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I am in a real life gallery

Posted by AdventVoice - December 21st, 2018


December 18 2018

 I, Advent Voice, entered three of my portrait pieces into the Center of the Arts in Pittsboro NC 18 E Salisbury St, Pittsboro, NC 27312.


There is a little gallery close to where I live, that I had ventured in and out of for two years, wondering to myself which of the 208 pieces they would be most inclined to take.




I was very happy to present these pieces and have promised them more. They have agreed to display my works for 3 months and each piece is worth after their appraisals, $50.00 each. Which is not bad at all.

 Portraits where the last thing I would have thought would have interested the gallery, but you know, they are wonderful pieces and when you hold them in your hand and look at the detail, they are simply mesmerizing.

 The owner of the gallery, said he was initially reminded of  “The Cars” album covers and that is why he liked them.

According to Wikipedia: David Robinson said in an interview that he "had designed a very different album cover [for The Cars] that cost $80.00 to design." He continued, "I remember the price exactly. It was completely finished and everything, but it was a little more bizarre than the cover that they had in mind, so they changed some of it because of copyright problems and put it in as the inner sleeve. But I think that was way more how we envisioned who we were then."[3]

 My renditions did not cost me all of that but if someone can look at my works and see something as amazing as the album covers of music giants like “The Cars,” I am more than pleased.

Being a real gallery means I can stop telling people I am a hobby artist and have moved into a professionalism that I thought was above me. 

Good news just feels great!

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Wow i've been following u for over a year and i didn't know you draw... im such a terrible fan

Well considering you have been following for so long, let me know what it is that you liked about writings and blogs and rants initially. What made you follow and maybe I can ease my work back in that direction, so as not to lose you as a fan and find more like you.
You know you are one of a kind, but I am sure there is a whole little army of minds, hidden somewhere that think just like you.

i just like reading your posts. they are intriguing.