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Posted by AdventVoice - August 1st, 2020

That was the title of my newest Waifu assignment. Defining the idea of a badass woman was quite a challenge for me but an amusing one. I was glad to have been able to do it quickly as to have room for further projects before the turn of the month. In my badass project I hinted towards the traditional use of models and pin up girls to create idols like Mary Jane and Wonder Woman..who when asked of anyone would be considered, BadAss, by the American public. Not that they are wrong but I feel they miss out on all the Bad Ass women of other countries represented by illustrators. Angelina Jolie did her level best to bring to life Lara Croft, and there have been actresses that set to task to reveal the real life equivalent of comic creations. Most of this process wentry into making Maddy Fury. The lead of my end of the month discourse on what it means to me to be a BadAss woman.

Of course my model did not agree entirely with my presumptions. I'm not a woman and so I would not expect her to. Pink, Drink, and Sensuality where not her overall pics for what it takes to be badass..though from my upbringing as a creator, most of these elements must be seen or else youll be seen as posing for a part in a B grade film, opposed to selling badass.

"I Don't Drink Alchole or Support it," she says...not her place to do so. "You misspelled my name," she says, for your own privacy, I warn. There is this balance we creators must tether, when desiring to take real people and translate them into the comic world, my models are not always aware of this news and I wanted to take the time to reaffirm, that 'any likenesses attributed to the works with real people are strickly coincidence and or no real life people have had any influence in the creation of said production.'

Of course that can't be said for any of Stan Lee's, BadAss women, or DC creations....interesting how I can't recall who created Batman, or Superman, or Harlequinn...nor who they are originally modeled after...one day I'll be sure to look it up and share it with you all.

So what makes the "BadAss"?

Interesting enough, if you type badass into the search bar of this site, you'll find seveal of my own works, many works of artists that did well to represent violence, sex, action, and comical scenes that inspire very base sentiments attributed to what it takes to prove to the world, as a woman, they are as tough as men. Have a right to be so, and there is nothing political, social, experimental, or debatable about it. And no, they don't have to run their cars off a bridge to prove it. It is just a known fact, *Anything We Can Do, They Can Do Better.*

((I am of course going to recieve a lot of flack from the mail community for admitting it.)) I'm sure there are plenty of men that feel, the term BadAss is not used in proper context when associated with women. They remain in the 19th century or the Victorian age and refuse to acknowledge the Audery Hepburns, Hedy Lamars, Nancy Pelosi's, and any woman of the modern era that made a young girl dream of being exceptional in the sight of man...I know a few women personally that fit this description of badass very well and would have loved to have been this summers model. I'll have to ask for next year's spot.

Is Maddy Fury a, "headhunter", ? I just might make her one in an issue of the Dream Weaver...if she keeps acting as if she does not need a man to be happy.

Oh yes, there is room for her in the Dream Weaver's Universe.


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If the dream universe was real I would go with u dude

Hmm oh the joys that could be found in the dream universe with someone like you...it's rather fun to imagine. In fact could I use your pfp as a reference to create a character of you and add you to the universe, for my own amusement?

@MettatonTheSexyBoss @AdventVoice yeah sure dude I can use whatever u want from me I trust ha dude.