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Anarchist, Christians, Anti-Christ

Posted by AdventVoice - October 15th, 2019

While I was working on my little Anarchist Tribute https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/adventvoice/legend

I got to thinking about this idea of passivity, peace, love, and turning the other cheek, being the only monikers of Christianity people are willing to accept and the notion that to be an Anarchist is to be pooled into the same cesspool of evil doers as those of Anti-Christs and false teachers. Which I don't believe to be true at all. I am Christian, and I love Anarchists. I feel I am one deep down and hold no love for those that would seek to disarm me in the name of holding me to a false standard of piety.

Are Anarchist, Anti-Christ, or Christian?

From a superficial glance at the context and thoughts of an anarchist, one would presume that they are against the teachings of Christ and aligned with the false-teachers of the bible or to be categorized as false prophets. I really have to protest against such thoughts and hope in writing this little aside from my other projects you will come to see as I have that anarchist are not he ghouls and goblins we have been taught to believe they are.

:a person who rebels against any authority, established order, or ruling power
:a person who believes in, advocates, or promotes anarchism or anarchy especially : one who uses violent means to overthrow the established order

This is what the Merriam-Webster gives us as a definition of an anarchist and by this definition we would infer that any ruling system is subject to the scrutiny of an anarchist and this would make them anti-Christ. We have been taught this line of thinking would make it, so they would not bow the knee to anyone save for themselves.

This is true, the anarchist is self-serving, but that is to be human. There would be a lot of contention if an anarchist is made to subject themselves to a ruling party. They would no longer be considered an anarchist but an ally. Yet Jesus never said worship him. He said follow. He never said he came to establish an order, rules or guidelines that create a ruling system.

People have interpreted, if rather falsely, his words and created several orders or sects of religion based on his teachings and that is why we have so many denominations, because no one could settle on one particular order to control a people group and there was the anarchist, set about on liberation. The very same liberation Jesus spoke of.

Anyway all of these semantics aside, because Jesus said, “Follow,” I am assured that to be an anarchist one is not an anti-Christ. The anarchist in search of truth, relevant to their particular time frame, if he is benevolent, automatically is a follower of Christ, who was the very first anarchist. “Render Unto Caesar, what is Caesar’s, Render Unto God, what is God’s.” (God being in him and he considering himself a god, we can interpret that last phrase to mean, render unto me, what is mine.) That is very much inline with the teachings of the anarchist, who never seeks aid of the government and merely desires what is apt to them by their merit or what is internally due to them.

To be Anti-Christ, one must be against everything he taught. Evil, a slave to violence and dedicated to an order or system of government that renders all involved slaves to the law, the law of man, the law of Jews that no man, not even the Jew could keep, and the law of the beast. That great Mark of the Beast System, spoken of in Revelations. Jesus, I can assure you is against it, and desires all of us to follow his teachings to have the wear-with-all to withstand the onslaught of one’s liberties that will be present at that time. There has been a lot of foreshadowing over the years of such events and when one begins to feel the pull of prophesy that suggests, “one can neither buy nor sell, save they have the Mark of the Beast, on their right hand or forehead,” that only those sealed with the righteous of GOD on their forehead will be able to withstand the pull of the Anti-Christ, one begins to see just how radical being a Christian really is.

Jesus told us to pick up our crosses and to follow him, not to sit idly and worship at his cross, or lean on the holiness of his mother to save our souls and fall into heavenly bliss on his coat tales. Those that wrote the book of Acts and all the teachings that came after Jesus died and merely passed on his adventitious spirit on to his followers, each had there own burden to bare in the development and promotion of a thought that freed the human from tyrannical systems of government. It is the teachings of Christ alone that took down man’s dependency on Rome and ultimately the entire empire. It was replaced by many other forms of government but all of them had the shade of the ultimate government that have always fought against the will of an anarchical-christian leader, who considered it not evil to be count himself equal to GOD.

The anti-christ, nihilistic, satanic-thinker, believes power is to be used to control.

The anarchist believes power is to be used to ensure the control and power of this world, remains with the individual, not a Monarch.

Jesus and Christian believe power is bestowed upon man by an ultimately good source, our father in heaven, who seeks not to control anyone, gave us free-will and enjoys to watch how we use it in order to better the lives of our brother and sisters. Jesus never called himself or any man King. Those that did not understand life beyond a servant, and master, order, did that and he was not going to argue with how they saw the world.

He was going to wait until he came back with a sword a vengeance, righteousness, and strength, dividing evil from good, and establishing the perfect order, to do that.

He said, in heaven there are no hierarchies, Matthew 20:25-28, this is a particular passage many seek to ignore about Jesus as they seek to propose there form of righteous to entitle them to another’s gain. “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles (Heathen, Rome, Pagan) lord it over them, and those who are great exercise authority over them. Yet it shall not be so among you; (Followers of Christ) but whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant. And whoever desires to be first among you, let him be your slave- Just as the Son of Man (Himself, Jesus) did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life a ransom for many.”

This teaching was is purposeful revolt against everything we know about power, gain, achievement and to be kings, rulers, or legendary. He was determined to teach of an anarchy against Anti-Christian behaviors that implied absolute power is to have control over another human-beings life. This is in perfect alignment with the teachings of the anarchist and one of my favorite reasonings as to why it is not anti-christian to be an anarchist.

