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New Articles For those that like to read

2017-11-16 06:33:22 by AdventVoice

New article publised online

check it out and tell me what you think

I appologize in advance for any spelling mistakes

my fingers are not as fast as my mind and so I find I stumble upon things.

Oh yeah I am a goober

I am so excieted

2017-11-15 12:09:56 by AdventVoice

My art and style is going to make head way for some awesome conversation down the road.

I can not wait, for the fireworks to begin!!!

Under the surface competition

2017-11-14 12:00:39 by AdventVoice

Dead men tell no tales, would be my first debue redention of art placed into NG competions this year.

I like entering my art when I can meet a dead line. It is tough sometimes with so much going on in our personal lives to meet the demands of fans and people around us.

It is nice though when we can accomplish small goals though. I really wished I had entered something for #Inktober but I am sure #Underthesurface will be just as much of a turn out.

I added a little bio to help the caption along, It really was not needed, the art tells the whole story. Honestly when I think of under the surface of anything I am led to the ocean and pirates and just the language that is developed from mercenary work. That is all a pirate really was. They were the mercenaries of the ocean. We have bounty hunters on land now-a-days too. Every time a salesman comes to your home to sell you insurance, think of a pirate and what he/she is selling #Underthesurface. I feel the same way about telemarketers. I hold no grudes though, we all have to get paid.

 We all search for the gold and have to dig real deep to find it. Sometimes when we find it, we get zapped by the troubles that occur after we have secured the riches of our hearts. Betrayel of family that feel you owe them for the years of feeding you, and giving you a home. We get zapped by the bill collecters. I think of the lottery winners that get zapped with the Lottery Tax.

 No gold or bounty is worth more than the journey it took to get there. That is the one consetelation I hold onto in my quest for what is #Underthesurface.


Why do we interview?

2017-11-12 17:33:36 by AdventVoice

Interaction between people is very important for numerous reasons.

What is the main reason?

Why do we go through all of the trouble to get to know people when we know what the end result will be. We have these long winded conversations in hopes of learning something about people and then when we learn what where we looking for?

Where we looking for money? For friendship? For Sex?

Do all of these things roll into one?

I ask all of these things because I have always wondered can there be any real lasting friendships between the opposite sex? I devised the piece Fanny Hills in order to begin to illustrate what I have had to deal with between the relations of male and female most of my adult life. The sense of control that occures between the sexes in the workplace and in everyday life. "Everday life," discribing life outside of the workplace.

 When I don't have enough money, I stay home because I can not afford to take, "That gir," Out to dinner and certainly I would never want to pay. This being said, when you are married, how many men take a woman from the office out to dinner or set up interviews with the opposite sex, without tampering with there marriage.

It is a real conversation that most try to avoid because they would never admit to the tempations of the opposite sex.

Where do you rate this conversation in your own life and how do you handle it?

It is vertans day and so I have decided to take the time to give cheers to all of those I have met and the late comers.

I love my fans. Those are the people that matter. Considering my talent always has room for improvements and I am not in some grand gallery yet. I love my fans!

I love how they think about the world and are willing to share it on paper. They are willing to blast you on type, they all have a no holds bar attitude and understand what is I mean when I say, "Art is about creation!" Showing the world something new every time we put pen to paper.

I don't beleive I have seen a horrible peice from my fans to date. Every time I look at my fans art work I am ready to go into the "cave of solitude," just to see what I can produce that uplifts the conversation. I don't profess to know it all.

That was a pet peeve of my friends when we were grown up. They would say, "You think you are so smart!" (Never in a kind way) I would have to tell them no. I am actually no smartter than you. Just so we could talk about something else. I was really the master mind though. I had all the plans in the world when it came to making money, throwing parties, getting hoes, making babies, throwing D's on everything!

 I was the kind of guy that never allowed his mother to know how he was getting paid, never from shame. I never did anything "way out there." meaning I did all the time. My art is way out there, so you know my mind is on another level.


