2017-06-14 15:12:44 by AdventVoice

Comic-Con is the show of the year all the time for artists like me. If not comic-con you could find me on the universties passing out cards to people just to come and look at my work. Sometimes I feel like doing it again, cause I really believed that was the only way to do it. Just have, "No Fear of Falling," and jump right in it. It worked for a single guy with no family or responabilities. I have a lawn mower I need to take time to rebuild because it has an oil leak.

Everyone says, "You did not go to school to learn no trade, so why are you under that car or lawn mower, or messing with the plumbing?"

Someone has to do it. So I read and I tinker till I get it right. No I never went to school for illustration and I say this with pride because well anything and everything we want to do, really takes "Determination," and as (Scar Face) said, "I know I come from the gutter, I know I come from nothing, but when I talk to the right people and build up my connections, I am going to the top."

Not sure if I should have quoted Scar Face. LOL. But I remember a radio station in NC hmm I believe it is the one that plays @ State University late at night, would play that conversation as an Intro every night. So everynight as I am dreaming I am hearing Scar Face remind the world what he wanted. I have not taken the time to see if they still jam after hours, but I am certain the DJ really felt he made it when everynight he could tell the world his story, Through that intro of course.

It is that struggle to the top that I remember my college experiance to be, my trips around the counrty and so on. It is that struggle that makes, "Black Amethyst," not only a good art piece. But a good read as well.

Man I love my job!


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2017-06-15 21:31:53

I feel really happy about you! I feel the same when people share knowledge with me or give me feedbacks about my music content. It's something out of this world, this connection gives a sensation that we are doing the right thing!


#Rockin'! \m/, ^-^ ,\m/

AdventVoice responds:

Hmm this was good to wake up to. What new projects do you have?


2017-06-16 08:36:15

My Youtube Channel! xD ->