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Robot Day 2018

Posted by AdventVoice - May 20th, 2018



After displaying my little friend I was so surprised at the response. Such an invention is worth everything you (My fans)  have put into it. Loving the applause and celebration of it's existance and reason for being. "If our castle should some how fall, it will be no where but here."

   Loyalt,y like that  are what dreams are made of. Makes anyone secure in love and happy to have someone around. Would never have imagined I could have found that in my "Dreams of Drone." I am glad I did though. I am also very happy to have https://nyanacreation.newgrounds.com/   view my work and find such a wonderful song to help celebrate my little friend.

  RobotDay2018 is going to be something very special this year I can tell. I really hope all of you can make it out for this jam fest of creative ideas and support  https://mindchamber.newgrounds.com/news/post/1012875 and his very eclectic range of ideas to generate more support for NG's. What a wonderful world of creation we have been allowed to share in.

My "Dream of Drone," was developed off of the idea that some time soon our world is going to become a lot more technologically advanced. Recently I have heard about the idea of cameras in grocery stores having the ability to mark what you buy and without having any of your physcial information will be able to transfer money from your bank, pay-pal or credit cards right into the store for your corresponding purchase. (All of this from a camera.) Now I am sure Amazon moguls like Bezo who has the money secured to have his own security system to safe gaurd him fron Identity theft will find a way to sell this idea to the general public. He will assure people that none of new tech or robotics will harm anyone. They are not set out to digitally bankrupt anyone, just make it more convient for a person to shop for their food.

  My little owl frined has glitches, when it gets beside itself it believes it is entitled to do as it likes. Take what it wants just because he is flying around the city and influeced by the enviroment it is viewing. This glitch has to constantly be offset with positive feedback and a daily course in programming eticate...not so much teaching the drone table manners, but teaching it that just because I walk into the store; I am not asking you to take money out of my bank account.

  In case of the owl, Just because we happen to go to the bank, I am not asking you to preload my bitcoin wallet, by cyphoning from automated online systems.


Comments (2)

i'm happy i could help with the song and this ^^ and the story is nice to read. it's short but still makes the point obvious what is nice. i hope this becomes a nice day for you and your fans. thanks for mentioning me. i didn't do much but thanks ^^

(btw if you put a @ and than the name behind it you can link the page of the person when you click on it and lets the person know they're in your post ;) just a tip for the future)

Thank you for the tip. I really wanted to know how I could do that and your were nice enough to tell me. You did do a lot though. Going through all those songs to fit music to one singular image is not easy. You could have chosen a lot of different songs but when you looked at the little owl something just told you the optical eyes had their own story.

everything has there won story and that makes it beautiful ;) but i am glad i could help out.