Somthings got to give.

2017-06-16 20:44:39 by AdventVoice

So I am at an impasse. There are a lot of fundraising sites out there. Yet I have not found one that will last.

I had visited Patreon not too long ago and held off from using it because I was not certian the site would be there in the next few months. Low and behold today when I tried to access it and take some of my work and promote it there. The site was none-responsive. Kickstarter is supposed to be good as well. Only well after the flash and jazz of selling there funding projects they end up as useful as

Everyone tells me I need to work on my sickability. To hand out products for free until people get to know and trust me. I am a Capitalist at heart and find it hard to listen to those that say give your life work out for free. Then there are those that say, "Do the work for the Love of doing it!" I interpret that to mean, "Enjoy being broke."

There is this, "New-age Zen," doctrine associated with the online opportunites with the art district that I am not sure I am comfortable with it transfering into proceeds. There are so many people that tell me how, "happy they are," But when you ask them what there return rate is on there ideals and prodocuts they are selling, they say, "What?!"

As if they did not think about that when they advertised or set out into this market of ""

It is like when I go to the bank and they say, "I don't know why your pay-pal account is not registuring sir, it works for me." then you rebuttal, "Oh, yeah, how much have you been able to transfer from your pay-pal account to your checking?"

"Oh I don't have anything in my pay-pal, but I know the accounts are linked, cause Pay-pal told me so."

I am stunned into silence.

The New Americanna is the death of Common Sense.


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