Making the mark!

2017-06-13 14:24:34 by AdventVoice

It really feels good, after completing a piece of art, posting it online or in a forum or in a showcase; present the motivations behind the work and only after 10 viewings, the stars fly and the crowds applaud.

The artist looks at his/her piece of work and has to ask themselves, am I really on to something. Am I really worth the stars or the accolades? Certainly not. The story maybe. "Holding the Line!" is an important piece, because it is the last one of its kind. I wont be doing art like that anymore. At least I will try not to. Sure it is my style and I am really wondering as to who inspired my style.

I am a world traveler. So it seems like anyone and everyone can take a piece of my art and relate to it. There is a verve in the piece that reminds me of Jazz, Blues, Rock and Roll, Rap, Country, Folk, Celtic, eh maybe not so much celtic. At least not in any symbology. Certainly there is an air of Frech history in it.

Yet I can see our present state of things in it. I can remember my time with the Occupy Movement through it. I can hear the cry of the 60's and 70's through it. At time my parents went through and they seem to be all right. I can see a lot of the past and I am happy to have shared it.

I would like my next peices to reflect our present and much of what tomarrow can bring. Always looking for tomarrow.


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