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American Tattoo shops thought on Art.

Posted by AdventVoice - May 26th, 2018

 Today was a pretty sad day for building upon the topic of ART. I am hoping things change in time and the people I interact with begin to see their own potentials differently. Who knows? Especially after a conversation I had today with two very talented Tattoo artists.

  I frequent this parlor from time to time. Every time I need a hair cut, which is every 6 months, I will dip into the parlor right next to my barbershop and ask them little questions about their medium and choices of design. They really don't like the idea that I never come if for a Tattoo and are always turned off by the idea of speaking to me because they personally feel out of place in their worlds. The eclectic nature of the Tattoo has always been considered Tabboo in a lot of cultures. Tabboo or just for the Deviant and so when a person as clean cut as I walk in and say, "Lets talk about Art." They immediately get this look of not understanding the relevance.

  I ask, after noticing this response," Is it really so hard to understand how Tattoo's have a place in the world of Art, even when every piece of Art is built upon the intial, "Line?" Be it a cell-shaded line, reverse-negative images, dynamic script and character design, to the 3D image rendering, it all begins with the line. 

Line upon Line, here a little, there a little.

 So because we know it begins with a line, how can we not reveolutionize art without adding the Tattoo artist to the group of thinkers that can assit in this venture. Mind you, most of them don't want to talk. At least the few I ran into today. They did not think they were the best ones to talk to about ART. Which made me scratch my head. Illustrationists have a lot to thank the Tattoo Artist for. WIthout that fundamental understanding of Line work, the story board would never unfold and many of us would still be looking at white canvases. Now would I want to get Barry Allen (The Flash) kissing his Girlfriend Tattoo'd to my back, no, but I know I could if I had the right Tattoo artist willing to try. He or she would make a killing off of me too, because that is a lot of detailed work and takes a very fine hand to re-produce.  

 Now on Esty I can find a lot of Tattoo designs being placed on Canvas, they are being sold cheap too. 30.00 a piece. What a dragg. Great idea though for making some extra cash. One day that piece of art is going to raise in some big bucks as vintiage art from some kid that dropped out of college and I am going to be so happy for them. They began a reveolution in art in a big way. If it doesn't it is not because no one went to the parlors and told them they need to think about expanding their idea.

 I did that today and I hope they pay heed, at least call and say, "You know, you might be right."

Comments (1)

I recently designed a tattoo for my friend, but he kinda ignored the design. I think tattoo art is great.

I like Tattoo work as well.. What did you do for your friend? email it too me if you don't want to share it here. It is nice that we can email now, I can send you stuff that I don't want people to see here and you have a way of giving the best advice.
Tattoo work has a way of bringing out lines and making images vibrant and expressive that most illustrators can not achieve. When they do it is not brought to the world of comics it is placed on someone's body or places we never get to see it.
I don't think I have ever read anyone's material that was built off of Tattoo inking styling. It would be nice though.