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Its impossible to concentrate on work when your jobless, homeless, and hungry

Posted by AdventVoice - November 24th, 2020

I really did not know what to entitle this as. I just want to leave messages that allow new and old fans of my work to understand that i lost everything. Sketches, old panel sets, computer, and the overall security found in a home. Having a hard time adjusting to sleeping at tram and rail stops. I have journals completed for two more books id like publish soon, but with so many people seeking my confinement in some form, be it a mental hospital, prison, or merely made to remain in a city like Houston that refuses to open the market up for trade and commerce, any product i create outside of internet platforms will remain on the shelf. When your homeless you dont even havea shelf to store your products.

So, my new quest is to work like a dog to save for a car, studio, and new buisness cards.

Ill not want to make Houston a permenant residence but im still not sure where id want to live, North Carolina is no longer welcoming. I have that DWI i never did get resolved and i wont make it to my court date. FTAs cause people to go to prison, so ill be running from that for years or until i can bribe a judge to leave it be. If you my twitter posts you will see that ive dawned the covid mask full-time, and while i walk the empty streets with my long hair and beard most confuse me for ISIS, which means a lot of people want to shoot me here in Texas to prove to their country that they have the heart of the brave and dont fear arabs.

I try to tell em im not a terrorist im an artist. Things get lost in translation.. So i need to start practicing my second amendant right soon. Damn i hate Texas with a passion, whoes idea was this?

Oh yeah my insane mother who only asked me to come here so she could trap in a mental hospital in the hopes of recieving 800 a month from what i call a Crazy-Check but the locals call a CMCs. Very Andy Warholish of my mother.

Needless to say i haveno family, im on my own and all i have is a sketch pad, journals, pens and ambition.

And hell no im not going to Atlanta to work for AdultSwim.

Fuck i need commissions and a job pronto.

Love you guysand gals and thems.