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Inktober Day 21

Posted by AdventVoice - October 21st, 2018

I really have to apologize to my readers for missing the chance to really go into detail about the creative vampires I have encountered, over the years who seek to drain the beauty of creation out of the world. I feel I owe it to my fans to keep them informed of things they might miss due to our overly active life styles.

 Part of me felt it was to depressing to focus on. Many of my friends, my real friends who enjoy the work and the depth-perception of my hands. tell me all the time, to "Do my own thing."

Which I could have sworn that is what I've been doing. I never would have dreamed I would be suffering from poor people skills or passive aggressive tendencies. Honestly, I am the guy that meets a challenge head on and sends it away. Except I don't want to ostracize anyone or be ostracized myself, so I try to remain inclusive or open minded, pliable and nice to everyone. Think about it, I am the one that drew a Futa upon request. So clearly I am a loving guy.

Though I am kind, no one likes being "Drained," by creative vampires.


Well in light of new ideas that I desire to share with the world and the spirit of Inktober I present to you my newest idea:

I know it has been a while since I have submitted anything, or really have been around. I really should keep my thoughts to myself, if I am going to take so long to contribute or even show up. I would like to believe my saving grace is the fact that when I do show up, I show out!

Well, there are only a few days left in #Inktober and you know, this year it seemed like that not too many cared or even knew what it was. I mean the internet is a place where you can start a trend and over night it is the biggest thing all over the world. Yet all over the world, those with a pen and a tablet are made to feel like they can't draw, are artistically illiterate, unwanted deviants,  all sorts of negative vibes and Digital Art work is tough, I don't care what anyone says.  Yet no matter challenges we face, the one culture that I thought would be all inclusive and some what mandatory "Inking" and no one shows up.

Anyway, I did something that I have not seen and I felt others should try it. This year I wanted to give my support to Futa art and #Inktober at the same time. So I made "Breakable." You can find it in the art gallery.

The prompt list can be found at the Inktober Challenge group. (There is a link connected to the art at the bottom of the page) as you look around at the Inktober groups you will notice what I noticed, No adult art. As if because there is no color, or emphasis of digital mediums that their is no such thing as adult art. Well to each there own, but I for one love adult art. I love the stories associated with the art, or those that can be created and shared on the fly.

I just don't want to be the only one doing it.

Inktober is a time when you can practice your shading, technique, and delivery of a punch-line before you add the distraction of digitized coloring to a piece of art. I was wondering what themes for A-A could be illustrated with the rest of the Prompt Word List of this month and how best would those participating turn the ideas into something that will please the world of smut, and ink all at the same time.

I showed you an example of mine.
Now you show me yours.



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Never let vampires ruin you

Creative Vampires gona suck my pen. All what they will recive ink in da face :-D

See My real friends!! You all are the best!