actually ever managed to fulfill this fantasy. Outside of my dreams mind you.

(( I say this as to not embarrass my mother, who has already read some of my stories and hates the fact that I share details she'd rather not know about. As if I don't know about all of the men she has had in her life time and those she dreams about.))

Anywho, I was displaying B.A. White in the shower and eating a hamburger as a foreshadow to how the story will progress. The teacher and this student filled with fantasies will have their first encounter as is considered traditional to American education systems and will display the loophole in social structures that insist a woman of 23 years of age could never find a Freshman in college of 20 years old attractive. That is if we hold to the belief that there is something evil is the disparaging of ages in character creations and aging up creations is a must in today's prude culture. Hours of conversation can be found on twitter about how disgusting it is for an older person to be found fucking on a regular basis a much younger person. It is nearly placed in the same category of rape in some group networks and the closet masturbation to such a theme by the very people that find time to ridicule those who practice this fetish is rather disturbing.

Prisons are filled with men and women who where in their 20's and saw the potential of something marvelous in the 16-18 year old that is before them and pedophilia is the title dubbed by higher minds to what could easily make for a wonderful love story. And I will be called worse names for making such a suggestion.

Well hold your hearts steady and continue breathing, for though Cheryl is 23 I have made B.A. White a 20 year old undergrad student who seeks to become a lawyer that can defend men and women from such vile accusations because of the choice of lover they chose. It would seem, we never really understand the drama behind such stories until we actually live them and a comic book artist and anthologist, digging into the minds of the people I create is half the fun. Illustrating and flowing the story to you, is the challenge.

Now this is not nearly as romantic as the nurses and doctors that battle Covid-19 everyday but there is something to be said in defending star-crossed lovers and their needs to climax, from the angry mob that would see that I never pick up a pen again.


Cheryl Bennet was a horrible teacher to be honest. She could not teach a lick of French and only took the job because as a teacher at the age of 23, no one took her seriously. They took one look at her boobs and blonde hair and dismissed her a country girl and not a woman, even though her curves proved otherwise. Teachers of her own age did not find her engagements at the Community Board Meetings constructive and only a distraction from more important matters, like organizing tests that are impossible to pass and weed out the incompetent minds from the more qualified students.

Naturally when a young man like B.A. White approaches her with a response to her closeted desires, she would take him up on his offer if it meant a few hours of non-stop cumming. All he wanted was to be able to pass his classes and move on in life.

"Then again, if I fail him, we can marry, for then he will need me forever." (( Yeah cause that is what normal teachers think about right.))

There was nothing wrong with this theory except for the fact that they both live in the south hills and valleys of Virginia and though times are progressive, black men still ride with their seats to the floor so no one sees them as their mistress of fair skin tones drives them around town.

Seeing how people respond to interracial relationships where B.A.White lives always disturbed him and in taking Cheryl to his bed, he could spit in the eyes of those that would deny a man or woman love.

Yes sir ree, in the styling of storytelling I have already begun, I desire to keep most elements true to life and merely illustrated from my point of view. It is quite a venture and as you read along and get to know how the characters think, dream, and move about in life, all the pieces that arise to fit the puzzle of the heart, should lead to enlightening new answers to the age old question, "Is Age Really Just A Number?"