Shock and Awe

2017-06-04 09:13:05 by AdventVoice

A man goes to give a presentation on his work. Pulls out 35 pieces of art. All of them different but it can be understood that he was the creator. He gave a discourse on each one. Which was his favorite, which took him an hour, where his mind was when he began and where his mind was when he finished.

Most art is created from the mind and the ones that are duplicated from visual support are mostly overlooked. The ones created from the mind are given 6 to 35 once overs and not a word is said.

The man goes on speaking hoping to get a rise out of someone, hoping they will be intregued by his frame of referance and still no one says a word.

At this point he is confused, short of doing anything profane he begins to wonder what is that willl hold the attention of the people? He is just shy of coming off as the little man behind the iron curtain. That thought begins to set in (Little man behind the iron curtain).

We must always keep away from such an image (remain humble) One day someone will come and have an opinion of the work you do. No need to shock and awe. Never is there a need for the shock and awe.


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