I suppose it never gets old...

2017-06-02 11:30:09 by AdventVoice

A lot of my work was done with idea that I wanted it all to be original in designe and attitude. I wanted to give the world something they had never seen before and to give them something to talk about.

I wanted to take the same old stories and present a different persepective. Not so much change what we call art, but to let it be known that we don't have to look at the world in the same 2D lens nor do we have to lean on the same three modes of logic to sell an idea. For example I know SEX sells, so I should focus on selling sex? Not really, at some point the image gets old and so does what we precieve to be sexy. Sure it is fun to present the world through those lenses of violence, sex, drugs, money; ego.

But what if our art could just be art. No intentions behind it and if we are to give a statement, what if that statement could change from Girls With Guns>>>Girls With Purpose.

Men speak with there fists>>Men speak!

How would you invision a Person of Purpose? How can we set the stage so that the woman no longer leads with the same 70's verve but with the 2017 dedication to a rightous life. Is that woman or man still wielding a sword or gun

I have a peice called, "No Fear of Falling." What does it say to you?

I would hope it says, "No matter what you desire, go for it, prepared or not, Do what you know is right and have faith all will be well." I would hope a postive message is broght across in a way you have not seen either in a long time or ever.

Story of a Stock broker was my dictation of what used to be and how things should be different and the only way that will happen is if we give the world something new.


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2017-06-02 13:53:05

Well, just because something is perceived as bad doesn't mean it should be shunned. It shouldn't be glorified either.

St Joan of Arc was a girl with a holy purpose. She was also a girl with a sword. She was righteous, exonerated for false charges against her after her death. Heck, she's a saint for crying out loud. Incidentally, she is one of my favourite saints. In spiritual warfare we imagine swords and armour, because there is an allure to them. Heck, even something as straightforward as Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" has a Sword of Truth to slay the demon.

If I were to interpret "no fear of falling," I'd imagine a person healed from the trust issues she has, inflicted on her from years of parental or other abuse -- but she no longer has to fear making a mistake and then being beaten up for it. She no longer has to look over her shoulder where one fell swoop would end her life, or have her taken away into the night to be tortured. It would be like the people from the Japanese death marches were suddenly liberated, they wouldn't have to fear falling if they were tired, because their oppressors were no longer there.

(Updated ) AdventVoice responds:

I loved your interpretation of "No Fear of Falling" simply loved it.
Sigh, now I have to go back to the drawing board and figure out something even better.
Can you imagine the mental struggle LMAO! I laugh only cause I need the release. If I don't laugh I will cry.
To imagine you could read into my work something so real. To know that you could feel the life or death struggle and be made to compare them to the Liberation of death marches. To know I inspired that thought, makes me want to be a better artist and continue my work.
Thank you!

St. Joan of Arc's tale is the very reason I began saying anything.
She was a saint true enough.
She is not alone, Ever heard of Amy Carmichel? Can you imagine all of the artists and scholars and liberators that had an idea and only after they, "died," where they appreciated. I suppose it is childish of me to be so passionate about it. Only I feel we are not supposed to be made to wait until after we die to be told, "I see you."

Really though you gave me that spark today. hmm I am feeling good!