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2017-05-20 21:43:58 by AdventVoice

So I am always reading things. Sometimes I read into things.

This is going to be a face value post.

In my search of the days gone by, I ran across  Serial Experiaments of LANE: clearly with a title like that, it was a japanese production. The point of this post is to say, typically when good things vanish from the world it is because there was not enough clout, ratings, viewers, or people lots interest.. So there were thousands of japense shorts that captured the minds of Americans and the sold and failed and no one cared because well, Time is money.

Here is where my post comes in, Pioneer was the set off company for these programs. Off shore company making big American dollar. Now who in American can compete against off shore gaints of anime. Disney and they do and they buy everything. only they don't tell the American story, They tell the Japense stories and use off shore directors, sooo...why is Disney still known for Popye when they bought Cartton Network and the like who did what....sold out to off shore companies and never told the American story....Now all of our kids walk around with Pokemon when they should be celebrating Rambo/Marvel/TankGirl...ooops more off shore programming my bad.

I wonder who else gets my pont. I have not seen an American cartoon since, "Where in the World is Carmen!?!"

They used to say watching tv was bad, when we were kids. They said it was filled with demons. What they should have said is, "We don't know how to make money off of it" then I could have helped them....

Now to sell these stories.


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