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“Pokemon Trainer and Vaporeon!”

Posted by AdventVoice - December 11th, 2019

I have never been one to dismiss an art request out of sheer disappointment in the content or theme. Most of the time I avoid an art request because I can not justify the piece or idea being in my gallery. A lot of the time the ideas presented to me to draw have nothing to do with my work, current projects, past projects, or style. Then again, maybe they do and I refuse to admit it. The “Pokemon Trainer and Vaporeon,” piece is one of those requests, I’d normally avoid.

Not only do I not understand the craze behind having sex with a Pokemon, I don’t think many in the Furry Community take kindly to such a vast universe, crowding their creative space. I am only adding fuel to the controversial fire, that may be silently understood as, ‘let sitting dogs sit.’ Loosing myself in the endless possibilities of smut generated from the Pokemon universe, would be a tireless adventure and I am rather flattered by the few fans who may appreciate my take on anal pleasure given by a futa Eevee. Which because I never could put a gender on Eevee when it is in its original form and not swimming around a lake, I find this take of Eevee to be most appropriate, if not expected.

Yet, again, I think I am the only one to suggest that most Pokemon fit into the realm of gender in-specificity and most Furries avoid interchanging the genders of their OC’s.

Again these are things I don’t like to think about, so don’t ask me, ‘ why I made Eevee a Futa?’, I don’t have an answer. I just did not think Eevee could ever be a male, nor would a female Eevee do much to please her trainer sexually with that tail. Then again, maybe she could. Now that would take on a new twist, and I’d have to redraw the whole thing. Have her standing in Freeza’s power up pose, chest out and smiling from the sense of domination, which is completely not at all what my friend desired to see. No telling what my friend, TTFPH productions, thought the project would turn out as, but this what you get when you mess with an artist like me. A world of trouble.

I crammed in lots of hours yesterday to complete this piece before the holidays end. It is not everyday I can put in the necessary hours to complete a project and when I have a day I can use to finish a piece of art, it brings me back to the days when I’d spend my whole weekend playing video games.

I would have and probably should have spent the day pinning away about only having $35.00 to my name, but I didn’t. Instead I put on the finishing touches to my new Pokemon trainer, anal play with Vaporeon. A piece of art TTFPH will remember for a long time because I used his name as a sound effect for when Eevee slides into the woman’s ass. (TTFPH is suppose to mean Total Thomas Fan and something about his name...I have for the life of me, been trying to figure out how a Total Thomas Fan can be so perverted. To this day I can’t figure out if this individual is spamming me, a virus, or a figment of my virtual imagination, but he has a wicked sense of humor and in sharing with me what makes him laugh, he asked me to draw a Pokemon fucking its trainer.)

Now, as I was drawing this piece, I really got to thinking and at times that is scary, but consider this with me for a moment.

No one can honestly tell you what the hell a Pokemon is. I mean most of them take after some animal (Which is why I would put this fetish of fucking Pokemon in Furry Fetish.) and that kind makes each trainer, to me, a zoo keeper, stuck in a world filled with talking animals and shining unicorns. Most mystical ideas have been accepted by the masses. Animal spirits taking over people and giving them the power to take over the world. Except Pokemon are not like that at all. I found it fascinating that something as wild as a Pokemon can be relateable to teenagers and adults and not a single one of those adults can tell you why Eevee has a transformation to coincide with every known element in our universe. To what purpose, does that little mouse or water rat, get to transform that many times and how often does he have to fuck his trainer before he reaches his ultimate level?

I watched Pokemon like the rest of the world growing up, in New Jersey. I collected the cards and would gamble my little pennies in the locker room, after school, win a little, lose a little. There was little else to do as a kid growing up. I really can’t say I was a die hard fan though, and I never understood those that claimed Pokemon was for a homosexual audience specifically and that you were gay if you watched it. I never felt that way about the original series and did not get the same feeling that Sailor Moon, gave...I knew as a kid, watching too much Sailor Moon and a guy could slip into one of two directions. He grows to be a horn dog, or trying to dress up like a pink haired princess. Pokemon did not arouse me or make me consider what it would be like to be fucked by Squirttle.

It presented a story about undying friendships among creatures that have obvious environmental differences and when they formed a team under a trainer they could respect, they did their best to please their master. Now as a devious as that would be, their was little evidence of anything besides BDSM as a possible turn of events, it never happened but domination fetishes are far from gay. Then again at the age of 13, I was given a cat collar with a little bell on it, to wear, by my goth girlfriend and made to eat her pussy in public. Sigh the good old days. Like clock work she would come around to berate the time I spent watching Pokemon, calling it gay and a tool to warp the minds of children to be ok with homosexuality. I kept looking for it but for years Nurse Jenny was chased by Brock, Misty ran away from Ash who would chase her like a lost puppy. The beastiality was not even homosexual because it was always the male Pokemon fucking the female trainer. As usual I have found a way to break from tradition and without the permission of anyone, not even old girlfriends from my 13 year old past, and present a side of Pokemon most can only dream of.

Now just because someone claimed something I enjoyed to be gay, this never deterred me from watching, but like Naruto, you can only here the same catch phrase so many times before you just get bored and want to know how the story ends. Unlike Naruto, DBZ, Scooby Doo and the thousands of cartoons I grew up with, Pokemon does not seem to have an end and people still want to try to Catch Them ALL!


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My friend, i never consider pokemon is for gay, but more for furries and beastiality type thing. But a futa pokemon is nice as well. On my childhood years, I watch all male and femlae oriented shows in a great deal of balance. Male-oriented shows makes me feel on powers and strength males can do (Dragonball, anyone?), while I admire the strength and beauty of female cast of female-oriented shows (which actually my inclination to think to abuse them in a sexual way). Seeing hot anime chatacters makes me want to fuck them and make them submissive...that is my fetish. The participants the better. Gangbang dor instance.

Everytine I see pokemon I always after the hot, female casts. But in some occassion I got some boners on hot pokemon females, just make them look like a woman in body-shape and I can take her no problem. Pokemon that are like animals than a humanoid...never find it sexually attractive.

So the Furry Community would actually appreciate the image of Vaporeon smashing their trainer? You don't say...I am glad you never considered Pokemon fetishes gay though, you have more sense than most, that's all. I am in the same boat as you though, give me a hot female anime cast and let them act all secure without a man and I am trying to figure out fast could I get her clothes off...

Well, i can't say with the furry community though, I am thinking more of them likes to fuck the furries than getting fuck by it. But their will be some members of furry fetish who will love the idea of a futa furry. Pokemon and even Digimon never falls to gay thing more than furries they are, that is my opinion. Oh yes, give me a hot female anime character and my mind will go wild on how to fuck her for good.:)