Acient History (Of the $60,000.00 man)

2017-06-14 09:40:08 by AdventVoice

I remember when I turned 16 I was learning to post my work online and advertise myself.

The first person to respond to all of my letters and resume's was IMAGE COMICS.

They offered me 60,000.00 to give them scripts and prints and I believe the manuscript to one of my stories. That was so much money I balked. I could not believe anyone wanted my work. Liked my ideas, saw any worth in my craft. I never did take up the offer. I am sure many of you today would have looked at me as I look at myself. (Idiot)

Most would read this story and believe it was the words of a sham-artist. I hold a lot of pain behind listening to my parents who said such a contract was phony and not worth your time. "No one has that kind of money!" they said.

To this day I can not remember what the story was. I can barley rememeber the art. I am sure it was black and white inks, cause that was what I grew up with. Black and white comics, no color no real story. Just images that spoke volumes. I look at my art today and wonder how have I grown in the arts and how have I stagnated. Compared to most of the newest prints and what people consider art. I can not see my growth. I see a lot of my childhood and I wonder. Am I still worth 60,000.00

I like to think I am.


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2017-06-14 11:46:42

there was a certain pretty popular story , and a pretty popular quote from it - All things are possible to him who believes. Sooo if you believe it then it is or will be. If you don't then it won't. Watch out for negative thoughts, have no doubts, you are better than you think.

AdventVoice responds:

Hmm I might really have to check out this book you keep bragging about. I bet it is a good read.
Will have to tell all of my friends about it too.