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1950's vs NOW!!!

Posted by AdventVoice - October 17th, 2017

A lot of the time when I read the stories of others; be they short stoires, crime fiction novels, pulp re-inactiments, news articles, there is a closet motif I have noticed from these publications. Some of the things that are said give wonderful insights to the author and or a said group and how they think of the world.

 When I read the writings of others I am thankful that we remain in a free country and have the right to say what we feel or believe. Sometimes I am surprised by what comes out of the mouths of others, but I do try to respect the fact that they are allowed to say what they want. If they say something offensive I must remember that there words neither shape my world or my view of myself, lest I allow it. I only allow it when I begin to believe it.

  This is the spirtual warfare we have been waging in America for quite some time. It is half the reason I don't  like psychologists or those that have made a profession of studying the mind, and how people think. Those that have made a study have a tendency to put people in catagories and take away an indivudals signularty of thought because he has heard from time to time the same things from a wide source of people and believes the cure all stands upon the numbers of people the create a group of like mineded individuals opposed to really dealing with the issue; he or she the psycologist, will just say, "You are fine, we have a word for you, this is your condition, live with it."

  The truth is what comes out of our mouths should help shape the world we live in, Not degrade it or make it less than what it is. We should never justify how the world has sought to emasculate men and determine a, "HE-MAN" is an archaic view of man, till you want that same man, to build you a city of liberation. There are rules to finding peace and liberty, yet there are some authors and thinkers and speakers that will say something that makes me think to myself, did they really mean that?

 For example Rush Limbaugh is quoted in saying, "America has not been Great since the 1950's"

He bashed MaCain cause he spoke agianst Nationalism; and he blames, "The Estabilishment", (Funny words to descirbe Democrates and Non-conformist like the Independant Parties) That is our system in America since the beginning of Democracy in this country. Nationalist-Republican Reds vs. The Establishment Democratic Blues and Indepandent Grey Coats who because they never say a word, lose all position in party politics to the winning team, which, since The end of the Second World War has been the Establishment. (That is of course, according to the Nationalist sympathizer Limbaugh, who has no more proof of that statement, then I do, that Obama & Walmart  alone was the reason for the death of the labor markets in this country).

  Limbaugh is allowed to make conclusions that boggle the mind, what he is not allowed to do is try to make people believe that one party has been finding ways to bring down the  country and that polocies as old as the 1950's is the solution to our problems. Limbaugh never lived in the woods with those families that could not pay there bills and where given the cold shoulder by there Great America. No one hates America, as he suggested of the Democrates. Any more than does a Republican hate or bless America any better than a Democrate, as I have seen it, the fact that no one can come up with a solution besides falling back on the mentality of the 50's, where it was dog eat dog, and civil liberties where non-existant; they should keep there mouths closed; Without the technology we have today, we would be back in the 50's for real. He really suggested the 50's was good for mankind. How many of us where born in the 50's. I was not and I be damned if I am made to go back in time cause some old geezer lost his ratings amoungst the younger, faster, wiser generation of Millienuals that will not work in some grease dump, grind mill of life to make it in the world of the 21st century!

  I am tired of being called a Millenual like it is a bad thing. Are you serious, if It was not for men and women like me, you would not have anyone to give your worthless I-phone too, cause they would not know how to use it.

He is such a dweeb! A real hypocrite and does not need to speak for anyones party ever again!