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When character role play becomes real life drama!

Posted by AdventVoice - April 12th, 2018


You have just watched a video of a woman that loves cosplaying as comic book characters. Ghouls and goblins and any other fun thing and robbing people blind as told in pervious stories.


6384799_152357104411_gp6XM-pr-hExnzA8rrNTLMQLzo_lhYYS6iax0pYLKuI.jpg She likes to play the role of a witch during shows, as seen here. I have just been made to wonder, "Where is the line to be drawn between Fact and Fiction?"

When does role playing characters and video game plot lines for huge fans or Comic-Con and the industry take a break.

How can someone  feel comfortable with stealing Crowd Funded material in  a product line among 25,000 people and only deliver to 100 and claim there are no more items in stock while counting away $1,000,000 potentially in a matter of 8 years and what do you have? $8,000,000??

At her shows she is known for toating a mean pocket rocket and that is where her name comes from. Charlie Rocket, yet it would seem amazingly she has had the ability to flash that cute face and with a little handy 9milimeter make all of her modeling dreams come off without a hitch.

A rioutous camilion queen of whatever universe she sees fit in being apart of giving the world crazy sob stories of her criminal  origins: http://www.comicbookandmoviereviews.com/2015/06/charlie-rocket-cosplay-zzoooommmm.html

I wonder if people will still say beauty will get you no where in the world?

They still won't answer my letters, which is fine, for now, they feel because I have such a little fan base, and very few can weave through the world of dreams and see truth amongst the lies, that they will have a few more years yet to reek havoc.

We will just have to wait and see.

(Tune in next time, to find out where you can be entertained and possibly robbed by the PrideStark Gaming  Foundation).  

Comments (4)

Took a while to catch onto what this was all about! Curious though, what product this particular crowdfunding was for? If it is just the one? Is there a link to it somewhere?

No link to the product, the Pride Stark Gaming Corporation sells everything directly from their home or where ever through Storenvy and like Star Capital have been known to defraud investors by not coming off there product.
So far in order to collect on whatever it is they make people (*donkey on a carrot for*), everyone is made the donkey and never reaches the carrot.
She is a horrible witch, a horrible witch, that turns everyone into a jackass that touches her.
I come up with material for a game every minute lol.

Ah, so nothing via official crowdfunding sites? Any official project page like that would be pretty hard evidence, though you do link to the Reddit story. Good read, anyway! Hope you make something. :)

We;; you know they are the ones that mentioned Crowd Funding, I just used the term because they were set on that direction They blocked me on twitter because I was barraging them but most of there advertising is here: https://twitter.com/PrideStarkgg
I have to figure out Toms directions but this will be my little Christmas present to myself. The Game I mean.
Did you watch the YouTube Video?

Good to know. Looks like they've got quite a bit of followers too though. :/ The interview video in this post? Yeah. Tom's directions, btw...?

Oh that is the best part. They have so many people that think they are cool and I am going to be the one thread to tumble that weave. Sorry you can not and should not steal from people.
Tom Fulp, he gives a tutorial on how to develop good 2D side strollers. At least I think that was Tom ill find the clip and share it.

For sure. :) Oh that'd be awesome if it is, didn't think THE Tom had made any tutorials before!

I saw it once and thought it was cool because making games is so time consuming.