2017-10-30 12:08:17 by AdventVoice

"Death would not stop chasing me," has proven to be an interesting piece.

After posting it, in a just a few days, it recieved high ratings and only 13 views. The question remains, "Will it compete with today's ideas of art or yesterday's ideas even?"

Why is it that people seem to gravitate to this  piece of art opposed to all the other pieces I have posted? Is it because of the month? Is it to be associated with the #Inktober craze?

For me art is not selective to times of the year. It is a way of life, it is assoicated with the air that I breathe, so when I find I am havng the conversation with the millions I come across online, I truely desire to know how they feel about what is being presented.

I am happy with the ratings and views and the time people take to look or glance at my work. To find someone that will compensate me for my pen strokes has become another matter all together.

This is how you Grand Stand as a one man band!

2017-10-28 18:17:40 by AdventVoice

What has started to become a pet peeve:

When people like your work, give you rates but don't leave comments.

When people leave comments but it is unconstructive or just hate messages.

When people read your posts but act like there tonge tide or have no views beyond what they see.

The silence of the masses has become deafing.

It is only due to my extraordinary ability to not respond to nonsense that I have been able to post as much as I have. It is only due to my need for Creative expression that any of you are blessed to have a view. Then when no one says  a thing, I am half inclined to review my words and check myself.

I know I have not said anything that is against myself and so I release myself to share more. To a room full of silence.

Would be nice to know who they where:

The ones that looked at my latest pieces, gave some stars, in the midst of the silence.

It would be nice to know, (through private messages) How to increase a riotous fan base!

I take all ideas into consideration:

I promise no one is going to be ignored:

When I get paid, if you leave an address (through private messages)

you are liable to recieve a check in the mail, cause without you, no one notices!


I am liable to get jumped on cause I mentioned proceeds that don't involve anyone except my friends and those I meet. In some states that call that Solicating and one day that will become a felony!


I remember in college when people would promise me compensation and never come through. I am trying to be, 'that guy,"

I am running an industry, an enterrpise, alone and through clear blue thoughts....doing things never thought of...that makes it new.

I have to be quite now lest the catch up with me and close my space.

This is vendors politics a sharp shooting race!

I jammed today!

2017-10-27 17:44:54 by AdventVoice

I jammed with a friend today. He said he wanted to get back into playing the gutiar. So i brought one out and i played harp.

We jammed for a few minutes and learned we flowed well together after wards he says, "You sound better than you actually know how to play."

What does that mean?

Questions over CC issues!!

2017-10-26 20:07:44 by AdventVoice

I was curious. I have been posting a lot of work. I have been telling a lot of stories. Then I read the CC information and they go on and on about giving credit to the artist. I can copy the work as much as I like but it can't leave this place etc.

Well if I give credit to mysefl would I not be tooting my own horn too much?!

Should  I not give someone else a chance to do it?

It is nice to love your own work but there is a level of respect that I have for myself in which I just don't like talking about myself all the time. At some point I would love to say, "Hey this artist is good and I would love to work with them on a project,"

One day please let it happen...

A lot of the time when i am working on a project I aak myself, "What do I need to post in order to recieve feedback?"

I love that fact that 122 people coiuld dig the piece I did called "Unplugged!"

They looked at it and as they look my stars raise. It is a wonderful process to be recognized. I take it with a grian of salt though. Sometimes you have good days and sometimes you have bad days and the art is a reflection of feeling a lot of the time. I really try not to allow my emotions to take over. I really try to rermain placid. Then the work comes off flat and unfocused and the themes are all confused. The stories are there, but what will it take to get people really involved with the vision?

They say, "don't talk to me about religion, polotics, race, creeds, cast, sexual orientation, music, Don't share your views cause no one cares. Yet it is all I hear on the radio. It is all I see on tv, it is all I hear at the dinner table. So how can I have a good conversation about my art with those that are viewing it?