2017-06-19 09:34:15 by AdventVoice

I have come to find that as an artist, the more and more I try, the harder it becomes to find things that inspire me.

I am not sure who to present my work to or what community should be involved in my work.

I suppose that is why everything comes off so clustered. Being a traveler can have something to do with that I suppose. Never really knowing who to speak with about what the art should be doing other than inspiring people to want more from themselves and those around them.

Only sometimes we become comfortable in what we like and things won't change for the sake of change. They will only last and remain the same. I suppose that is why we have classics like Mucha, Claude, and Marvel Universe.

I am not sure if that is supposed to be funny; It is an observation I have made. There was  an arab man recently, suppose 2011 is recent that came up with a comic called "THE 99" every hero from the Marvel Universe or the DC universe was rendered and corrected to speak on the Arab problem.

My question is, where is the Arab culture in the American Marvel Universe? Why was that considered a Forbes list of great ideas and why has no one said, "Hey stop desecrating a great artistic ideal with horrible plot lines. It made me ashamed of being an illustrater to know someone would take an old style of art and inks, put new faces on them and call it there own idea. Not cool.

Made me want so much more from my own art and inspiration and makes me feel horribly old to know it is time for a change and not know where to start.

Illustration may not be where i need to go cause the music is the same and cover albums, the vintage ones won't need my perspective when the giant "Superman S" can just be superimposed in a thousand different ways to tell the same story.

I need help finding my verve agian.


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