I find surprising.

2017-07-06 12:19:52 by AdventVoice

I was reviewing one of my posts. I had it in the art section. It was about comics, to comparrison in one story verses another. There were a few that did not like the post. I supposed it was because they did not view comics as art. they did not place the dedication needed for comic and creative draft to be in the same line of work as say, an Artist.

I am confused. When we look at animation, creative writing, technical drafts and spreading a digital desgin. Do we not see the creation of some of the greatest Anthologies. Do we not see the possibilites of giving a story life through graphic desgin as ART?

I guess not when somone comes up to me and says what does comics have to do with art? What does Anime have to do with art? what does Invader Zim have to do with art? Well considering it is bad art from most standards and will never see the likes of a museum I suppose it is not art, by any classical standards. Yet it generated and developed a collobarative mindset that few can say they achieved through going to an arts academy. It inspired Pokemon Go and how many of you can tell me you have not played it. It inspired https://www.amazon.com/Flight-One-Kazu-Kibuishi/dp/0345496361 which I really recommend illustrators and ARTIST's alike to read to help broaden there perspectives when it comes to the conversation of what is art. To learn what this man and his wife had to do to make a theme fly, how well it flew in just a few years and how it is influenceing your children and modern media weather we like it or not.


A lot of you would not consider this art as well huh? Maybe because you do not like the message, does not change the fact that it is art. That it is here, That it is considered the best we can produce in 2017,

Now if this is not art and I should not be upset that people have come to enjoy it...them please tell me what is ART and why have these story lines and illustrations so entranced us as readers and or creative thinkers?


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