Very Fine!

2018-02-13 10:36:37 by AdventVoice

To recieve 5 stars with one vote for a piece of art is very commendable.

It is down right inspiring. It is something to write home about.

What makes me the most excited about it is the fact that it was for "Portraits Are Made From Love." That means there is one special person out there that I need to thank personally for appreciating a peice of work that has so many meanings to me, I would not know where to start.

  I aspire to share the same love for the work of a portriat with anyone. I broke each piece orginally into three panels. You see I was not satisfied with one picture of the woman. I had to go all out and place her in three scenes using three different mediums but all showcasing what made her speical. Black History month was just the most appropriate to unviel her; but it is really something that for me is good for all year round. That is what it means to have a real friend at least. Some one we can share the good times with all year round.

  The third piece of the portriat was too much for the computer. Yeah she broke my computer. No bother, more are to come. Thank you guys and gals for viewing and making me smile.


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2018-02-13 10:40:11

Portriats are made from loveee

(Updated ) AdventVoice responds:

Thanks for the thumbs up and appreciating the work. I was not sure how I was going to hunt you down, I was going to go on twitter and start screaming out Portraits are made from Loveee." and hope someone catches it. LOL