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To my loving fans, friends, and Artistic family.

Posted by AdventVoice - March 7th, 2021

Ok, so now is really the perfect time to update you all on my progression as a Dreamer!

I know, I know, I've been gone for months and if I don't have a new house, car, dog and wife,I've been wasting my time. ( Well that's what the misers would say)

I'm good. I'm happy and I've had to retreat to the comfort of music in bars to pay bills. Meeting other talented musicians and teaming up to entertain an audience. Of course my first love is Visual and Graphic art, but the ability to express in song or prose my visions is just as potent.

I've tried to download audios but of course I've had issues with the level of technical support or strong enough devises. Smartphones are just not good enough to save such events. I suppose when I can save for a high powered camera like what they use for television programs, will I be able to really display my work.

I'm a hermonica player. As some of you may know. The ability to sing and jam at the same time and follow the lead of a base or acustic guitar is always magical.

It's hard to discuss with others just what it is I hear and how the sounds sooth or stop time but I know those around feel it too.

When I'm at this stage in life: which is a back track to the comfort of living on the sails of the wind and never sitting down long enough to eat: because I lived this life during the Great Ressecion of 2008-2014..might have been longer. College is a glorified time period of self discovery; I spend most of my time teaching the insecure that their talent is their gold, money, family, and provision when it seems a regular 9-5 would settle all issues. That's the real dream..believing chasing a dollar all day will keep you satisfied. Never works, trust me.

Though I want recognition and fame and millions, it might not be had till I'm dead and gone and a memory: but the real achievement is giving happiness to a weary generation, plauged by nightmares of man-made limitations.

There is more art to come and finishing of old stories but in the mean time I'm enjoying the music and dance and party life of the Roaring 2021s. Last year should have been the fever of ambition in the trade of Liberal Arts but it lagged due to sickness and death. Something I refuse to focus on.

I'm order to make ends meat in a town far from home and away from anyone that knows me or cares, I took jobs with sociopaths. The kind that smile in your face while pointing a gun to your temple and daring you to fight back with a smile. The favorite line being, " Here I'll help you out, give me so much money and you can have your property back." I moved frieght worth 300 dollars to pay off a debt that did not exist, to stave off the violence that would have satisfied all. Only to hear that what I made was their money and it depended on the few pennies I made after a set fee, to establish a debt of 230 dollars. It still boggles my mind. I hire myself out for 135 at a rate 25 dollars cheaper than the 150 promised, and after accepting half the payment, at an order to abort the job l, owe 230. This is the definition of Extortion.

Why don't I call the cops you say?

Why would I take so long to deliver 230 is a booming economy where you can steal 1000 dollars worth of merchandise and only spend a few months in jail for a crime of active repetitions?

Why deal with sharks in the first place?

From my older comics I'm sure you understand by now I don't trust police officers.

The system is decided that if I report my truck as stolen, the authories will find it, which is my hope, and I hope the thieves and extortionist have drugs on them at the time, but the police will impound my truck and charge me per day 100 so odd dollars to get it out.

When I was in college, I remember parking in a teacher reserved spot when I went to eat lunch in the cafeteria and she had me towed, even though her husband dropped her off and picked her up everyday from the University. It cost me 400 dollars I did not have at the time and I had to plead with my father to help me pay. That was back in 2007. Inflation has risen since then and I imagine the city of Dallas Texas will charge me 700 dollars to reclaim my vehicle even though it was clearly stolen by evil and dishonest and dirty people; whom I only sought to aid in order to aid myself during these trying, impoverished, and Covid- Times.

I'm tired of hearing how Covid-Sanctions have held up American progress.

It's a lame excuse and not worth airing on television anymore. I'm done with it. And even if I did catch it, died from it, no one would know.

I'm Ronin at the moment and in doing so I'm expendable.

It won't be until I retrieve my personal effects will have the world in my hand again.

That's really why my past employers hated me so. Saught to deny the idea that they paid me for a job, canceled it and figured hog tying me would solve their irrelevant issues.

It is a nice truck though.

I have a few more days to wait before I file the report. You know how the USPS runs and how unreliable it is. Once I have the proper legal defense and cover my ass for dealing with crooks who Hood-Winked me, I can manuver a frontal assault, regardless of being called a 'Snitch,' and reduce blood-shed.

Can you imagine. The Dream Weaver, the Advent Voice does not desire violence and only wants peace with his underworld. He does not desire to keep what he kills or live beyond bars, free to enjoy tea on a Sunday, contemplating how to dodge the bullets of the misguided.

That is normal right?

I can have a normal life outside of Witness Protection right?

I am a survivalist dealing with jackels whom like to yap and not bite.

God Bless America!