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2017-06-06 11:45:03 by AdventVoice

I challenge those that interact with my feed, to think of all the things that make them artists. What is it that makes their work unique and when people look at their work know who and what they are.

Can it be determined from our art where we stand in the world?

Or are we children posting up the dreams of our childhood for our mothers to see, on the refigorator wall and commend us with a smile for our acolades.

Half the time I produce works just to say, "I DiD it!" never want it to be said I allowed the gift God gave me to go to waste or to be buried for another to come and say he/she had the idea first. I am a venture capitalist when it comes to ideas. I find that there is life in living the dream, even if the dream has to come on canvas first.

They call  someone like me an architect: Only I don't plan on making towers and sky scrapers. What I want to build is a new direction for the artist, I am going to stamp my name on it too. I can not belive that everything done in America comes from some overseas ideal. That the American story is not told and when we do hear the American story, it starts with the drum beats of Politics and who to hate. Our cartoons are filled with hate. (The Americans ones); filled with devicive guidlines and the last time you ever saw an American illustration of Love and Unity, it was Captain Planet from DiC and Michel Jacksons little telvision show and PBS (BoB Ross ---teaching our children how make (Happy Clouds)) Sorry folks I don't believe Looney Toones are how I want to remember or have my children remember art. I am sorry folks; But my skills and your skills deserve more than a SCHOLASTIC ACHEIVEMENT REWARD for best attempt!


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2017-06-06 12:33:06

I hope to take this on board, I am struggling with what my art is worth.

(Updated ) AdventVoice responds:

That is good. That is the start. That means you want more and there is an avenue for it. We just have to take the time to brain storm it. Take all the things that are important to us. Take the things that make us who and what we are and present it every time we produce a piece of art. Then dare someone to say we don't know what art is. LOL Every line would have been more to you than eating or living and when they looked at your work they would have said or asked what got into you.
Spoiler alert: the answer to what gets into someone whom is seeking like I am seeking is called