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The search for the elusive artist

Posted by AdventVoice - February 21st, 2018

There are times when I am browsing at gallaries; I see something I like, that inspires me to continue my quest for Creative Relevance. I will spot an artist and take down their name and location and try to support them finiancially in hopes that they will in return remember me and maybe one day find something I create to be equally inspiring and maybe something they would like to buy.

  Here's to hoping.

Anyway, as I go around collecting art and watching people perform in ways I can only dream of or desire to have dreamed first. I found a woman who created an oil painting of a witchie like woman, who was very attractive to look at that had the strangest and prettiest hands. On each finger was a planet and the image had a mouth that was the prettiest black hole very few could have produced better. The artist in question had the piece online and I wrote to her one time, to find no answer from her. So I thought with a piece of art that unique I'd find her again. Rghit?

So far it has been a dud.

Can you imagine, you find something that unique, striking, and along with the rest of her work. You know she is a tattoo artist of fine regard, But from here to Pinetrest she has vanished.

Leaving me with this desire to speak to her; Leaving the image of a woman eating planets burning in my head.

I wonder sometimes if my work produces that much inquiry?

Have any of you seen her before...am I the only one looking?

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Based on your title, thought this was about finding artists who owe commissions lol! About a good 1/3 of all commissions I've offered to NG artists have either never come through w/ the piece, or come in under the mark content/quality-wise. Guess I should never pay 100% up front... I do offer bonuses for complex or subjective pieces, but it's been a real hit or miss proposition.

Oh sure, a few artists, animators, musicians here who've done some above and beyond stuff, go ghost. It's understandable if a woman ghosts, most of what they put online is therapeutic to them, once that's been done, they move on.

No can't recall the piece or the style you suggest, then again I keep my gaze largely here on NG, leave the big box stores to the terrible and wonderful masses. If you have a copy of the piece, post it here, maybe tag a few art mods as well.

Sure will..I am glad the subject interests you as much as it does me.