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Inktober Day 19

Posted by AdventVoice - October 19th, 2018



Honestly, I was going to leave political discussions alone. It’s Inktober and in a few days away, from social gatherings. And everyone is going to be remembering when they were young and throwing week old eggs at their cantankerous neighbor.  

 The Sunday comics around this time used to have very little political conversation to laugh about.

Then I open the month of October’s addition of the Times Magazine to the Society’s page, which is entitled “Pulling Equal Weight,” by Irin Carmon, who ventured into a Swedish village that seeks to defy the laws of nature and scorch the very fabric of masculinity from the world.

 As I am reading, I am trying to figure out how the rise of sexual violence due to immigrants, or the alleged impropriety of political leaders and the howling of Kamala Harris or the “fire dance,” of the #MeToo Movement, equates to a need for men to have governmentally organized “days off parental leave?”

Why is the Times Magazine allowed to turn everything into politics and there is no rebuttal paper written? Why is Irin Carmon allowed to call Richard Nixon a communist, while at the same time suggesting the government should have the ability to economically impose upon an individual’s home life, like they do in Sweden?

How is it “liberating,” for a man to be given a ‘stipend,’  to stay home for 480 days per birth with three months assigned to each parent for something they have to do anyway?

I remember how when me and my son’s mother where dating she would get upset because she felt I was not giving enough or putting myself in a position to lose as much as she was, and I was always looking for gratitude from her for the things that I did do. In her words, “You don’t get kudo’s for what your supposed to do.”

Why is Carmon allowed to lie and suggest American’s are learning to love Big Government?

The other day the sell and manufacturing of marijuana was legalized, not ‘decriminalized,’ as it was propagated. After reading all of this, ‘scorched,’ is any idea of holding back disorder and toxicity.

Now everyday I must read crass attempts to flesh out alleged feelings and the inner heart of “men,” from developers of “A Million Little Things,” on ABC, like it’s a good thing.

All in the name of ‘scorching,’ masculinity.

Why is a Swedish, feminist government, ideal for America?

I am asking, why is communism preferred over a democracy? Only in a Democracy am I allowed to ask the question. In a federally controlled America the “national curriculum,” will supersede my personal space and this is supposed to be ok? Why, because the nurturing hand of a woman, will be at the reins?

  I personally don’t care if it is a woman or a man in charge, common sense must aid in reason that by scorching amendments: Scorching law and order and poisoning the minds of our youth with drugs, sex, perversion, will only give rise to the very ideal you seek to burn.

When an ideal threatens patriarchal standards and begins to raid the homes of peaceable people, pro-family and anti-government activists, decent people, with homesteads will being to push back against the fodder in the hovels of Amsterdam, Detroit, South Beach Florida, Miami, Over town Miami. Flint Michigan.   

 I would get upset with my son’s mother, but she was right, no one gets extra points for what they are supposed to do. She was wrong because we were not married, the only thing that stopped me from scorching our arrangements, was the idea that I loved her, I did not see her as a whore, and despite her choice to use and abuse my kindness for her by sleeping with other men for money, I chose to be their for her and by doing so…

 I felt a little like Irin Carmon, believing that my feminist girlfriend can be my equal, my partner-outside of marriage and we’d be ok… “What A CROCK!”

She burned me so bad I still carry the pain in my heart.

Not against her, but the philosophy that did little to empower her.

I guess I remain so burnt up about it because I will never see my son, behind her desire to prove she never needed me in the first place.

Birgitta Ohlsson claims Sweden to be the most gender equal country in the world.

Robin Miriam Carlson, known for Body Talk and enjoying the paintings by Caravaggio, the Italian Baroque painter, was suffering from depression and in an interview with Sam Larsky, suggested she is 40 years old and dancing on stage and honestly can’t cope with death, maturing in the matters of the heart that give us our drive. She has made no provision for the future, secure in the idea that pleasure, woman, and femininity will run the world.

We will see.  


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Man, you just said "fuck politics" and I like it so much. About army, I'm not summoned yet, coz Of surgery. It seems like I have an extra month to recover.

That's cool. I am glad you are getting over the mend. Yeah me and politics are having it rough right now lol.