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Still in Dallas, Not Cause I Want to Be.

Posted by AdventVoice - 1 month ago

A few weeks ago my truck was stolen. Rendering me a victim to weather..and the evils of Dallas Texas we don't see when we are sleeping. Of course i reported the truck stolen. Of course the Dallas PD refuse to put their own necks on the line for a young black man, despite the recent out cries of BLM. No I don't know who stole my truck, and even if I did, my plate numbers should be enough to find it. The occurance of the theft is a real pulp fiction story, but I hate thinking about it. I hate that calling authories for help puts a target on your back for retaliation, from those who know the local authories are lazy and cowards. They have a live and let live streak a mile long and would arrest me for taking matters into my own hands.

Sometimes I feel like taking the story To the local papers, but people can't or don't read and so I doubt it would do any good. I don't have money to goad the assistant of mercaniers and since I am one myself, retrieval of the truck from spineless idiots like the ones that robbed me, just Does not equal up to a pay day.

What makes matters worse...the fuckers have been chasing me at night in my own truck. At least four or five vehicles circling and unarmed man for reasons unknown to him, while he finds a place to bed down at night and plan how to earn money, get his truck back, and sell art to...ugh...I hate Dallas Now and can't and won't leave without my truck.

It's nothing to get shot over and I feel I might one night be the headlining story of the Dallas paper anyway...Man extorted out of truck to the tune of a thousand dollars, found dead on South Side, after reporting to the DPD.