It is suggested that Anarchist are proponents of violence and chaos as if Christians are not. As if Revelations Chapter 19 does not apply to them or are not to be adhered to or recognized. Those, mind you that speak against a Christian’s right to uphold his or her banner, which declares they serve a “King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.” Have yet to read the 22nd Chapter of Revelations and the 16th verse. For if they had, they would see how radical being a Christian really is and stand ready to face the battles against tyranny as any good anarchist would.

~Forward, Christian Solider, As Marching Off To War!

With The Cross Of Jesus, Going On Before!~ 


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the power of christ compels your fans

It is nice to know you are an Anarchist as well. Always stay ahead of the pack my friend.

Leo Tolstoy and Dorothy Day were Christian anarchist. Day was sainted recently.

OOO, I did not know that about Day. I am glad to hear it. Gives me hope that I can achieve the same one day. Can you imagine, Me, Sainted. Now that is better than the winning the Pulitzer Prize. That is the best news I have heard in a long time. Thank you for making my month so wonderful!

Dorothy Day learned about anarchy when she was young from Peter Kropotkin. Leo Tolstoy was a pen pal with Gandhi (also anarchist) and inspired him to start revolution in India. Other well known Christian anarchists are Ammon Hennacy, known for the Joe Hill House; Oscar Wilde, famous Irish writer, and of course, James Connolly, founder of anarcho-syndicalist union IWW. While Connolly himself is a democratic socialist, he sympathized with anarchy and worked with many anarchists to found IWW while in America.

In my book Black Amethyst https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/adventvoice/black-amethyst I mention the IRA and how I felt after reading so many of the written material of the Irish and there confrontations with work programs of that era, feeling much has not changed in our present era of progress. Feeling many have become lulled by the notion that the only constant change is progress. Needing not to have to pull out ones flag of rebellion, every time taxes are raised, that I should express how I felt at that time in my life. Of course I am African American and the IRA would never accept my papers of induction, I loved what they stood for back then.

Thomas J. Hagerty, a priest, was also IWW co-founder like James Connolly. He unfortunately had tragic end in his life. Adin Ballou, an abolitionist. Lizzie Magie, created the Landlord's Game that ironically co-opted by capitalists for Monopoly, was a Christian Georgist, a sub tendency of anarcho-socialism.

Speaking of Akiras, btw, the movie/manga Akira had some impressive motorcycle design too. Something with that name...

Oh yes he did, but for me to draw that bike or anything similar to it would instantly transport viewers back to that classic manga. I loved it though. Can you imagine, it was created the same year I was born. 1988. That is how long small detailing, inked pieces have been all the rave. Might have been a lot longer, but certainly that is when people realized, something massive can arise from the minds of illustrators.

Ah a year before me! Nice. I grew up with those movies, even if I should've been a bit late when I was the right age to see them. Still such works of art. Goes to show that if you really spend time on your craft it becomes timeless. :)

Making a distinction between Akira the movie and Akira Toriyama btw, if you didn't catch that. The Dragon Ball franchise had some awesome stuff in it too. Manga mostly. And yeah, it's pretty incredible how just the depiction of a bike gives you that correlation...

Or how drawing cars will make people want to read Initial D, Mangas, classic stuff. When you got older and watched Akira again, what was something you noticed from the Anime that you might have missed as a child?

@Cyberdevil Child was not the right word...when you were younger and watched it once and now as an adult that you noticed now, is what I was asking.

Aw yeah, Initial D was the shizzle too! I'm not sure... it's been a while since I watched it last now, but it might've been the elements more so than the action. The drugs. The world. The unfairness and strange ways relations change and evolve... I'm pretty sure I didn't relate anything much to the real world the first times I saw it. Maybe the atomic bombs. Maybe I noticed new facets to the art as well... really need to see it again to see what I might've seen last time I saw it! XD

How about you? Any real realizations you look back on?

There was a scene when I was about 20 that really resonated with me, that I did not seem to get when I was like 5 or 6. After I saw it, I rewound the film and it kind of took on new meaning for me. It was the scene when tetsuo shima is wanting to defend his girlfriend and wants to be strong like his idol Shōtarō Kaneda and completely wails on the officers that are chasing them. Right before he loses his guts all over the place and starts falling into the ground and his brain splits, that is when Shotaro realizes how much of an impact he had on his little gang. How much of a father figure he was to a bunch of misfits. So in the end when he faces his friend who is all snapped and acting crazy, it reminded me of old yeller, and I always wondered if Shotaro knew from the moment Tetsuo rebuffed him, that one day he might have to put him down like a rabid dog. Of Mice and Men you know.

Oh man, you definitely derived some deeper sentiments of being from that movie than I did... interesting how it all goes full circle too. Wonder if it was intentional as well or just how it all played out in the end.

Mice and Men was such a great book too. Simple things.

Tasty pastries, daises, faces (zombie art potential), mazes, Haiti... there's a lot of near-rhymes at least. ;) I've never thought of Inktober as a countdown btw, but that's a nice sentiment...

I know the creator of it, did not intend for it to be that way. Especially with words like Snow and Ornament, and I think there was another one that reminded me of New Years...oh yeah Freeze. Where I live no one is freezing in the month of October. I think they are in Canada though.