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Bitcoin myth or reality?

Posted by AdventVoice - December 14th, 2017

I've been wanting to ask my fans and those that just pass my page; What do they think of the potential of Bitcoin as being a viable source of income? How many of you have cashed in this vertual stock?

I have many friends that are wanting me to get in on the deal and I have a lot of sites avaible to me, (at a heafty price) to cash in on. Half me says to go this alone and when I cash in on something, then talk to people about it and ask them to join the party. As I have said in my previous posts, Every Freelancer knows the job is not over until you get paid.

I really can not buy into something or advertise something that I am not sure will result to any money in my pocket let alone gauarentee money for anyone else.

Reading the sale ads and Bill Gates signitures of endorsement still has not convinced me but I am curious if it has convinced any of my friends or those I don't know, to buy in.

Conservative radio is all set against it because it is not a sure investment like Gold and Silver; Yet I fear conservative radio has missed the point entirely when they keep suggesting that because the banks can't verify this digital currency that it is all bad. Banks have a hard time with Pay-pal and Credit Cards but they have been pushing this form of currency since before I was born. Banks don't even know what to do with Silver when you give it to them. (I have never considered the Pawn Shop or Loan Firms to be banks), but that is what the Conservative radio is giving the masses as a secured finical institution and are running scared of Bit Coin.

This fear has not dampaned the adverising power of Bit Coin either. While Glenn Beck is talking about Russian scares and to invest in his Gold standard and food supplies, I have yet to see how his marketing strategy is any different than that of Bit coin marketers like Bill Gates. Each are selling on the primise that you can't trust the Banks.

The real difference is Conservative Radio is selling something you can touch, while Bit Coin can not be registured by the bank and after you do the research you realize they follow the primise of crowd funding and collective economics which we all know is instituionalized to only serve the entity at the top of the pyramid and leave the representives in a lurch when they can't pay out what they owe.

This draw back leads me back to my original question.

How many of you or those that have been interested in Crypto currencies have acutally cashed out?


Now you might be asking what does this have to do with Art?

Glad you asked.

Well with this money that is set on a teleporter and is supposed to be getting people out of the finincal dibocal of the Great Recession of 2007 to present; wouldn't most of you have secured an income to further art projects or magazine firms?

Money has a lot to do with Art and has a lot to do with the functionality of any buisness. Without a little corlateral NG or most of the moderators would not be able to continue fuctioning. Honestly I should not be presenting a business model like this online, information is to be sold not shared so freely. I have gone through great pains to share what I know because I believe in building trust amoung my fans and those that could be potenital supporters of my elcetic dream later.


Many of you that read this will say, "I never heard of Bit Coin unitl you mentioned it."

Which is nice: Now that you know and if you increase some paydirt in your pocket from this inquisitve post, remember me around Christmas time. Like I said before I have stashes everywhere. With all this talk about empending doom and Government Shutdowns that won't happen because they never happended before.

All this confusion as to why there were so many poor people in 2007 to present and no one wanting to take accountablilty for the theft of millions of livlihoods and Bank fraud with Welfargo and there sister companies, I am stocking my wood pile high and large everyday.


I work on my art as a way of releasing tention is these troubling times. My memory is filled with people that crowded the Frech quarter of New Orleans selling there artist dreams for pennies like they were extras from American in Paris. Only to go nowhere in there lives and having to eat meals at that beautiful Chapel that sits in the middle of the square and when you ask the crowds how long do you think this will last, they look at you with this blank stare of contempt because you had the nerve to ask.

"City of Nightingales" is a black and white ink peice I drew to remind myself of a time and place in my life I never want to be again; the lone man holding a scared woman in his arms while the street trolls roll by and the city spires and opportunity remain just too high. A child peeps around the shoulders of the couple asking for pennies and a man with his groceries huddles past hoping no one askes him for something he can not afford to give away.

If you notice in that peice there is not a church in sight asking to assist the couple and there is a sense of security given to the people that are allowed in the sky view walk ways that lead into the apartment spaces. They never have to touch the streets or be seen by those that are made to look up in this City of Nightingales.


Merry Christmas everyone. I hope I gave you something to think about

Keep Smiling Folks.

Comments (2)

Viable source of income? Absolutely not. With all the hype it's receiving right now, and the wild fluctuations Bitcoin has been experiencing in price, it's not even a viable source of currency. Most businesses, including Steam, have stopped accepting Bitcoin because it has become far too volatile.

Bitcoin at the moment is closer to playing craps or roulette. Can you make money? Absolutely, as long as it doesn't tank tomorrow and everyone gives it up. In fact I think there's a good chance Bitcoin will continue to rise in value for the next several months.

That said, it's not a source of income. Bitcoin isn't a stock or bond, and it doesn't provide dividends. Thus the only gains you'll see on it are POSSIBLE market gains, but that depends entirely on what average folks like you and me are willing to pay for it. If enough people agree 1 Bitcoin is worth 1 million dollars, then that's what it's worth. But if nobody is willing to spend 50 cents on a Bitcoin tomorrow then you'd do better picking up nickels off the street.

If you're searching for income through investing I'd suggest dividend investing or grabbing some bonds, possibly in a low cost index fund. But if you've got some fun money to play with, by all means play around with Bitcoin. Just don't throw in any cash you aren't willing to lose. It's definitely not a viable investment strategy, especially considering interest in it has only spiked in the last couple months and could vanish just as quickly when people move onto the next hot stock

You know that was really not what I wanted to hear. LOL . I can't sell a product with that much smoke and mirrors surrounding it. I mean the way you describe it, I wouldn't ask my best friend to look at it. Not if I like them. I would only ask a drug addict that I knew did not care how much money he spent or where he spent it. Bad Business.
But then when I hear the negatives I am reminded of all those that said the internet was a bad investment and now I wonder how many are rolling in there beds every night saying why did I not invest when I had the chance.

It may become more stable in the future but at the moment it's really crazy haha. Everyone is dropping it as a form of currency because they could pay you $20 in bitcoins today and tomorrow that $20 sitting in your account could shrink to $13.72 without warning lol. But if you have some throwaway money you're willing to gamble, you could get lucky and make a 400% return on your "investment". Totally up in the air right now

The numbers really are crazy 400% return. I have friends that tell me not to pay attention to all of those analysis quotes regarding how much one can earn. It is part of the sales pitch. I laugh and ask well how do explain the numbers that reflect no job growth, what are they trying to sell you when they say there was a 17% increase after an 8 year market of joblessness, which is so much better than the 4% were running on in the past 10 years. Uh huh,
So how do you explain the past 30 years of joblessness in this country where the banks were only offering 0% interest on the national savings rate and that was when the stock market was supposed to have been running great for everyone. They tell me it was because everyone wanted food stamps and did not want to work. I laugh and tell them to come up with another one; while they look at me crazy, they still can't explain who is paying out that 400% return on a bit of information. If it is china I can't get mad, they give me everything else.