Amaturish or Genius

2017-08-03 09:36:14 by AdventVoice

How should a person feel when they ask you to look at there work; be art, prose, written songs, the arts. They ask you to look at there work and for you to give them feedback. You the older artist or a little more inclined to give an opionin tell that person their work is Amaturish at best. Yet turn around and say, "Will you pay me to redo it?"

With a straight face mind you. Why would an artist want to do the work of another artist. Why would an artist steal the ideas of someone's art that Amaturish. How could you make, "better the ideas of something that has already been produced?" Oh wait that has been the argurment of Marvel and DC for years. That has been the argument of Image and Vintage Comics for years. That is how rivaleries are developed. One company tells the other I can do it better because you are Amaturish at best. Well I am not sure if any of them asked each other to pay eachother for ideas or sketches.

That is what happened to me the other day. An unknown artist came up to me and said, "Your stuff is Amaturish at best, will you pay me to re-do it?" All in one line. I had to tell him no. I am under the firm opinion that what one man does not appreciate, another will. What one man does not pay for, Another will. I can't wait for someone to come up with a story board of my work and say they had the idea first. If I don't get paid through my own merit. That is what the courts are for. Certainly not above getting paid by any means necassary. Especially when it comes to buying and selling ideals. I tell people all the time to come up with there own ideas. We are taught from a young age not to plaguris, yet that is all I see. Regurgitatingly Mimiced Ideas. Not a single person trying to buy into innovation and calling someones art Amaturish while at the same time wanting permission to resale and idea that they never thought of. Begs the question, "If my Art is so Amaturish where did you get the Inspiration to even look at it, let alone want to draw what I drew or want to speak on what I spoke on, as if to claim you can draw too?"

When I run across people like that, That take me back to highschool in there presentation I have to walk away because I am trying to elevate in life, not repeat faliures or walk down empty culdsacs looking for something out life. That is what that man, can't call him an artist, reminds me of, an aimless walker. A leach, one that calimed to be have been artist for a long time. I claim him to have been a theif for a long time. An uninspired thief with no imagination, only a double forked tounge trying to sell dreams to a dreamer.

Have they not seen from my work that I am the "Dream Weaver"  who has a stroke of genius someone aught to pay for. I mean everyline. If there was not something to it, then surely this unknown aritist would have looked the other way, instead he asked permission to take my work and call it his own. How interesting.


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